Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy

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Holy shit.

Just, holy shit, this is great, it has pretty subpar dialogue, suspension of disbelief (lolwomeninarmy), one dude with a badly acted accent, and it's FUCKING METAL GEAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR

Seriously faggots, just watch it, your lives may just be a little better after you do this, it's all free and shit too so you can all shut the fuck up because these motherfuckers love MGS more than all of you.
Did I also mention it has a god damn ninja making Vader sounds?

There's also a dude that looks like Rasputin but he's not very important.

He's got a bitchin' beard though.
Yeah hey, fuck you guys, this movie is great and you don't know what a good movie is.
Saw this a while back...LIKED IT EXCEPT FOR THE SON OF THE IMPORTANT GUY IN THE BEGINNING. But then again I get a huge HARDON for anything Metal Gear...

Christ though that guy needed some ACTING.
Very well done considering their completely low budget.