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  1. Very Very Quick Bio by Mickayla
    Name: Kat (Formerly known as Kat Dupre)
    Age: 20

    Yes, yes there we go. You know basically the rest.

    Kat sat in the forest upon a small stump, the moonlight filtered through the trees and glittered down on her white naturally wavy hair and on her milky blue eyes. She wore a cape with a hood, but the hood was no longer covering her head. Though Kat could not see the light, she could feel it very well. She could feel the shade of each leaf as it was moved by the gentle breeze. She knew she was near a kingdom, and there she would gather supplies to go upon her journeys from place to place as she always did. With the disability to not be able to see, Kat slept in the day and wandered during the cool night, this way she got good rest under the warm sun and if someone found her they left her alone because the unease of someone catching them doing a bad deed.

    Kat was almost a spitting image of her sister then, except she was slightly taller when standing, and she did not have bangs, only hair that covered a single eye on the side of her face. They both were pale white, milky eyed, soft creatures, even with different mothers. Though angelic creatures tended to be a race that looked fairly similar to one another- that was if you were racist anyway. The moss on the stump wasn't damp, but it had a softness to it that Kat ran her fingers over. She would have to wait until morning to deal with people and trade.

    A large violet bag with her minimalistic belongings laid next to the stump, as Kat kept little but always kept the good of what she did need. A small emergency kit, a small blanket, a hair brush, two extra dresses almost exactly like the rest, a simple white gown that was tight at the bodice and flared simply at the waste, food and a bottle of water. She bathed in waterfalls and kept clean, spiritually she found beautiful places if she could see, but normally places she deemed "warm", as the top of mountains, next to crystal clear rivers, on a beach, and she would pray. Much like her sister, she knew the gods were angry with her family. So Kat was on a quest to find self betterment, empowerment, and help others. And she did just that.
  2. Messorem rides on his horse ever so slowly through the dark forest, his horse slowly galloping along the silent road. The moon showered light through his rugged hood and unto his skull... there were two deep red lines coming down from his eyes which looked like tears. He looked down to the road when his horse stopped... he looks around to see when he notices a very small opening and a girl sitting on top of a tree stump... he looked at her from afar and noticed a feeling he noticed not long ago. Could it be he thought to himself as he got of his horse... he lead his horse behind he and tied him around a tree, he walked over to the girl that was there he could not believe what he had seen... it was a spitting image of her, were his eyes deceiving him or was his fathers wife playing tricks on him again... damn witch he thought to himself "You... who are you?" he spoke slowly with a deep rugged yet ominous voice.

