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Hello all! I am wiccan akuma dukun! If you know what my name is then shhhh!! XD If you know what my account name ish then congratz! I have no reward for you... lol What do we say in this anyways? Well... I'm new here... I like rping. I do mostly fantasy stuff... cuz I can't fight.... sadly... But i am scary when I'm pissed off.. Cuz I yell... and throw things... and hurt people... once I did some stuff that I coulda been disowned for... lol good times.. good times. XD I'm usually very nice and super silly. Some people may even call me stupid or crazy, but I'm not. I am a pandimentional hyperintellegent being! XD If you know what that's from you're super awesome possum sauce! I'm a girl. I like goth clothes but my parents are mean and won't let me dress like them... V.V I knit, do henna tattoos, and I really want to take bellydance classes. I love writing and reading and drawing. Writing is my passion though. It is my life. Maverick Dominick refered me to this site and he's the greatest person on earth! I can't really think of anything else to say here so... umm.. Ima just end this now so... blessed be and stuffles. XD
Well that is quite the introduction! Welcome to Iwaku! I'm sure you will get along pretty well, as I saw you in the Cbox the other day and everything seemed to be fine^^. Though at times it does get intense!
Wall of run on purple! @_@

Yeah well welcome and stuff.
I guess its time I said welcome huh? Even though I can tell you that basically everywhere else lol Hiiiiii >.> <.< >.>
<3 We do at my cousins' weddings all the time. My favourite ones are the top-side of the hand with the wrist bracelet and a single flower chain-to-ring style <3

Teehee <3
Welcome to Iwaku ~
Let me know if you have any questions.
&& While you're at it, check out Guide & one of my favourites Roleplay Therapy
yay!!!! me ish welcomed!!!! ^.^ *does the happy dance*
I am glad you are here and a little worried sense I know what your talking about.
I am glad you are here and a little worried sense I know what your talking about.
Wow, really?! Epic!!!! lol yay for pandimentional hyperintelligent beings!!!! XD
uhm... hi?

so yeah, we've already met in the chatbox and i guess you're pretty much attuned to the insanity in here, so i guess you should be okay. ^_^

i do hope you would enjoy being here and won't be bored when we do crazy stuff... anyways~ yeah! welcome!