Merry Christmas!

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  1. I just got off the bus (*points back toward the super highway of the internet*) after learning about this place on a blog, and think it looks like a pretty cool place. I've been roleplaying for about ten years and have decided to try some new pastures because the website I've been frequenting is slowly dying. I haven't finished reading the FAQ yet, and haven't even looked at all the stuff happening here but, hey, I'm on Christmas vacation now and so I have plenty of time!

    I play most genres, especially science-fiction (I'm a big Doctor Who fan), and am looking forward to seeing what's on offer here!
  2. Welcome to the site, @Mr Saxon . I haven't been here long but I can assure you, from what I've seen, it is a great website to put your roots down in. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and maybe we'll even role-play at some point in time.
  3. Gooooood Afternoon, Mr. Saxon! Welcome to Iwaku, I hope your Muse likes it here! It's nice to see people who have been roleplaying for a good long while. I'm personally not a Who fan, I don't know why, it should be something I enjoy but alas it just doesn't click with me!

    Merry Wintermas and may the Muse be with you!
  4. :D it's The Master! He's arrived!
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  6. So when do you plan to take over the world this time, Mr. Saxon? Or have you decided upon a new occupation?
  7. I'm on a vacation from world domination at the moment. We'll see how things go after the New Year. :lol:
  8. Oh, that's good. I'd like to enjoy my Christmas with my free will still intact. ^.^
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Welcome to Iwaku!