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Cosmic Orion

Original poster
After that birthday thread you guys made I dropped TK a message about it. And this is what I got back for those that are interested in knowing.


Hey buddy,

Thank you for telling me about it, it really did cheer me up ^.^. I poked around and I saw. ^.^

I had a wonderful birthday, and I'm glad that you messaged me.

How is everyone doing on there? I didn't have a chance to check in on people, so I'm curious.

Oh, and tell anyone that wants to know, that if they want to talk, to contact me on here.

I think I'm getting a little better each day


In case you Murr Zombie peoples didn't know, TK DOES have a Youtube account. So in case you've been dying to contact her in SOME way since she left it's the most reliable way to do that. Or at least I think so cause that's the way I've been keeping in touch for a while now. Just try not to be jealous I've been chatting with the fox of the c-box when you haven't. Hur hur hur.

^ Hell even without the link you'd be able to find her. The user name IS THE SAME~!!!

Anyway just spreading the word.

*Goes back into the far reaches of the Reese's & Twix Galaxy*

Karsikan the Berzerker

Original poster
Good to see she's getting better.

Fel of the Eternal Forest

Original poster