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  1. Hello all! I am wiccan akuma dukun! If you know what my name is then shhhh!! XD If you know what my account name ish then congratz! I have no reward for you... lol What do we say in this anyways? Well... I'm new here... I like rping. I do mostly fantasy stuff... cuz I can't fight.... sadly... But i am scary when I'm pissed off.. Cuz I yell... and throw things... and hurt people... once I did some stuff that I coulda been disowned for... lol good times.. good times. XD I'm usually very nice and super silly. Some people may even call me stupid or crazy, but I'm not. I am a pandimentional hyperintellegent being! XD If you know what that's from you're super awesome possum sauce! I'm a girl. I like goth clothes but my parents are mean and won't let me dress like them... V.V I knit, do henna tattoos, and I really want to take bellydance classes. I love writing and reading and drawing. Writing is my passion though. It is my life. Maverick Dominick refered me to this site and he's the greatest person on earth! I can't really think of anything else to say here so... umm.. Ima just end this now so... blessed be and stuffles. XD
  2. Well that is quite the introduction! Welcome to Iwaku! I'm sure you will get along pretty well, as I saw you in the Cbox the other day and everything seemed to be fine^^. Though at times it does get intense!
  3. Cougarpaw [​IMG]
    Cougarpaw couldn't believe how big this world was. He was near the edge of their territory already, his tiny little legs had brought him as far out as he could. Stopping at the border, he sniffed. This was a different clan's territory; but who? He moved forward just a pawstep when he heard a 'scree' in the distance. Was that what this clan hunted? He looked up at a circling bird, unaware of the serious danger he was now in. If he caught that, he would surely impress Dawnstar, and his mentor. Heck, maybe the entire clan! He looked around for any chance of climbing a tree to get at it. Looking back up, he didn't spot the great bird. Something suddenly covered the sun, he had seconds to glance up as the eagle's cruel talons locked in on the young cat's body, tearing gashes in his tawney pelt. He let out a scream in agony as he was lifted into the air, flailing his legs. No matter how much he fought, he couldn't get away from the bloodthirsty bird, not until he was at least a foot above a very tall tree. He managed to sink his teeth into the bird's ankle, which caused it to release him.

    He fell, and fell, and fell. Writhing in the air, he couldn't stop himself from plummeting to the ground. With a thud, the young kit's body hit the ground. Alive but barely, he lay there unconscious. Now at the mercy of the forest, he awaited Starclan unless he was found.
  4. What Slyen said, but better!
  5. I guess its time I said welcome huh? Even though I can tell you that basically everywhere else lol Hiiiiii >.> <.< >.>
    <3 We do at my cousins' weddings all the time. My favourite ones are the top-side of the hand with the wrist bracelet and a single flower chain-to-ring style <3

    Teehee <3
    Welcome to Iwaku ~
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  7. yay!!!! me ish welcomed!!!! ^.^ *does the happy dance*
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  9. Wow, really?! Epic!!!! lol yay for pandimentional hyperintelligent beings!!!! XD
  10. uhm... hi?

    so yeah, we've already met in the chatbox and i guess you're pretty much attuned to the insanity in here, so i guess you should be okay. ^_^

    i do hope you would enjoy being here and won't be bored when we do crazy stuff... anyways~ yeah! welcome!
  11. FEBRUARY 9, 2017

    The tall, gaunt man strode through the wreckage of the Elmore house, illuminated by the afternoon light dancing off the dust in the air. With his coat fluttering behind him and the shadows playing and the angular features of his face, he looked for all the world like a macabre scarecrow.

    "Oh, well, this is a little confusing," he intoned in an incongruously chipper tone for the scene of destruction around him. "Three little birds when I was expecting only one." He gave Cherie a disparaging look. "And one fat mother hen."

    "Who are you?" Raven demanded, stepping protectively in front of Natalia and Cherie, the Erika girl at her side. "And what the hell did you do to my car!?"

    The thin man drew forth a pack of cigarettes and lit one on his lips. While blowing out a cloud of smoke, he said, "Who I am is Lorentz, no last name. What I death!"

    He pocketed his cigarettes with one while raising the other with fingers curled. The shattered remains of the Lamborghini rattled and burst apart into dozens of sharp flechettes that darted toward the girls like shuriken.

    "Holy shit!" Cherie screamed, dragging Natalia down to the ground with her.

    Raven dropped into a shoulder roll, just as a pair of sharp steel cut into the ground where she used to be. From the corner of her eye, she saw Erika cackling in excitement, raising a hand outward. The slivers of metal heading her way slowed to a stop and fired back toward Lorentz, who cast his hand lazily to the side. The storm of metal death instantly changed direction and blasted out the side of the house.

