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  1. So lets get straight to the point, if you are reading this then you, like me, are looking for a roleplay partner and you, like me, have an interest or fascination with merfolk. It's oddly difficult, I find, to find people who want to rp this scenario with me so I figured I may as well open up a search of my own.

    Just to get this out of the way quickly, I'd greatly prefer MxM though I wouldn't be opposed to discussing MxF or even FxF for the right kind of writer (meaning, if it fits then it fits. I've found the rps I personally enjoy the most and write the best in is MxM but I'm not going to lose the chance to rp with someone cool if they would rather do a different gender mix).

    Plot Ideas (since I'm not one much interested in the stereotype of the Little Mermaid)

    Caught in a Net-Fisherman catches a merperson in their net. The Fisherman down on their luck so they captures the underwater creature in the thought of selling it. Something prevents that though... possibly some kind of storm that traps them on an island and the merperson helps them?

    A Diver's Great Find-A diver is exploring one of the coral reefs when they come across an injured merperson and wants to try and save them. Whether the diver sells the merperson after healing them is debatable to what kind of storyline is preferred. At this point, I'm just trying to start up the beginning of scenarios but leave a lot open to allow creativity for my partner to join in and figure things out as well.

    The Rich Man's Treasure-A story where the merperson is already caught and in a rich man's tank and because of being trapped, the merperson's health starts to deteriorate. The rich man hires a fish expert to come help, and the expert is under contract and threat of death to tell no one and do nothing except make sure that the merperson lives. What hapens when the expert decides it's wrong to pin up other sentient beings in such a way, though?

    If you've made it this far, that is awesome :D So I'm actually not necessarily stuck on writing the merperson in this (did you notice that I turned them all into neutrals despite the preference for MxM? Yep, I love my partners that much XD) I'd be perfectly happy writing the human as well. If that's the case then it'd be up to you to figure out the merperson's physiology and backstory and stuff... we could, of course, discuss what I had previously thought up for merfolk culture and so on but I'm not opposed to allowing creativity for my co-writer.

    I have Pretty Basic Rules
    - Write enough so that I have something to respond to (please more than a couple lines, I like knowing how the other character is thinking and feeling and what's going on in their head, as well as what they're planning).

    - Post at least Once a Day if not more (Of course if something is going on I'm not going to ditch because you didn't, though I really appreciate heads up on when you won't be around and I'll try to do the same. Also, quick warning, my internet isn't the best right now so I sometimes have a response written but can't post it until early in the morning or late at night)

    - If you're not having fun, tell me. Either we're not a good match, and that's okay- it happens, or it's something we can work out. I don't mind working through things if I'm writing in a way you don't like.

    -Storyline and character development mean the most to me, and I'd like someone who adds to the story instead of just following along my lead. Plot twists are loved very much so, surprises and things... and I like it best when both characters are the main, and yet supportive... meaning that one of us is not the most important, nor the least... our characters share the spotlight.

    - My barriers in writing are limited to my own knowledge, including the more graphic scenes and I have no issue writing things out in detail when I understand what's going on. In anything. I also don't mind limiting myself at all to my partner's preferences, though. I just want someone to write the story with... as much fun as the intimate scenes can be, they're not required for an awesome roleplay.

    So, if you're interested, pm me with the title of your preferred plotline and a start on a character sheet and any thoughts or concerns :) Or, if you want to reply here, feel free... I just personally prefer PM.
    Hope you've had a good morning/day/evening ^.^
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