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a thief, an assassin, and two nobles walk into a bar. they have no ties to one another, and their reasons for entering are their own. but nearly an hour later there they are, standing in a tavern filled with bodies and blood on their hands. it's not every day an army of mercenaries attempts to murder them in a crowded bar on a friday night. even for the criminals, it's not something they're used to. but now they're all accomplices and a part of a greater plot.
things are just going to get worse from here.

the prince: leonardo - male - taeya
the bastard: salvador - male - altai
the assassin: name - gender - jay
the thief: bryn - female - persephone

Basic Information.
Brynhild Gunnr.
——Nickname: Bryn. anything else is unacceptable.
Age: twenty-three.
Birth Date: march 20th.
——Astrological Sign: Pisces.
——Birth Place: oslo, norway.

can and will stab anyone who even thinks about her full name
her mom was just really fucking weird
she can't figure out how to legally change her name
it's more of a hassle than it's worth at this point
words like honey
"how do you steal a man's wallet?"
neither confirms nor denies how she got her wealth
wealth is her business
constantly plotting
whoever said money can't buy happiness was wrong
gives everyone a nickname
does she like you?
is she just like that?
the world will never know
soft spot for orphans and urchins
could rob a wall blind
please don't leave her around children
she'll teach them how to steal things
she's a business man, no more no less
playlist - wip

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[color=#COLOR2][i]Birth Date:[/i][/color]
[color=transparent]——[/color][color=#COLOR3][i]Astrological Sign:[/i][/color]
[color=transparent]——[/color][color=#COLOR3][i]Birth Place:[/i][/color]

[color=transparent]—[/color][color=#COLOR2]—[/color][i][url=]playlist[/url][/i]  [/div][div=font-family: arial; font-size: 30px; color: #COLOR; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; margin-bottom: 15px; padding-left: 70px;]TEXT[/div][/div][div=margin:auto; width:500px; font-family: helvetica; font-size:9px; text-align: right;][URL=';u=225649'][COLOR=white]love cal[/COLOR][/URL][/div]
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basic information
name: salvador de leone
——nicknames: a lot of people call him sal
age: twenty four
birthdate: september 3rd
——astrological sign: virgo
——birthplace: girona, spain

very soft handle w care
big gay but it's a badly kept secret
didn't sign up for this shit
neat, tidy man
just wants to live peacefully as a painter
expert horseman
is literally obsessed with cats
really just wants to go home
puts off work until the very last minute
very pretty handwriting
kinda vain, he'll do anything to get his way
way too hard on himself all the time
grew up w much too high expectations of him
a jack of all trades if we're being honest
ngl he wasn't raised in wealth
loves water sm he's a mermaid
loves animals, man's a vegetarian
very select music taste
threatens people with a sandal just like his mama
so,,, good w kids makes people cry
doesn't like getting made fun of, he's really sensitive
jumpy boi
so goofy he's always dancing to music in his head??
a real klutz lmao he falls over everything
playlist, major wip i haven't even started on it lmao


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Basic Information.
Name: leonardo aellô vasilios
——Nickname: prefers to go by leo!
Age: twenty six
Birth Date: may 11th
——Astrological Sign: taurus
——Birth Place: florence, italy

is comfortably rich
and comfortably dumb too
really doesn't want the responsibility of the crown or being a royal
he'd rather just laze around, enjoy food, and earn money by doing nothing
is naturally good with people but only on the outside
doesn't quiet understand the concept of deep, meaningful feelings
is incredibly intelligent(textbook wise)
loves praise
obviously a very good debater/arguer
also is highly skilled in sword play
it's probably the only thing he can do without making a fool of himself
a softie???
like if he wanted to change one thing when he ruled it would be certain laws that affect the poor
the prettiest smile dammit
also is a hard flower crown type forreal
he just really enjoys living in the moment and being with friends/family
is vvv ignorant in a lot of ways tho
and he's trying his best okay
playlist is a wip
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