  3. Kat heard a noise, yet the sounds bounced off the trees in the forest so she was unsure of where the sound was directly coming from, moving her head side to side slowly, she heard a voice, and still was unable to pinpoint it's exact location. "My name?" She asked, her voice was soft, slightly dry. She cleared her throat, "Sir, I am Kat. A wanderer from the Hylei kingdom who simply wanted more to life than to be under her fathers hateful rule." She smiled gently, her face turned towards him, but she couldn't really tell that her face was. In fact, she had no idea what or who he was, she turned her head away from him again, still speaking if she was looking straight at him. "I mean no harm, I apologize, I cannot see so I stumbled here, is this your property? I do not mean to disturb you." Kit's hair fell further in front of one eye, and she pushed it back with a pale careful hand. Not showing fear, but respect and kindness. Although deep inside her, she could feel fear.
  4. Messorem covered his face… she was a spitting image of her… of the one he once loved, of the one he shed those blood tears for; he moved to where she was looking so that he could look at her face. As it was with Kit… something draw her to him; was it that angelic being that hid inside them. His hands started to shake; he clenched his fist to stop the shaking “Why is a girl like you traveling alone in a dark forsaken place like this? Are you aware of which path are you currently taking? Who led you upon this cursed path?” he knew this road lead to his kingdom, to the kingdom of his father and that wicked witch. He suddenly felt her fear… it was surging out of her… for wicked monsters like him that was fuel that gave them the means to continue their gruesome acts. “Who is your father? Why would he let his daughter come upon this path alone?” he acted coy, but was interested why she was here alone at that. Coming here with a army was un-thinkable never mind alone.
  5. Kat's face turned, and she stood gracefully, spreading out the cape and dress about her. " I do not know the path I walk, my true mothers and fathers, the goddess's and god's, would never let me into any harm. Would never lead me to a place I couldn't handle. My father's name is Kai, he is an evil man. But I know my true fathers now, and it is not the likes of a fallen who refuses to repent. One day he will be dethroned, and on that day peace will be restored and I will returned to my kingdom. And if that day does not come, than I shall continue bringing light upon the world in double of what he brought darkness." She slid her worn flat shoe over the ground, feeling the rocks and vegetation beneath her feet. "I am never alone, in my quest. I am never alone in my journey. I bring a light with me to share with all, like that of the sun or moon, it also brings a warmth that fills the heart of many. "
  6. He chuckled almost evilly... it was not his intent to do so, but her words made him to do. She was headed into the belly of the best on her own free will. "The path you walk on right now leads you to the belly of the beast... to a land godless and dark. Your god's and goddess's shine no light on those places and their subjects... they simply do not exist for them. Your words will fall on deaf ears to those... they are not normal" he looked at her and smiled "The light you carry... carry it somewhere else not on this path. But if you still refuse to heed my words and decide to continue your journey on this path... I shall take you there." he turned to face the moon that shed light through the holes in his hood. "Is there not anything else I can say to change your mind?" he turned to look at her again
  7. "No, why would that be so? No person is forgotten by God. Everyone has a chance but it is their choice to turn away or to come to. If it is a place of darkness I am more interested in going there for those are the people who need the most light. For those are the people who need the help I wish to bring ." Kat ignored his laugh frowning, her point obvious.
  8. He looked at her... she really had no idea he thought to himself. "Alright... let's go then. I will take you there... that there is my home so I am headed to it's capital." he crossed his arms and looked at the girl waiting for her response; he thought that she would get hurt but it was better to take her with him than to leave her to fend for her own.
  9. Kat smiled brightly "What a kind man you are. Please do take me to ypur kingdom. I must trade while Im there and spread joy as well." Kat picked up the purple bag and threw it over her shoulder, "Please take my hand, the woods echo horribly and I cannot your positioning or where you are." Kat reached her hand out, her fingers spread wide, but she was facing not exactly to him, slightly off, because of her milky nonworking eyes. "Thank you for your kindness. " She added politely.
  10. He looked at her, he knew the moment he would grab her hand she would feel the darkness inside of him and the evil. She would most likely probably run away... he took out a pair of gloves and put his hands in them. He walked over to her and paused for a moment looking at her hand... he then clasped her hand and looked at her to see her reaction, would she feel anything or not were his exacts thoughts. He was not afraid of her noticing who he really was... he feared that she would run off in the woods and get herself hurt; she could end up as a meager meal for the black wolves. He looked at her eyes "It is the least I could do... you were alone out here and I could not just leave you here." he continued to look at her and await her response before walking over to his horse.
  11. When his hand slipped into hers she ran her fingers over the rough fabric and laughed softly. "Surely you could leave me if you were a bad man. But you are a thoughtful and kind man who will not leave me here in the dark woods, correct? Where are you coming from, kind Sir? What is your kingdom's name? Is your currency similar to others, as I have coins to get a hotel room for a night I think. But maybe I will have to go to currency trading center first?" Kat worried, thinking about the regular things that a human should.
