Mermaids or Thieves

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  1. I've been wanting to do one of these two rps for a bit, but I need some help figuring them out. And whichever garners more interest is the one I'll stick with, so;

    A group of runaways/orphans/foster kids who meet this adult who they think is the absolute best. The adult feeds them, seems to understand them and even though everyone else looks down on those kids and thinks they're good for nothings, this adult thinks they're destined for great things. And so the kids begin to trust the adult and give them their loyalty. And the adult takes advantage of that and gets the kids to steal for them.

    And I need to think of a plot and an endgame for that.


    And this is a very vague idea, in the sense that I have come up with nothing in regards to a plot with it, but;

    Mermaids. They're like my second favorite supernatural creature and I'd like to do an rp involving them. I just know that I definitely do not want to do a pirate centered rp or a supernatural school rp'.
  2. A nautical fiction genre with mermaids in it! I've always wanted to do something like that! :D
  3. @Alexa
    Cool, so that's 1 for Mermaids and 0 for Thieves.

    Do you have any ideas for the mermaid plot?
  4. @Polystical I've somewhat had an idea ringing in my head for a while. Basically a naval warfare captain and his crew set out at sea for war, the ship(s) get taken down and they lose the war, ship(s) and crew members drown, the naval captain and a fair amount of his crew get washed up on a strange island they've never seen before, then have to put their survival skills to the test, weeks or something after living there on the island, exploring and such, they come across a "mystical" area with huge caves and waterfalls and beautiful jungles around, which holds the coven composed of mermaids. Then we could go from there.
  5. Maybe the mermaid is a thief, and she can only stay in her human form with legs for several hours. She frequently pilfers shiny objects from a coastal village.

    Mermaids and humans don't get along.
  6. That's an interesting concept, though I'm not a huge fan of it. @Polystical, any thoughts so far?
  7. @Alexa

    I like both of your concepts, however I just created a new rp, so I don't think I'll be doing this mermaid one for awhile. Thanks for the suggestions though!
  8. Huh... Well, guess I'll go ahead and use my idea for one of my own roleplays. Shame it couldn't be used for a bigger audience. *shrugs* :/
  9. Mermaids.
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