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  1. Looking for someone to play this plot with me


    Prince (You pick the name) doesn't feel like anyone understands him. He longs to jump in the ocean, swim till his legs were numb, hold his breath till his lungs were on fire. He wants to be a merman, disappearing into the depths of the sea and away from all his responsibilities, despite how irresponsible it sounded. The ocean's embrace always seems more comforting than the soft sandy beaches. No wonder he has these feelings, for on his sixteenth birthday he finds out that his mother, the queen, was really a mermaid. He keeps this secret, along with many others, with him as the years continue to pass.
    Then one day the prince gets a shocking surprise. A merman sneaks into the royal pond and tries to hide until found by the prince. His name is Hibiki, and he begs the prince to hide him, in return offering a remedy to the prince's desires to be a merperson. Sadly. The queen finds out of this little plot and warns her son that most merpeople are dangerous, luring people into the ocean never to be seen again. Could he trust Hibiki?

    Looking for dominate or someone who will alternate top and bottom
    You will be the prince
    Looking for a paragraph or more in responses
    We can talk back and forth about the plot if you want to add things or twists
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  2. I-I can't, why do you always make plots I wanna be a part of? xD
  3. Haha I guess I just can't help it XD Do you want to roleplay it?
  4. Yeeeees
    How will the SMEX work out though? o-o
  5. I got ideas ^^ I don't want the two in love strait away though.
  6. Ah yeah but like, I was just curious. xD It would be pretty weird.
    "Hey, what's that thing you got there?"
    "It's my dick."
    "What is that, then?"
    "What does it get used for?"
  7. HAHA. Well it will go somwthinh along those lines, but it'll be fine.
  8. Because he'll have to shower with the merman hiding in the bathroom, and obviously he has to be naked to take a bath xD
  9. It'll be a learning experience on both ends for sure XD
  10. I think this will be a really funny roleplay! Why don't you just start it up? My prince would be the one on the left. How's he?
  11. That'll be good. I'm having connection uses with wifi but I'll start as soon as i can
  12. Alright! And his name is Felix, by the way. xD
  13. Apperance (open)

    Name: Hibiki
    Age: 22
    My internet works now! :)
  14. Aww such a cutie! xD
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