Met Her Match

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  1. Here in the small, friendly, so called town named "Wagon", everything is nice,and pleasant here. There's rarely any problems here everything is normal, nothing out of the ordinary... except...

    There's a small bakery in the town that's ran by a young girl named Bittersweet, despite her odd name she is very well known around the small town for her kindness and her treats...Especially her cupcakes. Kids, teens, and adults visits her bakery, but sometimes they never return from it especially the naughty ones who cause trouble for the people.

    Hidden under that sweet facade is a sadistic young girl...who doesn't use ordinary ingredients for her cupcakes...Let's just say she use special ingredients to spice them up.

    But what happens when her bakery drops down after a young man who is new to the town runs a restaurant that becomes extremely popular after just a couple if days. After a little bit of spying on the man, it turns out he does the same thing to his food to spice it up.

    Has Bittersweet met her match.

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  2. James, known by everyone as "Red Velvet Jack", (Red Velvet from one of his signature cakes, unknown why Jack) is the new guy in town, who who opened up a small bakery- across the road and down a few blocks from Bittersweet's Bakery. Word quickly spread around town that Red Velvet Jack's cakes and pastries were marvelous, even rival to those of local baking legend Bittersweet. He opened shop in early October, hoping to draw in customers with a Halloween theme. However, with an influx of business came an influx or troublemakers seeking to stir up chaos and run the outsider away. These troublemakers, however, quickly began to disappear, much like they do at Bittersweet's Bakery.

    After a few days, he had already had a new slogan for Halloween: "Our cakes are to die for!"

    He also noticed his rival has been spying on him the past few days: enough for her to understand the deeper meaning behind the seemingly comical and festive advertisement.

    Has Bittersweet met her match?

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