Mesopotamia: The Legend of Kruxis

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  1. Plot: In the beginning, everything was as it should be. Every time period set in its right place. A universe spinning at the angle it was intended, with every creature and being coexisting with no harm of peril threatening its existence. As with every good, must breed the opposite, an evil that threatens to extinguish it all by constructing an army brought about through the mind of a very powerful mage.

    Kruxis, is a name known all throughout the plains of Mesopotamia; an odd universe that has taken various individuals from their distinctive time period and bred together an age of past, present and future; a whole discombobulated mess, and leaving those with their in tact minds to remember just where they came from and spurring forth the drive in each individual to get back to their destined places, home. They long await to see their loved ones again, their comrades again, and the very space that was given to them by birthright.

    Unbeknownst to Kruxis, his power had gone so unchecked through his pride, that he thought by attempting such a huge event, that this lone act would bring about every legendary soldier, warrior, fighter, brainiac, scientist; needless to say the best of all talents in high hopes of controlling their existence to forge an unstoppable force.

    Though, some have complied with Kruxis’ domination, there were others not so impressed with the play “god” mentality this mage tried to impose upon them. Causing two sides to emerge; Kruxis’ army and the Vigilante Brigade.

    Springing forth a huge war among this steam-punk city, both representing past, modern and future all into one. Which side will reign victorious? One’s journey for power and accepted fate? Or the others desperately longing to end this tyranny and seek out that portal that will lead them home?

    Currently: This role-play will start like any given story does; from the beginning with the character’s discoveries and feelings of being transferred over to this new world that is still very new to them. Their knowledge will be void of Kruxis’ hand in their present transfer and will attain that information as time goes on.

    Right now, it’s getting acquainted with the character you make, identify with their emotions and develop them as we go along. Alliances will be made, betrayals will be brought about, and the quest for each side will be hanging in the balance.

    As with every group role-play, I hope everyone can interact with each other in the OOC thread; we need to communicate to cultivate a story that rolls smoothly and is coherent to understand. If one has a good plot idea they’d like to interlace throughout this journey, come to me personally and we’ll both bring it about since everyone deserves a good chunk in the plot, but we all must be on the same page! -Winks-

    Each member involved can have a two character limit, as for Kruxis, he’ll be moded by myself, but won’t be a strong presence until far later on when the story calls for him. Currently, the plotline gives us plenty to work with and plenty of opportunity for character’s to interact and make their decisions on where they’d like to reside in regards to the side they pick.

    Genres: Fantasy, Medieval. Modern. Romance. Steampunk. Futuristic. All wrapped in a taco shell, my friends. (All genres interlaced into the world of Mesopotamia; due to Kruxis indecent meddling that has forged all into one with the hopes of perfecting an army that’s under service to him. Since his pride was so boisterous, a little twist emerged, one he hadn’t expected, some wouldn’t come willingly springing forth this war.)

    Abilities: Now, I’m not opposed to much, but each character should have weakness. I understand there will be plenty that have powerful attributes that will make them stand out, but, this by no means gives any to have the right of godmoding. It won’t be tolerated, so when moding a strong character please keep that in mind, with every strong force there is weakness in it.

    Miscellaneous: (Creatures Kruxis can create: mindless demons, orcs, zombies, ravenous fairies, demonic beasts; leaving the world in chaos from all things with his quest at becoming the world’s handler.)

    OOC Thread: (Here is where you'll find the information required to register your character, the credentials and everything that is expected can be found here.)
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  2. Rules:
    1. Read all the rules before making a character.

    2. This is a PG-13 forum: That means no obscene content; I’m sure most of you know the rules regarding that personally. So, if it escalates to that level please take it outside of the forum.

    3. No god-moding.

    4. Must abide by rules.

    5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Anyone lacking will be banned from the forum no questions asked, so, please behave and if an issue arises be adults about it and address it in a respectful manner.

    6. I have say on what goes on around this world of wonders and can yay or nay what goes on for the sake of the role-play. I’m not opposed to ideas, but, address me personally about them.

    7. Post length should be a paragraph or longer. I’m not much of a stickler, but please, be able to keep it semi-lit to literate. I’m not perfect and don’t expect anyone else to be but be able to type in a way everyone can understand using correct spelling and decent grammar.

