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  2. Honest Opinion

    I don't want to be a killjoy for anyone excited for this game, but all I can think is this: 'But... why?'

    How does zombies have anything to do with...

    How did this even...



    Well, I'm hoping the gameplay will be good and innovative somewhat. Maybe the zombies will actually be able to smell you through the cardboard box; looks like Snake's going to need a new tactic.

    I'm not expecting much else to be honest in terms of memorable characters/story/writing coherency, but fingers crossed they'll do something interesting with the gameplay rather than making it just a generic zombie game with a 3rd-person-camera. The co-op aspect sounds like something that could be a blast with friends, but something tells me they're going to slap a massive pricetag on this game, like £39.99/$59.99 or something. They might add microtransactions again too, which I'm not a fan of at all, even if they're completely optional.

    Maybe I'm being too sceptical, and maybe I should shut my mouth until the actual game comes out, but... I can't say I'm expecting much with this one. Hopefully I'm proven wrong.

    (Also, great waste of an awesome arrow by that girl at the end. Wooow, you shot a sitting-duck zombie through a chainlink fence with it, aren't you a badass. What a great use of a hard-to-make specialised arrow when you easily could've just got a knife spear and killed it like that. It's the little things that annoy me somewhat.)
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  3. For me, metal gear consisted of:

    Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3, and 4

    Though the twist ending in MGS 5 concerning Venom Snake's identity DOES explain SO MUCH concerning Metal Gear (NES)....

  4. Why isn't this a separate title? I mean zombies are easy to justify in the franchise(ahem, Screaming Mantis fight) but what is Metal Gear without Metal Gears? Also, why is there a portal in the skybox to zombie conversion? I am so confused.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. I'll file this under Revengeance style spin off.
  7. I think it's more of a spinoff, guys. This isn't the path that the actual metal gear series is taking... what comes to my mind is the Undead Nightmare DLC of Red Dead Redemption. (except it's a standalone game?) They already say it's set in an alternate timeline, so let them do with it what they want. Kojima or not, if it looks good when it nears release, I'll probably buy it anyway. It's not like there aren't other series that have had some strange spin-offs before. I think the only reason that people are so negative toward it is because of the fucking over Konami gave the fans and Kojima. (Which, in all honesty, is a pretty good reason for negative feelings.) I used to call myself a Konami fan until all the shit they pulled, too. But, I'm still willing to give this game a shot if it looks fun. Worst case, I lose 30 bucks, Best case, I have more hope for the franchise. I may not be a Konami fan anymore, but I still love me some metal gear. Even if it does have some zombies peppered in.

    Besides, even if this doesn't hit the Metal Gear fanbase, I'm sure there will be some people drawn to the co-op survival deal they have going on here. Maybe some resident evil fans will get in on that.
  8. Even if it's a spinoff, it really strays from the established lores...or rather, "laws" the Metal Gear universe has placed through the Canon games. Like for example, some alternate dimension sucking this guy in? What? Magic? It exists in this universe? *shrugs*

    Why can't my beloved Metal Gear die in peace already? I'm pretty much ready to receive Death Stranding.

    I cringed the entire time and made confusing noises.
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  9. Massively Overhyped Bland Grey Shooter HD Remake Relaunch Sequel Prequel Reboot Resequel Cinematic Trailer 2016.

    In other news: The sun shines, fan boys are mad about something, and the industry revels in its own mediocrity.


    Also, you know. Fuck Konami.
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  10. They say it was a wormhole. That's already pre-established technology in metal gear. If you find a problem with magical or supernatural shit in metal gear, these characters would like to have a word with you:

    MGS1: Psycho Mantis, Decoy Octopus, Vulcan Raven, Gray Fox, Liquid

    MGS2: Vamp, Fortune, Liquid Ocelot

    MGS3: Volgin, The Pain, The Fear, The End, The Fury, and especially The Sorrow

    MGS4: Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven, Crying Wolf, Screaming Mantis, FROG units, Some SOP soldiers, Liquid Ocelot

    Peace Walker: You resuscitate soldiers to revive them and pull their ghosts back into their body

    MGS5: The Man on Fire (which makes sense due to his backstory...), Quiet, and Skull Units.