    "So, at least one of you has some skill," he said.

    Raven pulled a pair of gloves out of her pocket and hastily slid them on. They looked like regular leather gloves (high-end, of course; it wouldn't do for someone from her family to simply buy a pair from Wal-Mart), but with silver runes stitched in a complex symbol on the back. "Make that two," she growled. Mana flowed into the gloves, lighting the runes with moonlight. Lightning crackled between her gloved hands, which she released in a tight spidery line at Lorentz.

    He leaped back, allowing the lightning bolts to incinerate the ground, while sweeping his hand around him; the door of the Lamborghini ripped itself free of its chassis and floated near him like a shield. Raven's next blast sparked harmlessly against the makeshift shield. Then it flew at the her like a Frisbee. Raven ducked and heard the door crash into the wall behind her.

    "Alchemically-treated gloves," Lorentz assessed. "Cut down on material components and casting time. Very clever. Too bad you'll only be able to tie one effect to such a device. And now I have a sense of what those gloves can do."

    "Does this guy ever stop talking?" Erika barked.

    "Not really," Lorentz said. "But in a few moments, you will." He brought both hands up slowly, palms up. The entire house began to rumble.

    "What's going on?" Cherie cried out. Natalia, wrapped in her protective arms, clutched her ears, wailing in terror.

    "Its not real, its not real, its not real! I just need my meds, where's my meds?"

    Raven heard the sound of metal creaking and groaning. "The pipes...he's controlling metal."

    "Oh, its a bit more than that, poppet." Suddenly, the water pipes running throughout the house ripped free from behind the walls, floor, and ceiling, twisting around Erika and Raven like ropes, binding them from shoulder to ankle. Both girls fell flat on their faces. The engine block from the Lamborghini floated out from the chassis and began spinning in the air. "My magic controls Lorentz forces."

    Raven raised her face from the dirt and stared at the sight in growing horror and realization. "Shit! He's making a railgun!"

    Erika laughed, "Oh! This is so exciting!" With a thought, the metal bindings unwound themselves as her telekinesis overcame Lorentz's magic. She readied her axe. "Bring it on!"

    "No, you idiot!" Raven shouted, still bound. She struggled uselessly against the pipes trapping her hands. "At this range, even a stray shot will kill us all -- and probably the next four houses down!"

    "At least there's some intelligence between the three of you," Lorentz said with a feral grin. "Tell you what, surrender now and I won't murder you and everyone else in this neighborh--"

    A second of the roof of the house came crashing down on him, cutting him off mid-sentence. The engine block fell to the ground. Natalia stood up, hand outstretched.

    "No...I won't let you. Go away! Just GO AWAY!"

    The house began to rumble again, but this time, it wasn't because of Lorentz.

    "Please, honey, calm down," Cherie begged. "It's all right now, you stopped the bad man...."

    "No! Still not real! Am I real? Am I doing this? No! I need my meds! EVERYONE JUST GO AWAY!"

    "Son of a...." Raven cursed. Natalia was going out of control, as was the situation itself. If only she could get free! "Erika, help me!"

    Erika was watching Natalia with renewed interest. "Why? This is super cool! This is, like, the best game ever!" Well, so much for help from that end.

    Suddenly, the rumbling stopped.

    Natalia fell to the ground.

    The engine block that flew into the air and slammed into her back also fell.

    Cherie screamed, "NO!" and ran to her niece's side, only to get wrapped up in piping; she fell on her face, still calling out the girl's name.

    The wreckage of roofing exploded outward; Lorentz stood on shaky feet, his clothes in tatters and covered in dust and wood chips. Blood leaked from a cut on his head, staining his face and creating a gory mask across his birdlike features. A predatory, excited, gleam glowed in his eyes.

    "Oh, you three are quite entertaining. I haven't had this much fun since Africa." Lorentz raised a hand and closed it into a fist. The hood of the ruined car flung itself at Erika, who hacked it down with her axe...but left her open to the second car door that followed right behind it. She took it straight to the face and crashed to the ground unconscious. Piping wrapped itself around her soon after, with more piping curling around the knocked-out Natalia.

    All three teenagers floated into the air toward Lorentz. "I don't know which of you three is the one I need," the gaunt man said, "but I wouldn't mind vivisecting the other two, see how you work. What makes you tick. What a lucky day for me."

    His grin became feral. "If it makes you feel any better, I'm rather familiar with bringing girls home...."