    8. It would be greatly appreciated if you attended regularly and post every other day or at least once a week. I know life gets hectic, but, the whole purpose of a group role-play is to make steady progress and attendance is key. If something comes up please notify me and we’ll go from there.

    9. You can not kill off another person’s character unless it’s with their consent, you will be outlawed if you do!

    10. There must be a picture of your character along with your post.(Anime, painting, and original artwork is fine. If only I possessed the ability to do so, I so would ;_; In any event, no real-life photo’s please.)

    11. I’ll add more rules as I think of them. Right now, I’m all for spontaneity everything will eventually fall into place.
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  3. A whirling wind swept in the stillness of the night as a vigorous mage stood with rod in hand as each fire of a flame seemed to possess each dilated pupil majestically guiding the man’s longer sandy brown hair and beard in a perpetual dance to indicate the enormity of the moment both seen through the words of dedication and test of power.

    A tiny globe would maintain its ball shape, as what appeared to be glass began to bring to life a spiraling orb of radiant light going from minute to a larger countenance once it fully engulfed the entire mage’s globe the essence of the spell began to pour forth from it as it began to take shape of a darkening charcoal grey with various sharpness to its mist contorting to its maker’s commands.

    A shade of light blue fully encapsulated the mage whose hair and robe continued sweeping backward as the air around began to rage embodying anguish, despair and concentration that continued to fuel drive behind Kruxis’ task at hand.

    “Tiska alom elioth gusto desich.”

    Would utter from the mage’s boisterous lips, his charisma orchestrated by the movements of his rod into the sky, while his other hand would majestically glide in a sideward motion as if cutting the air in half before a bolt of lightening would clash from above and seem to penetrate the area where the mage had coerced his hand and there a small circular portal would reside, Kruxis’ eyes would widen from the success, it had begun.

    Like clockwork Kruxis would inhale a labored breath inward into his lungs while maintaining diligent concentration knowing there was still plenty to be done. That exact mist that kept its spiky appearance would take form into a very smooth glide and began to infiltrate that tunnel and work itself into long days past and would ultimately seek out doing what most would have thought impossible.

    As if swirling in like a snake would with a cunning slither began to gain in intensity and enlarge its misty existence into one that was much larger to seek out its duty in covering all of the land that was hardly filled with cities and populace. Instead, it was tiny villages and small kingdoms that were reveals of history past before advancements graced the universe.

    Onlookers would gaze upward with perplexed awe’s of wonder as this mist began to take over not harming a thing as it shadowed over every plain and open space, a low rumble began to shake this time period as if a magnetic pull could be felt beneath the underbelly. A little boy would kneel down placing his palm upon the ground lips parted with suspicion before gazing upward to the sky, sideward and down again wondering what was to become of this.

    The fellow villagers would wander past the child and onward while trying to keep level balance as they walked almost mesmerized, as the mist seemed to confuse the masses. Soldiers in metallic clad armor with warrior swords would begin to align the streets in perfect precision. Line upon line, step upon step following that one, two, three, four rhythm and never missing a beat, their clad iron chiming adding a song to their prideful strides, and inwardly the boy knew that would be what would become of him when he grew up smirking all the more at this as he gazed on to watch the heroic figures would begin to run toward the vast amount of mist that had an evil force driving it, but within a jiffy, a blinking of eye would they all seem to vanish with no trace evidence of what had happened to them, the boy’s eyes held the deer in the headlights glow, since no explanation would bring about what had just transpired.

    The boy would go forward needing to know, longing to know and determined to know. With each leg they’d hurl him into the direction the multitudes of soldiers had gone and before long once he neared the tantalizing mist, the substance seemed to take shape into a sinister gloat and would clash down and will him forward and it was there he had crossed over through that portal looking in back of him where a large brick building that was so outlandish and surreal to what he use to know stammering while moving in a circle to see his surroundings was anything but days of long time past, instead it was welcome to the future. Phase one completed.

    Kruxis’ forehead began to dampen, the sweat was pouring from his body while he continued to labor the spell that would bring about the entire aspect of his ability, the merging of the times, the merging of a new era and the merging of an unshakable army and allegiance. A power that would know no bounds. This was HIS doing.

