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  1. For every mermaid that turns into a human, there is a human who has to turn into a mermaid in exchange. The mermaids from the Pacific Ocean cannot afford to lose any more merpeople, especially when the war of the ocean kingdoms is fast approaching. Several tsunamis will shake the ocean floors, submarine volcanoes will erupt, and islands will be wiped off the face of the earth...

    I was inspired by my friend's fascination (of/for) mermaids, so here I am. I was also inspired by Ariel; she could be that mermaid-turned human and the story can revolve around the human-turned-mermaid. More discussion for another thread!
    I play female characters. I don't mind if you play the human-turned-mermaid or a mermaid... If you want to play multiple characters at a time, that's alright with me (but I don't usually do that, haha!).

    So... Who'd like to RP with me? :>
  2. I'd like to. I can be the male counter but here's a thought. What if it was merely an accident that this change happened. So your character has to hide mine, or the other way around or something to that extent.
  3. Sounds great!
    My character's going to be the mermaid then, and I think it would be nice that she hides him.
    And maybe the loss of the other mermaid would be blamed on my character's kingdom and that would start the war (does that make sense?) since the other kingdom would think that they're hiding their mermaid when in fact my character's hiding someone else?
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  4. I get what your saying and I really like the idea. Do our characters wind up falling for each other? Or do we just absolutely never get along.
    And what about friends of each other? How would the human world react to all this, and this man just suddenly missing, and a woman suddenly appearing?
  5. They could probably care less about the man disappearing from the human world unless he's nobility (but the other girl appearing from some unknown kingdom and marrying their prince will bring about some rumors) but under the sea they'll think that hiding their "mermaid" is suspicious and they'll start that war. I think falling for each other would be alright, but not right away since he has to go into hiding.
  6. well yeah it sounds like fun. we gotta do this rp
  7. You can start haha
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