    FEBRUARY 9, 2017

    Two figures crouched atop the long arm of a loading crane, barely perceptible against the night sky. They were patient hunters, awaiting the third of their pack, passing the time checking their gear.

    Sam ejected the magazine of carbon polymer bullets from his pistol, examined the payload, and slammed it back home. He smoothly pulled back the rack of the gun and eyed down the sights with his shoulders bladed, and the gun offset to the side in both hands.

    "Well, good to see you're still in practice," Jade Wilson commented, watching him. She'd geared up in black fatigues, combat boots, and a tactical harness, a far cry from the black lingerie her undercover work had stuffed her into. A communicator headset graced her head and a rifle rested across her lap. It looked like a FN P90, only fashioned entirely from plastic and carbon polymers.

    Sam had the same modified rifle resting upright beside him. He holstered his pistol and said, "Its been a busy few years."

    "Tell me," she urged. She glanced around. "Its not like there's a whole lot to do until Cross gets back."

    Sam sighed and relented. Of everyone he knew, Jade Wilson deserved to know. She was there with him before even Karin, Crossfire, or Ruth, after all. "After...." He choked. "...Bamingui....I made my way as a mercenary. Mainly in the Middle East and Africa. Did some work in Thailand, India, Pakistan, Brazil. Couple wars, couple crime lords. Did even more traveling than when I was with Hushcobb. Did a few jobs for the Ivory Tower, too. Hunted monsters, undead, renegade mages, that sort of thing. But mostly, I kept to mundane targets."

    "Were you running to or from your past?" Jade asked pointedly.

    He paused. "A little bit of both. I'd heard Lorentz was making the rounds in mundane crime organizations. His flesh trade gig has been going for years, along with his other...interests. That's why I stuck to the mundanes...he was more likely to show up in that world than in ours -- yours," he corrected.

    "You were following him," she reasoned. "All across the world."

    "He's not in it for money or power," Sam said coldly. "He's in it to see the world burn. All those battlefields I've walked, he walked there first." His eyes became distant, remembering the horrors he had seen as he followed the path of a madman with nothing to lose. "I did what I could to stop the senseless bloodshed and pain he leaves behind, but he's always moving to stir up chaos somewhere else. In the seven years I've been tracking him, Pattaya was the first time I managed to catch up to him." By now, his tone had grown tight, his hands clenched into fists, silent rage boiling inside and threatening to burst out.

    Jade reached out a hand and clasped his shoulder. "Hey. We'll get him. You're not the only one who wants a piece of him. I need your brain, Sam. Stay with me."

    He nodded, exhaling to calm himself.

    "Hope I'm not interrupting anything." Crossfire silently emerged from the shadows, climbing up to the boom of the crane. Even at night, he wore sunglasses, though they did not affect his vision in the slightest. He knelt by his comrades.

    "What'd you find?" Sam asked.

    Crossfire laid out the rundown. "There are three loading bays on the north end of the factory with four security cams. South side's got the main employee entrances and parking lot with cams every fifteen meters. Two-story building, windows across both west and east sides every ten meters; managed to get a view of about eight stairwells through the windows. I saw four personnel elevators, there may be a few more, and at least two freight elevators.

    He pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from his pocket and started scribbling a rough map. "Didn't get the best view of the interior, but first floor has assembly equipment all over the place. Robotics on the west side are working on car chassis. East side's smaller components and interior."

    "Power supply?" Sam asked.

    Crossfire shook his head. "Didn't get a visual. Bet there's a basement level, though. Boiler, power, maintenance, that sort of thing."

    Sam scanned the area. The loading crane was at the extreme end of the factory campus on its north side, least half a football field away from the loading bays. "Can you still hit dead mass a mile out?"

    Crossfire smiled thinly. "With both eyes closed."

    "There's a second loading crane over there," Sam pointed out. It sat, unused, at an angle from the factory. An angle that gave a decent view of the loading bays, but decent access to the windows. "That's your perch. I need second floor clear of tangos. Then make your way through the loading bays and keep reinforcements off us. I'll ingress through the loading bays; give me some cover."

    Sam turned to Jade. "Can you handle the front door? I need a distraction, keep Lorentz's forces away from the loading bays while I make my way in."

    She flashed him a thumbs up. "How fast can you shut down the power?"

    "Once I find it, maybe...forty-five seconds," Sam guessed. "Most of these civilian facilities use the same model and wiring layout."

    Jade handed each of them a set of nightvision goggles. They were bulky, ugly things, but they worked. "Keep in communication," she said, adjusting her headset, "and don't get dead."

    Sam slipped the goggles over his forehead and hefted his rifle. "...Just like old times. Let's move."