    Earnestly, his free hand contorted into a claw like motion with his hand, as again the fire would descend down each pupil and graced the staff in another whimsical dance working another cutting motion at the middle in front of his position as another strike from the sky would crash out and produce a small portal that would appear sending the same exact mist into the next time period that was to be tampered with so intrusively, a curving of accomplished lips would appear on the Kruxis’ lips as the wind was whipping through his entire body the flapping of clothing a testament to his masterpiece.

    It would continue on like this, bringing forth every warrior and person of use through the portals that connected the time periods together, interwoven by a mage who aimed to take over every land past, present and future.

    Though it be so that various races, tribes and time periods co-exist now, it’s only those who harbor the abilities that will contribute and enter this warped tampering that Kruxis has foolishly brought to existence. Though, time periods have merged, it only took forward the credible and worthy of kin from each zone, and leaving those who wouldn’t be in their original space, thus separating every race and people from their respected home periods into the falsified unity that Kruxis’ spell has so cleverly calculated and seeing the enormity of this spell, Kruxis would fall backward onto his back side heaving air in and out of his mouth awestruck that this rumored spell of folkore wasn’t fiction at all but real.

    “Oh the possibilities…” Each eyes of his narrowed while trying to catch a breath, draping his right arm over each kneecap as the man sat upright, bowing his head and closed each eye laying the staff in front of him as he pondered what this new age would bring.
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  4. “Go the extra mile, they said…” the mysterious man uttered due to the horrific rainy conditions, treading through the mud that made the hike much worse.

    “It would take only a minute, they said…” a huff of air escaped his lips while roaming the vast forest area that brought forth no promise of the familiar.

    “Pick a side, they sai--“ it was at that point the aura in the air was tainted with the abnormal he could smell it in the air, felt the vibrations of the pulsing ground from under him. A tide had turned and something sinister had its hand among every crevice of the area up way ahead a dense fog stood out far above the rest.

    “I’m on a different field, how the hell did that happ…” he was about to finish with the word happen when mutated demons filled the area marching their way toward the heavy dense fog. It was shocking to see such minions roaming out in the open like this, but they were indeed puppets for a master, though that would remain unseen.

    The golden piece that rest at the middle of his chest seemed to glow an incandescent shine he felt his body pulse as the veins on his arms riddled along his skin keeping a keen eye on the dawn's sky where a light was drifting upward from that golden piece as if waiting for something to come of it.

    The man complacently stared at the sky waiting patiently when something seemed to flash flying downward due to the light that shined. A large metal mech found a landing on Mesopotamia’s soil as the cockpit seemed to automatically open on its own. He brought a hand up forward grasping the golden piece giving it a soft squeeze the male would waste no more time for something was amiss.
    Once inside the machine each dark pupil of his eyes began to radiate a light red and the dash of the controls came to life shutting him inside completely.

    Waving his hand up he willed the machine to lurch forward as it gained momentum in speed catching the eyes of some hell fire demons and as tempting as it was to embrace each in combat, it was his curiosity driving him more than anything and wondering what was so precious beyond that fog that drove these monsters to storm it.

    Not being able to avert all one demon seemed to swipe its claw at the stranger growling its protest of him getting involved, to which the large hand of the Zeros latched onto the wrist of the assailant and brought forth the other hand of the machine as the hand compartment folded down and revealed a canon as its energy began to form a blue beam gaining in intensity and without a second thought a red glint rotated over the man’s eyes and the beam released sending the monster flying back with such intensity knocking a few its kind back as the sound echoed throughout the area.

    Taking note of the demons now storming toward him, he began a zig zag pattern to avoid some of them, a flickering yellow light indicated he sustained a blow wincing as his body violently jerked, it appeared a few demons latched on trying to claw at the metal, the sounds of their claws digging in as screeches left their mouths.

    “Damn it…” it was at this point he decided to broaden the mech’s speed to its max before bracing himself and shifting the braking system in a solid jolting motion, as the few flew off unprepared for that sudden stop.

    It became clear a bustling city loomed ahead and from the looks of it, the demons had already infiltrated going about doing their worst. At the moment it seemed like the only sensible thing to do, he couldn’t waste any more time wondering how he got here, instead he’d venture to see who all lurked here.
  5. Harmony would spread around the fields, river and various walks of life as orbs that appeared like glowing fireflies would fill the sky and add a peaceful ambiance that was brought about through the notes of a skillful composer. It seemed to invoke rows of color likened to that of a rainbow all throughout the area hovering above the enchantress while she reside upon a hickory stump.

