Meta, Personae, Summoning Arena! (Idea That Could Use Some Brushing Up!)

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  1. MSB Arena

    Imagine another world, hidden in plain sight, in our own world, that his MSB.

    • Meta.
    • Personae.
    • Summoning.

    Only a select few who participate in this world and battle, but everyone else knows of it. It's combatants battle on the streets for supremacy and survival. MSE combatants, better known as Metas, are a summoner of sorts, blessed with the ability to take on another form. This is called the Personae. These combatants battle day and night, all for the right to live. Civilian casualties are know a norm for the people when battles take place. But Metas who are tired of all this fighting, seek to stop this, they now form an organization bent on stopping all this fighting. It is called, Nemesis.

    Points I need to get out of head

    -Meta Humans get there abilities from things called Meta-Bands. In all truth, scientist, nor the government created them, were they came from, is not known. They are small, clear wrist bands that have the ability to go invisible, and have plenty of other luxurys. Most of the time, they simply appear on the wrists of victims.

    -Personae is the ability that is granted by the Meta-Bands. They give the wearer the ability to transform into any one person or thing in history, or stories. The transformation does not always change there body, but hives them special armor, weapons, and defiantly abilities. A Meta's Personae his mostly based on their personality and history. [Ex: Given the ability to transform into Ifrit, giving the the ability to manipulate fire. Another would be, transforming into Mulan, giving you her amazing sword skill, and the ability to create an illusion that you are someone else.]

    -In order to combat this every growing threat without military casualties, the government created MPS Arena. The registers every single Meta human into a database. In turn, they are given targets to fight, or, they can target who they want. They are given money based on the amount of Meta- Humans they kill. Bountys are placed on some Meta- Humans based on the about they kill also. If they refuse, they are imprisoned and killed.

    -There are many factions in the World, a large one is called Nemesis, bent on stopping this constant fighting.​

    Well, that's all I can get out of my at the moment. Anyone interested or have any idea.

    (Loosely based on Fate/Stay Night, Persona, and Second Wave)
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  2. I take interest in this.
  3. I'm gonna announce my interest too. Are certain entities off-limits? I mean, like taking up the abilities of a creator deity who can simply erase the existence of their enemy.
  4. Yes defiantly, his creation ability would be limited to creating organic monsters from things around them. But wiping them on the face of the earth is a little much.
  5. I was super interested, then I saw 'fate stay night' and just want to say; I am still up for this, however, If anyone so much as mimics gilgamesh I'm walking out. I've had BAAAAD experiences in roleplays like this. also He was probably the sole reason I hated the anime.
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  6. I looked up galgamesh. I can see why. I'm also going to be leaving if anyone plays that character.
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  7. The Fate part is because of the historical part. There is way he is going to get to through hundreds if blades. Maybe it's the personality.
  8. Gilgamesh can still get cool stuff without Fate inspiration. Ditch the Gate of Babylon in your prototype app and poof, pretty powerful, yet balanced enough.

    I think I'll settle for a little tale. Either 'Hansel & Gretel' or 'Alice in Wonderland'.
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  9. I'm either playing something like Fenrir or some mech style char.
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