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  1. So, I've always wanted to a Metal Gear Solid RP, but can't seem to find one.

    I have a few basic ideas I would just like 2 or 3 people to throw ideas and get some sort of plot going and to really see if there is anyone interested.
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  2. I'm a big fan of Metal Gear, so I wouldn't mind getting involved.
  3. So are you thinking stealth action like the Metal Gear Solid games or a more high-octane thing like Metal Gear Rising?
  4. I was thinking of combining a little bit of both if that is even possible.
  5. It could work if the game is set around the time of MGS:4 and Rising - enough cybernetics to allow for the high-action stuff but still a role for the covert stealth ops and standard soldiers haven't quite been totally phased out yet.
  6. Right, I also wanted to include a new Metal Gear, one that was much more human in size but still better than the old metal gears.
  7. Sounds cool to me, the question is who would everyone be working for???
  8. Well, there would definitely be the typical good guys against bad guys deal, I was thinking of doing a third element though to like they did in 2.
  9. YES




  10. "We will forsake our countries, we will leave our motherlands behind us and become one with this earth. We have no nation, no philosophy, no ideology. We go where were needed, fighting not for country, not for government, but for ourselves. We need no reason to fight, we fight because we are needed. We will be the deterrent for those with no other recourse. We are soldiers without borders! Our purpose defied by the era we live in. We will sometimes have to sell ourselves and our services. If the times demand it we will be revolutionaries, criminals, terrorists and yes: we may be heading straight to hell. But what better place for us than this - this is our heaven and our hell. This is Outer Heaven."


    Could not resist posting this... Anyway I might join.
  11. I now love you for that Sifter.
  12. Hey there! I'm new to the site, so just trying to find some places to RP lol ^^;

    Anyways, i'm a HUGE MGS fan, so i'd be interested in this for sure! =D
  13. More people, sweet.
  14. Can this happen already? ;c

    To celebrate this thread's existence:

    MGS Peacewalker + Agility
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  16. Can it happen already ;c.
  17. haha, Okay, well I was sick for a while and went to the hospital but all is good now. I'd love to hear any of your ideas for this to happen too. I love that there are quite a few people interested in this.

    I'm going to writing up a plot for this during the time that I am not able to get to the computer, but this will happen for sure. There is no doubt in my mind now. XD
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  18. Sweet glad this will happen, and sorry to hear that you were so sick.
  19. Letting everyone know that I am still working on something.
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