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  1. So, this is the basic premise of the roleplay

    There is a small island in the Pacific Ocean big enough for one town and it is governed over by a mayor (or other such political figure). The economy is dependent on the fishing and trade industries and the townfolk are always more than happy to share fish stories. The most prominent of them? Tales of merfolk.

    While most sailors would tell stories of mermaids, many of these fishermen tell stories of mermen. There are even stories of mermen coming onto the land to seduce unsuspecting young humans. But it can't be true, can it?

    Deep beneath the waves and at the far edge of the massive coral reef that borders the northern edge of the island. Here there is a society of merfolk governed over by a royal family. They do their best to keep to themselves, especially with the new advances in human technology. Few have the knowledge of how to walk amongst men, and for those individuals who know the secret to unlocking this ability there his a high consequence to pay for revealing it to others.
    However, four young mermen have found themselves captivated with four human men. They are desperate to meet these young men and confess their feelings. This means making a deal with a "merman" who is considered to be shady. He is willing to help, but at a price: they must take him with them.

    So...that's pretty much the gist of it. Is there any interest in this? Please let me know on this thread if you are interested!
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  2. Sounds very interesting, I'd love to join. :o
  3. I was also planning on this Roleplay to have a loose basis on The Little Mermaid, as written by Hans Christian Anderson, not as portrayed by Disney. I think that version would be much more beneficial to what we might want to achieve here.
  4. @Moogle-Girl
    Would you know anyone else who might be interested in a roleplay like this?
  5. Not really, sorry. .w.' I just kind of do my own thing on this site.
  6. That's okay.

    I'm pretty new to the site, so I'm still making friends and finding a good group to roleplay with.
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