Merry meet!

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  1. Hello all! I am wiccan akuma dukun! If you know what my name is then shhhh!! XD If you know what my account name ish then congratz! I have no reward for you... lol What do we say in this anyways? Well... I'm new here... I like rping. I do mostly fantasy stuff... cuz I can't fight.... sadly... But i am scary when I'm pissed off.. Cuz I yell... and throw things... and hurt people... once I did some stuff that I coulda been disowned for... lol good times.. good times. XD I'm usually very nice and super silly. Some people may even call me stupid or crazy, but I'm not. I am a pandimentional hyperintellegent being! XD If you know what that's from you're super awesome possum sauce! I'm a girl. I like goth clothes but my parents are mean and won't let me dress like them... V.V I knit, do henna tattoos, and I really want to take bellydance classes. I love writing and reading and drawing. Writing is my passion though. It is my life. Maverick Dominick refered me to this site and he's the greatest person on earth! I can't really think of anything else to say here so... umm.. Ima just end this now so... blessed be and stuffles. XD
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    Various Islands
  3. Wall of run on purple! @_@

    Yeah well welcome and stuff.
  4. What Slyen said, but better!
  5. I guess its time I said welcome huh? Even though I can tell you that basically everywhere else lol Hiiiiii >.> <.< >.>
    <3 We do at my cousins' weddings all the time. My favourite ones are the top-side of the hand with the wrist bracelet and a single flower chain-to-ring style <3

    Teehee <3
    Welcome to Iwaku ~
    Let me know if you have any questions.
    && While you're at it, check out Guide & one of my favourites Roleplay Therapy
  7. yay!!!! me ish welcomed!!!! ^.^ *does the happy dance*
  8. I am glad you are here and a little worried sense I know what your talking about.
  9. Wow, really?! Epic!!!! lol yay for pandimentional hyperintelligent beings!!!! XD
  10. uhm... hi?

    so yeah, we've already met in the chatbox and i guess you're pretty much attuned to the insanity in here, so i guess you should be okay. ^_^

    i do hope you would enjoy being here and won't be bored when we do crazy stuff... anyways~ yeah! welcome!
  11. Welcome, from the Otter lord.