    One elegant leg over the other waving her sandaled foot in an upward and down motion as if guiding her own inner maestro keeping well aware of the tempo that was sought and it would seem the air of tension surrounding the environment was gripping at a peace that was supernaturally drawn from the ocarina itself. Since a child, this hobby was handed down to her from an elder who sought out the elves who were born west of the compass that would result in her races tribe, Ceruleans, destined for that birthright.

    With a song change, in it was now a decree for stillness and relaxation, each riveting blue pupil of hers would come to a partial open wanting to see what would be around her in this very moment since light thumping could be detected, and to no surprise a few deer would approach kneeling down upon their upper knees to fold their hoofed legs under while working their lower body downward into the meadow folding their rear legs as well not at all provoked seemingly at ease with the elf maiden who had plenty of company with the critters.

    Rabbits would be off on hind legs and using their upper arms and paws to stroke from their lower ears to their front while back to their face cleaning all content. Birds would comb through the sky as if making a game to barrel roll in the sky carefree with their wings weaving in and out of the colored aura that now radiated a replica of the Northern Lights with that incandescent green and array of colors that held that certain mystique.

    It took just an inner lurch to convey something was amiss and the whirl of charcoaled mist would intermingle with her once peaceful march causing the last note to leave her ocarina to go flat and instantaneously each creature that was near would begin to flee in sheer panic causing the elf to hop upward clenching a hand into a fist before a fellow friend and ally would make himself present, Zane.

    “What is this trespass?” Jedoree asked.

    “Not sure, but whatever it is, it's the worst of its kind…I can feel the magic it oozes.” Zane would maintain a side eye upon the mist that was closing in around them.

    “I’ll take the high, you take the low.” Jedoree would come upon two trees that were near each other and cleverly using each foot would zigzag with a hopping motion until on top of sturdy branches and would leap to and from with in sync strides maintaining a hasty rhythm gazing down to see Zane was easing way on a carpet that was magically gliding in mid air.

    “You know, it makes more sense if I scan from above…” Zane couldn’t help but nitpick.

    “I love the thrill of what I’m doing…I didn’t say you had to stay down there.” She’d dismiss.

    “Someone’s got to pay watch down here…it just seems senseless to me that…” a rumble would seem to bring about the ground stirring an alarm as Jedoree had to scramble to balance herself stopping herself from collapsing face first into the center part of a tree thrown off by the sudden quake but had managed to balance herself while extending both hands out evenly as a gymnast would do and Zane breathed in a breath as if going to speak.

    “Not a word…” would be the words to stop him.

    Earnestly Jedoree would cleverly continue working tree to tree with hops that would spring herself forth and meticulously use each heel of her sandaled feet which were interlaced upward with criss-crossed ribbon upon her calves with a feminine touch making short work through the forest and not one inkling of fatigue resulted from all of it.

    The golden, red and brown colors of the leaves was the ultimate sign fall was ever present and alive along with that unmistaken smell of air before rain is to hit the atmosphere, it was one of her favorites. Jerdoree came to a stop ontop of the last tree and gaze adorningly at a village before hearing another annoyed gasp of air from under and glance downward to see her partner in crime cross his arms seemingly agitated from the present situation.

    “Don’t act like these are my orders, Zane…the forest is crying out and that mist is troublesome…” She’d turn up her nose at him and guide each hand backward and readjust her bow to rest normally once again, along with the quiver methodically using her pointer finger to drape along each arrow before a look of disenchantment formed upon her elven feminine features.

    “I guess I got too hop happy back there…” would mutter from her lips.

    As she kept gaze upon her comrade he’d hold up an arrow balancing it tip down against the palm of his own hand with a fist resting underneath his chin standing with confidence, though annoyance remained behind each crystal blue hue, rolling them without saying a word. What…was this the silent treatment game?

    “So serious…” She’d coo at him but alas got no response. Typical…

    Suddenly, there it was like a pin point of a black mass would reside up above in the sky, though miniscule only the keenest of eyes would behold the key to its existence and an essence or what felt like a force field spread outward along the land and enraptured those whom it consumed as with the rate it eat, it was a matter of time before they’d both be on that side of the food chain, no one knew what lay beyond it.

    “Zane we’re not going to out run that…” she’d express her concern and with that it all seemed to go blank for only a moment before a new world lay forward for one to discover.
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