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Would you like to see more?

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  1. I love drawing, but I mostly draw mermaids. Here are some of them under_the_sea_by_thestarsaregolden-d5trnzz.jpg hi.jpg

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  2. Mermaids!
    I've never thought about octopus-maids before... Kudos!

    One criticism, if you wish to hear it, is the proportion of your ladies, especially the arms.
    Have you ever just stood and looked at someone for a while? Granted, you seem a bit creepy (especially if you don't know them), but I've found it helps me make sense of the human body. Or look at a biology or anatomy book - plenty of diagrams about how things are attached :D
    Unless this is all an artistic choice, in which case, have at it!

    But either way, I'd love to see more of your artwork! What other sea-life would combine well, do you think?
  3. I
    Thank you! I've been trying to work on that a bit. I've done a sea horse, and I could possibly do a shark. I've already done a narwhal, and she's so cute :3 I like drawing humans too!
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  4. I think they're adorable and would live to see more. You're also good at matching your colors nicely, which a lot if people have trouble with. Also, yay mermaids!!!
  5. Thank you!
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