Mesopotamia: The Legend of Kruxis OOC (Accepting/Registration)

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  1. Welcome to the story surrounded by a powerful prideful mage who's sole purpose is to gain more and more control. Here is where the characters, plot and suggestions can openly be discussed. Also, with the view to get to know all you other writer's more. I hope you join me on this adventure, I think it can shape up to be something exciting! Anywho, more information and development for this OOC is still to come, a work in progress.

    Any picture of cityscapes, character's or artwork belong to their rightful owners. I wish I had the ability to draw my own things but lack a talent in that field. It just needed to be said for the record and if any of the rightful owners object, please notify me about it and I will remove without a second thought.

    -Enter the four participants I hope to get for this forum: This will be a short and steady process, but, it is in this forum I hope to have four frequent participants that will have the patience and understanding that this is a group role-play, therefore, a group effort. It would be very epic if this could turn into something meaningful and establish some awesome friendships along the way.

    This is currently open and I am hoping to find one other person to help run this forum alongside me to better concoct a solid storyline and further the potential this really has as a whole.

    Setting up your character: Things that MUST be addressed:

    -Character picture:

    -Character’s name:

    -Character’s Alias: (if there is one)

    -Character’s age:

    -Character’s gender:

    -Character’s occupation:

    - Character's transportation:

    - Character's motto:

    - Character‘s race:

    -Character's background/personality:
    It doesn’t have to be long, but enough to get where your character came from, what slight burdens the character might be carrying and a hint of personality.
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  2. Name: Kruxis

    Alias: Dark Diablo

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Unknown

    Occupation: Ruler/Dictator

    Transportation: A floating metropolis also known as Paradise Heights-Roaming city

    Motto: “In every forbidden incantation, lies the fruit of knowledge that is ripe for harvesting; it takes the bold to taste of it and discover sweet victory as she unveils her grant deception.”

    Race: Mage

    Backstory/Personality: Kruxis’ origin isn’t so easily distinguished, born from a sorceress and fathered by a mage, it’s not a wonder this tyrant had the means to pick up the trade. The only downside to this whole picturesque family was not foreseeing their son to be their destruction.

    The unquenchable lust for dominance and casting of forbidden spells and magic that began to toil with time itself. The first of his kind to attempt such a brazen merge of different era’s was said to be impossible; a myth told in folklore.

    As Kruxis succeeded, he reasoned the rumors stipulating such lies was because it was an attempt to hide the true essence of this lone tactic’s existence; to prohibit highly skilled races like himself from obtaining such status. Oh, how it thrills him to prove they were wrong.
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  3. Name: Unknown

    Alias: Gaijin Bagabondo

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Mech operator/Mobile fighter: Omega Squadron #12 (From homeland)
    Drifter/Mercenary for hire/ Starter of Vigilante Brigade (On Mesopotamia)

    Transportation: Mech

    Motto: “I’m destined to believe what I want, where I want, when I want.”

    Race: The human undead

    Backstory/Personality: He’s a jaded man, bitter man, and indebted man. Carries on in sarcasm, gradually progressing his advances in the art of mech piloting and combat. The pendent that is laced around his neck his soul taken by a magical mystery that is embodied by a demoness who refuses to lay claim on his soul.

    A price to pay and comprised in exchange for a love that was so strong, only to be forgotten by the woman he gave it up for while he took her place. This exchange altered a love’s course and would leave that woman without the knowledge of his existence, and thus, he roams with the ideal of hoping one day he may find his fate of release.
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  4. Name: Jedoree Laikree

    Alias: Ree Ree

    Age: 80 (appearance looks 28)

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Forager/Archer/Look-out/skilled magician

    Transportation: Moves by foot from homeland; but once crossed over to Mesopotamia uses Zane to travel.

    Motto: “Regard all that’s around you, for in everything there's a pulsing of life. Be aware of the smallest kindness and grateful even to the air you breathe.”

    Race: Elf

    Background/Personality: Jedoree is a fair elven lady skilled in the art of combat called Arrow Dance, a skill taught from fellow elves and no other race is allowed knowledge of it. An apprentice in magic with her tribe, and carries archer extraordinaire that’s been a dominant characteristic from her family bloodline. A forager of goods and trading to help their tribe thrive and progress with the times. On the flip side of that her hobby is putting her ocarina to good use composing lullabies to entertain the environment around her.

    Clever, calm and doing all within her power to see all things in clarity. Jedoree prides herself off being serene in all ways. There isn’t much of a war streak beneath her veins but knows there comes a time where one has to bear arms and fight for the common good. Evil will not go without punishment in her eyes, and she’ll do all within her being to bring forth the light in any given situation.

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  5. Name: Zane Kaifa

    Alias: Black

    Age: 100 (appearance looks 35)

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Traveller/Instructor in Arrow Dance/Hunter

    Transportation: Cleverly crafted carpet spurred forth through elven magic

    Motto: “There is always a righteous anger.”

    Race: Rucian Elf from Haruka

    Background/Personality: Hailing from Haruka, the elves that dwell from there are constantly wandering with no real set destination. They adapt well to any circumstance and with wisdom establish roots from their magic to blend well with set tones in what surrounds them. Zane was ordained into the Haruka Celestials that combine the atmosphere in their magical knowledge and create possessions of value that has been a major factor into their success in riches.

    Due to the recent change of events, Zane finds himself at the tale end of a curse that transpires during Kruxis’ merging of time periods. The direct result, Zane was morphed into a black panther and even with his magical expertise is unable to remove the spell, curse or transformation that has put him in the body of a creature. It’s now become his life mission to find the irritant that has mocked him in such a way and seeks to not only reach back to normal, but get home to his fellow Harukaians.
  6. are you still accepting ooc's? if so i am interested
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