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INTEREST CHECK MetaGame/Devo [Invite only]

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mage_Of_Cats, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. I have already gathered three of my friends for these two roleplays, both about anthropomorphs. If you, for some reason, have any wish to join - perhaps you have been reading the roleplaying that has surely gone on since the post of this topic - please send me a PM. It is likely that I will accept you due to the fact that we really need more people for both games, but are at a sustainable level currently.

    MetaGame: A mysterious roleplay that I will tell you basically nothing about other than the fact that you are an anthropomorph. MAY be based on Housepets!, but that does not matter... or does it? Anyways, I can tell you that you will be controlling... anthropomorphic... housepe...ts... yeah, it's based on Housepets!. This one is STORY DRIVEN, so NO dice/die rolls will be made. I will intervene if it gets out of hand, though.

    Devo: Another mysterious roleplay in which you command up to two (2) characters! This one is all about adventuring, exploring, and discovering what happened to the world before. This one is ENGINE DRIVEN, so DICE/DIE ROLLS WILL BE MADE!

    Anyways, see you people later!
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