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  1. It was a dark, yet still night out in the ocean. The underwater people
    were dormant and sleeping in the deep reefs that none of the humans
    knew of. Their civilization was hidden away from the human eye to
    protect those who dwell there. One of these mermaids was Kieara.

    She was a beautiful mermaid. She had long brown hair with a pearly
    colored seashell comb in it to hold her hair out of her eyes. It was
    straight looking in the water, but when she sat on the rocks it was
    curly after it dried. She had bright golden colored eyes. She had fair
    skin and a birthmark of a crescent moon on her right palm. Seashells
    covered her breasts and some of her upper stomach in a type of tube
    top like wrap, and a necklace that had a shark tooth on it hung from
    her neck. Around her wrist was a seashell bracelet.

    Her tail fin was a bright baby blue. It stood out vibrantly in the
    water. It was beautiful, and at the tip of her fin the tail was tipped
    silver. This was an unusual color for a mermaid, and was dangerous. It
    made her stand out easily, and easily hunted.

    She wasnt as happy go lucky as her peers were usually in their utopia
    though. She had been swimming about that day, and stray too far from
    her safe haven underwater. She now found herself on a secluded area of
    beach with a deep gash in her side. She was bleeding and weak. She was
    still partially in the water. She was barely concious, and couldn't
    even move.

    She was laying on an old abandoned dock. Her side bleeding. The planks
    had collapsed and were partially in the water but led up onto the
    land. There was also a cove to the left of this. Above that were the
    rocky cliffs above the sea.
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    The storm had come on so quickly and violently, it was as if the world had suddenly ended. The raindrops on his window pane sounded like pebbles tossed against the glass. In the background, the rushing sound of the ocean and the deep booming of the high waves slamming against the cliffs beat out a steady tempo in his head, thrumming through his veins. His father had been out on his fishing boat, before the storm had hit. He should have been back by now, but there was still no sign of him. Panic began to grip the young mans heart, and he pulled on a heavy raincoat to brave the storm.

    Opening the door, the gale suddenly sent all the loose papers in the house flying, the sound of water rushing over and through him as he quickly closed the door behind him and squinted into the sheets of rain. It was a struggle to make it down the hillside to the path leading down to the jetty. His fathers boat was still missing, and a sense of dread started to creep up on him. Maybe he had stayed out to sea, hoping to avoid the crashing waves near the shore. Or maybe he'd had to dock at one of the older, abandoned docks. Climbing back to the top of the cliffs, he practically ran through the storm towards the other dock their family owned. He'd used to go swimming off the end of it, as boats no longer used it. But maybe, just maybe, his father was there.

    Reaching the path down the cliff, he quickly made his way down. No boat, but he could see a body. Rushing towards it, he prayed for it to be his father, alive. A flash of lightning illuminated the body, and his hopes were dashed. There was blood. This thought nearly obscured the other fact. This was a girl. Hurrying forward, he knelt down beside her. She was badly injured, and also naked. With a clinical eye he checked her wounds, then stripped off his jacket. Immediately the cold rain soaked his thick sweater, leaching all heat from him. Ignoring this, he wrapped the limp form in the jacket and picked her up.

    She was still breathing, which was enough for him. Bowing his head against the wind, he made his way, more slowly, back to his cabin near the cliffs. Soaked through and muddy to his knees, he pushed open the door to his home and quickly made his way inside. The warmth was almost stifling compared to the cold wind and freezing rain, as he lay down the girl on a couch. He averted his eyes while he took away the jacket, quickly replacing it with a blanket. He'd have to call for the local doctor, but he wouldn't even be able to come out until after the storm. Stoking the fire in the hearth instead, he began to strip off his wet sweater before he could catch his death.

  3. Kieara never stirred as he packed her inside. She began to come to though when she felt an unfamiliar warmth. Like when she'd lay on the rocks and stare out to sea warming her scales to the sun. She blinked a couple times. She was confused. None of these blurs looked familiar. She could hear the storm raging, but she couldn't feel it. Was she dead?

    She finally regained focus of her eyes and gasped as she saw she wasn't even in water. She moved her tail knocking something over as she began to panic. She looked over and saw a human. As she did her skin drained all color. She had heard rumors about them. How horrible they were, and how they hunted her kind. She wasn't ready to die yet.
  4. Glancing up as he heard something crash to the ground behind him, he didn't bother pulling on his dry shirt as he rushed to her side. "It's okay, calm down. You were passed out on the dock, injured." Holding his hands up in front of himself to show he meant her no harm, he smiled gently with a little worry. Though he could do anything about his father right now, he could at least focus on helping this poor girl. Even though it hand't yet registered in his mind that she wasn't quite human.