  12. He felt slight relief as she did not notice his structure... he led her to his horse while talking to her. "My kingdom's name is Abaddon... the same place which you were heading for... I am sure you do not know of it since you were so eager to go there." he chuckled as he got onto his horse and extended his hand to her "Gold? You will see when we get there... but gold is not our currency." he continued to wait for her ti climb on his horse.
  13. Kat slowly felt the side of the horse. It felt... Weird. Her fingers slipped over the dark fur feeling thick bones underneath. Her brows knit together a second, before she shook it off with a sigh. Giving another polite smile, she did her best to hop up on the horse, straddling it. It make her white dress hike up from her knees to her thighs, exposing burns marks and scars in an unsettling pattern along her legs. "It is gold, I believe. Hopefully I can transfer it into the type of money I use in your kingdom?" Her cape draped softly behind her on the horse, and she pet it kindly. "I have only ridden a horse twice before so forgive me if I startle." She added, it was probably better to say that then to later get scared and randomly jump off or something.
  14. Messorem's eyes widened as he noticed the scars and burn patterns on her legs... he looked at them but kept quiet, they seemed so deep as if they led straight to the core of her body; he thought to himself. He ordered the horse to start galloping slowly "My home does not use money as it's currency, perhaps you will see when we get there." he looked at the moon, it again shed light on his skull almost blindly he looked at it. He turned to reassure the girl "It's quite alright... Pestilence is quite calm and serene. She does not do anything without my command." he stroked her hair as they galloped along the road.
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  15. Kat nodded "Alright then. I hope she likes me and doesn't buck me off or anything." She laughed, a bit of fear to it. "So how long have you lived in this kingdom? Since birth? You are a citizen, correct?" Kat rested her hands on the horse, swining her hair over her shoulder catching the shimmering light. Her milky eyes wandered the forest unseeing, but she had an extremely good sense of hearing. She heard sticks snap in the forest under the feet of cyotes, and chipmunks scurrying up trees for night. "How far away is it?"
  16. He chuckled "Don't worry... she wouldn't do that... Pestilence is nice to my friends." the horse shook it's head slightly "It's been my home since birth... I am a... -citizen- more or less I guess." he continued facing forwards "Coyotes in the forest... good thing your with me." he smiled as he faced the road. He tried to remember how far was the kingdom from here "Uh... I think I have lost track honestly... but if we follow this road it leads straight to it." he held on to the bridle tightly, just in case Pestilence was jealous of his new friend. "I have never asked you... what is your name?" he asked
  17. "Ah, that is good." She nodded, "Pestilence is quite a name for a horse." Kat said this before realizing it might come off as a bit rude, "A beautiful name at that." She said, petting the horse as if she was frightened the insult would offend it. "If only I could see it's beauty." She added, soft pale hands running through rough mane. "Yes, I can hear the coyotes, but I have met up with them before. They only catch food that runs, if you sit and stay still they might scratch at you or give a nip, but if you don't move it's no fun for them so they will walk away after awhile. I've lived a long time in the woods, in the forests all around different areas. You learn a lot about wild life." Kat looked forward taking a deep breath, and answering his question. "My name is Kat. I am a wanderer. I like to travel countries other than my own."
  18. He smiled as he noticed the dark shadowed towers in the distance, it was home "Home is where the organ's play and the souls roam free" he mumbled to himself "Coyotes are a pest that needs to be eradicated, they just roam around and pillage like barbarians. They are best to disappear." he stroked Pestilence again "It was a name me and my father thought off when I was just a little child." he sighed "Beauty is not something which you see... it's something you feel, touch, smell... it's everywhere around you and nobody cannot take it away from you no matter how they tried. For someone..." he pulled a small stick from a nearby tree "...this branch is beautiful, but the other person will say it's not and try to prove to him that it's not... but in the end he will continue believing that it's beautiful and his friend will continue trying to prove to him that it's not, to no avail in the end." he threw the stick and continued facing infront of him "We are getting closer perhaps thirty minutes more and we will be there"
  19. "Ah, how wonderful." Kat tilted her head as the man spoke "I do not mind the creatures as long as they don't hurt me. Although many think of them pests." She laughed "I suppose it is like your stick metaphor, even if you were to tell me everything in this world was dark I'd still believe there would be light. I cannot say coyotes are bad because the gods would not create something without a purpose. Ever. There is purpose for everything that was ever created, otherwise they would have left it out." Kat nodded, "Surely nothing in this world is meaningless." She yawned softly, covering her mouth, "This is good. I am interested in seeing the kingdom."
  20. The horse galloped along the stone road, soon they were close to the large dark gates that bordered the city. Messorem looks as the guards and immediately they open the door, the large dark doors creak open and they go in "The king's son is back! The king's son is back! Hoorah!" the guards yelled as he walked in... the horse quickened it's pace, dark villagers and lost souls roamed the streets. Darkness seeped from every corner, and soon the more evil souls would sense the pureness of Kat's soul. Soon he was in front of the castle gates he got off the horse and extended his hand over to Kat so she would climb down "My hand is over her" he looked at her and not noticing his glove was off on his arm he waited for Kat's hand.
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