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Mesalia RP, Minecraft RP Server

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mesalia_RP, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. * **Server Name:** Mesalia
    * **Website:** Mesalia-RP
    * **Server IP:**
    * **Version:** 1.10
    * **Game play:** Fantasy role playing with heavy realism


    * **Description:** Mesalia is a fantasy role playing server that uses elements of realism to create characters, settings, and conflicts with many different players in a setting. Minecraft is used as a backdrop to act as the setting, provide items, and a solid platform for us to role play in as the role play is primarily text based. Mesalia has a rich and extensive lore that creates our own, uniqe world with dangers and mysterious to be uncovered, all while keeping a sense of realism and probability. The general idea with Mesalia is to create your own character in our world, and mold him or her into it. Doing so, you create a story for the character that intertwines into other character stories and creates the large novel that is Mesalia. The lore reveals many conflicts with powerful races known as Lucins, with the powers to control water, air, and aether, and Xitians, with the abilities to manipulate fire, earth, and nether. The third race is the Mesalians. You, as a new player, will be playing a Mesalian. Players who have shown experience and skill on the server may apply to play a Xitian or Lucin if room allows. Lucins and Xitians are not as large in numbers as Mesalians so we only allow so many in a setting at once.

    * Our website, Mesalia-RP, is where you should go to post your applications and character biographies. The whitelisting team will post on your application to go over possible flaws and problems with the application. Once approved, you will receive the server IP and be whitelisted. From there, you will have a test from a game moderator to test your knowledge of our rules and role playing skills. Once you are finished, you are free to play your character in Mesalia and create his or her story.

    * **RULES:** [Read these! Know them! They're very important!](Mesalia-RP)

    * **Some tips to get accepted:**
    * Read [Mesalia's lore] (Mesalia-RP)
    * Read the [Character Skills Guide](Skill Guide), made by one of our lore keepers, SentaiPink.
    * Listen to the whitelisters! We're here to help you and your story!
    * It is advised to avoid characters that are hard to play for your first character here. Characters such as: Thieves, murderers, prostitutes, assassins, etc.


    * **Extra Information**
    * The server has been around for a very long time and is rater prestigious
    * The server promotes creativity from users such as submitting lore and making suggestions to rules
    * Many events that relate directly to the players are made for interaction and enjoyment
    * We have a small and welcoming community.

    * **Owner and Admin/Moderators/Lore keepers/Whitelisters: Zarkaylia (Admin), FireDog (Moderator), SentaiPink (Lore keeper), Hutch1k94 (Whitelister), Youngung (Whitelister)**
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.