    The only difference between this and that is that most of the examples here have been explained away with some pretty questionable technology. Especially 4: Everything is Nano machines, son, and 5: THE WOLBACHIA, COPULATING
  11. With Liquid I assume you mean the thing where he and Ocelot shared a body in MGS2? It was proven to be intense psychotherapy to trick the Patriots. And although wormholes seem to be within the realm of possibility as you say, keep in mind this happens before Big Boss goes into a coma, to which in that time technology isn't THAT ADEPT to mess with literally space/time (even by accident). You don't even see that in the present MGS 1-4. Though nanomachines is a bit of a copout for "muh supernatural" things, nanomachines became prominent a bit after MGS 5 if I'm not wrong. So you're saying during this era while Big Boss is in a coma, they already had technology to mess with space/time for interdimensional wormholing BEFORE the nanomachine shenanigans and even the later metal gear technology? *shrugs* Konami pls.

    This just seems like a cash-in to the zombie trope. Even if I subtract the dimension things it just And this isn't about Kojima, either.
  12. Yes and no. I know all the explanations for the supernatural stuff in metal gear, but some of it still strikes me as BS. Yes, I was partly talking about the imprint of liquid, but also the fact that Solid and Liquid seemed to sense when each other were in the area.

    Yeah, Nanomachines was a 1-4 (sans 3) thing, and the Wolbachia excuse is all 5.

    But, they DID have wormholes in MGSV... Unless you're talking about it not having been developed yet in MGSV, which I can get behind.

    Ground Zeroes (and extra content in 3) has time travelling Raiden, and MGSV has zombies in the form of "Puppet Soldiers".

    However, keep in mind, this game is a spinoff, not main series. It's in a completely separate timeline, and doesn't screw with the metal gear lore at all. What I'm saying is that there have been far more far-fetched things that have happened in the series. Especially in 5, with it's ridiculous Wolbachia, and kid Psycho mantis controlling a mech that was far more advanced than any metal gear we've seen in the series so far.

    Sure, it's a cash in on the zombie trope, and if you don't like the feel, that's understandable, it's a big change of pace from the original series, but you can't say you don't like it solely on the grounds that it doesn't make sense. I mean, well, you can, but then that wouldn't make sense.
  13. Gonna highlight some parts to speak of, but you're pretty right on most things. So without further adieu:

    @Wormhole thing: Yeah I was talking about it not having been devved in MGSV. It's a pretty weird premise, all things considered, to include wormhole tech in a time where the dev just isn't a thing yet. It's I think a continuity problem?(is that the term?) Strikes me as odd that a technology jump happens in the late 70s and then dips like there's no tomorrow later on. Messing with space/time and then completely disregarding it in future games, canonically, is weird. Though half the blame can go to the future games themselves since this is being made before their events happen. So...

    @GZ: Puppet soldiers, alright yeah I can understand that and it is a thing I can't deny. But wasn't the time traveling raiden a non-canon thing though?

    One consolation is that at least it isn't riding on the main timeline (With Big Boss, Solid Snake, Raiden).
  14. Yeah, some of the tech in MGSV is pretty BS, like the hologram I-droid thing. It's a glaring contradiction that stares you right in the face the whole game. Kojima fucks with his own timeline and the technology in it far more than any other director I've seen. Peacewalker has some pretty funky tech too. I thought that the TX-55 metal gear was supposed to be the first one, but we now have Sahalanthropus, and ignoring that, PEACE WALKER itself! Kojima didn't care about technology continuity. It's as simple as that. xD

    Yeah, it was non-canon, but, it's just as canon as this new game coming out. Which is to say, not at all.
  15. Yes exactly. Even Kojima is at fault for messing with continuity. Tx-55 metal gear being after Sahelanthropus (with questionable flamethrower placement) just bothered me so much. And even though the messy continuity is almost a trope in itself for MGS games, the wormhole thing is just another league of messy.

    I'll keep an eye on the game but it's gonna bug me too much if I play it. I already have a bias against it because of the reasons above, so it wouldn't go so well.
  16. Hey, I'm not saying you or anyone else should definitely go and play this game, if you still hate konami for what they did and don't want to support them, or you just don't like the style of game, then more power to you, I'm just saying that the technicalities of the game shouldn't throw you off wanting to give it a chance, because Kojima was just as bad about keeping things reasonable.
  17. [​IMG]

    The only response deserving imo.

    I like the MGS Franchise, don't give a shit, but this? lmao, let Platinum do a MGR Sequel if you wanna do spin offs, Konami.
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