    Motioning to his own side in the same spot as she was hurt, he frowned slightly. "Your side's really gashed up. Maybe you hit it on the rocks. How does it feel? Do you need me to bandage it?" He felt it was best to ask her permission for everything, as he'd found her without clothes. He wouldn't force anything on her, in any event. Though it probably wouldn't hurt to give her some clothes. "Would you like me to get you a shirt, so you don't have to cover yourself with the blanket?"

  5. Kieara looked as the human came closer. She squirmed more the closer he came. She seemed so scared of him. She soon moved and smacked him with her tail fin trying to get him to leave her alone. "W-where's the water?!" She yelped. Her voice had an odd ominous tone. It was soothing, but in this panicked state it wasn't. Though it did have a divine sound. "W-where am I?! Stay back!" She spoke to him. She winced soon and fell still as pain throbbed through her side once again. She felt the warm blood run down her side.
  6. Stumbling back, the young man touched his face where she had kicked him. Only she hadn't kicked him at all. Looking down, he felt a sense of disbelief wash through him as he registered just what it was that he was seeing. "You... You have a tail..." Vaguely he could hear her telling him to stay back, which wasn't a problem for him. Tripping slightly over his own feet, he struggled to make it into a chair before his knees gave out on him. It wasn't possible. Mermaids were just a sailor's tale. Yet, here she was...

    Coming back to his senses slightly, he looked at her side and saw the red blood staining the blanket. "You're hurt," he said dumbly, not sure what else to say. It was too much for him to process. It didn't make sense. He couldn't even call a doctor, because what would happen then? No, he had to fix this for himself. He remembered she's asked where the water was, and shook his head to clear it. "You were on the dock, and I didn't realize... That you... I brought you back to my home, because you were hurt. You needed help. I didn't..." Sighing, he put his head in his hands. No, he didn't know what to do.

  7. Kieara began to calm a little as she looked around. "P-please don't hurt me please......" She begged. "W-where's the water? I will get sick...." She spoke to him as she lay still so as to not further aggitate her injuries. She gave a sigh and spoke. "P-please help m-me please...." She seemed to think he was the bad guy for some reason. They'd pounded their head full of lies down there in Atlantis about humans that she was terrified. Of course they did it so they wouldn't be test subjects and the like.
  8. "I promise, I won't hurt you. I would never hurt you." He felt terrible. She was so scared and he felt helpless. How could he take her back down to the ocean where the waves would dash her fragile body mercilessly against the rocks? And yet, how could he not and leave her to a slow death, sickening and dying in the warmth of his home. Sighing, he looked outside at the storm. It was vicious, and didn't make this any easier. Looking up, he pursed his lips and frowned.

    "The water... The ocean... Is a little ways from here. I carried you up a cliff to my home, because I saw that you were injured and didn't realize..." Unable to voice it, he motioned helplessly at her tail. Closing his eyes for a moment, he wondered exactly when he'd be waking from this dream. Because surely it couldn't be real. Opening them again, he looked back at her. "If I take you back now, the storm will kill you. You will be killed on the rocks. But I don't want you to get sick, either." Hanging his head, he clutched it in his hands. "I don't know what to do," he murmered to himself.
  9. "T-the storm is really bad....B-but I don't want to die that way." She spoke. "Isn't there some way we can keep my scales wet?" she asked. She looked down as a bright light appeared. When her scales had fully dried her tail fin turned to two, beautiful human legs. She paled and screamed before fainting on the couch. She hadn't taken this too well. She was stark naked by now.
  10. The change was so sudden, it didn't even register for a moment. Covering his eyes against the light, he looked back at her as she screamed. In place of her beautiful tail were two shapely legs. Blanching slightly, he hastily covered her body with a blanket. Running a hand over his face, he shook his head. What was he supposed to do now? Well, he would have to try to wake her to make sure she was alright. And then he should probably try to feed her, to wait out the storm.

    First, however, he turned and went to his collection of clothes. Pulling out a large sweater and some loose pants, he folded them neatly on the ground near the girl. Then, sitting next to her, he gently smoothed her hair back from her face. "Wake up. Are you alright?" His voice was choked and anxious, and a nervous sweat had broken out on his brow. It was through sheer will power now that he kept his wits about him.
  11. Kieara was out cold for the longest time, then she began to rouse. She groaned and tilted her head then slowly opened her eyes. She blinked a few times. It wasn't a dream. She was on land, in a human's house. She was scared to do so, but looked down to see two legs. Her face paled again then she looked voer to the human who was beckoning to her. "I-I...I don't know..." she squeaked helplessly.