Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

  1. Merry Christmas

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  2. Happy Holidays

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  3. I don't greet people this season

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  1. How do you greet people this season? Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays? Here in the Philippines, this season's greetings are usually "Maligayang Pasko"-Merry Christmas (Or at least that's what I usually notice). And yeah, I too greet people with Merry Christmas this season, with a Happy New Year and Gleeful Epiphany appended to it if time allows it.
    Poll's inspired by this article I read in The Guardian. Here's the article:
  2. I think most of the people saying 'happy holidays' do so in fear of offending those who celebrate Hannukah or Yule or the a Solstice instead; which is silly

    I don't think it's offensive to be told 'happy Easter' even though as an Atheist without kids, I don't celebrate it. My pagan coworker isn't offended when customers wish her a merry Christmas, because it's not insulting to whatever they are celebrating instead, it's inviting them into your holiday, wishing them happiness, how could that be offensive.

    Besides if you see someone buying a Christmas tree/wearing a Santa hat/ humming a Christmas carol etcetera, it's a pretty safe bet that the happy holiday you are wishing them is Christmas
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  3. There's nothing here I can really add that @Minibit hasn't already covered, and the people who ARE offended really need to loosen up and accept the well-wishes and stop being such scrooges!

    Of course, that doesn't prohibit me from telling my friends whom I know are from another religion 'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy Hanukkah'. I know they wouldn't mind if I said something else, because they'd understand the meaning and appreciate the gesture.
  4. I never have said Happy Holidays in fear. The few times I've said Merry Christmas to a Jehovah's Witness or non-Christian, they've politely told me they don't celebrate but thank you. Most don't even try "correcting" me when I'm working since it's obviously a well wish. I have also had people correct me when I've said Happy Holidays and in those few cases it's felt more hostile. I have saw a lot of those "Put the Christ in Christmas" & "It's Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays" buttons over the years, though so far not this year.

    Another thing, I do not know if it was true since the colominist I read the comment on is a bit snarky, but supposively "Happy Holidays" is just short form for "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" without regard for Hanukkah, Kwanza or Solstice.

    There's is only one polite way to respond to someone wishing you well, no matter what words or holidays, "Thank you, and the same to you."
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  5. I am socially awkward and don't greet people! .____.

    But if I was forced to, I would say HAPPY HOLIDAYS because there's too many cool holidays during winter to only focus on one. I love them all!
  6. ^ Too socially awkward to greet, however, if I had to I would just say happy holidays to be on the safe side.
  7. I generally don't say anything about the holidays to people. The holidays aren't really important to me, so I just leave off any well-wishes, unless they are first given to me. Then I feel obligated to say something in return.
  8. I usually say Merry Christmas because that's the one I celebrate. I figure even if the person I'm talking to celebrates something else, or if they don't celebrate at all, that they still know I'm just wishing them well. I also figure that if someone is going to choose to take offense at it that it's their problem and not mine.
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  9. I let others greet first, and return the greeting in kind. It's easier that way, since this is the age of people getting all pissy pants about how you greet someone. :P

    (Have a great Wednesday!)
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  10. It's Hump Day you fool!
  11. I always greet people "Merry Christmas!" at work, at college, at the store, or when I stroll around for leisure. I've had people greet me, "Happy Hanukkah" and "Joyous Kwanzaa" and "Live the day to its fullest!" on the Winter Solstice. And I always reply, "And the same to you!"

    To me, a greeting isn't telling someone to participate in X religion's practices or to denounce your own. A greeting is a greeting and it is polite to reply according to social protocol, not religious protocol.

    I mean, when someone greets you any other day with, "How are you?" they aren't asking the status of your health and you generally don't go on tirades about how your back, legs, teeth, hands, or stomach hurts. After all, they're just greeting you.

    To me, while I celebrate Christmas and identify as Christian, I do not feel offended if someone tells me something other than "Merry Christmas." It's just a greeting. JUST A GREETING.

    I feel like more and more people in this world are becoming anal-retentive. D:
  12. I say Happy Holidays to the people that I don't know if they celebrate Christmas or not. :3
  13. I like saying Happy Holidays because if they celebrate something else, I like to be able to wish them happiness during their celebration. 'Holiday' is a broad word that can refer to any tradition. It's just how I've always been because in the past, I've had quite a few friends who were Jewish. Acknowledging their holiday made them happy for some reason. I just went with it and at one point decided that just one regular phrase to cover them all would be a good idea. :]