Mermaid Roleplay?

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  1. The title says it all. Basically, I'm thinking of starting a mermaid roleplay. I'm still thinking about the direction of the roleplay. I'm kind of trying to avoid 'seperate mermaid tribes' stuff.

    Mermaids are monogender much like sirens. They can shift between their mermaid forms, human forms and animal forms. Female offspring between mermaids and male humans will always be a full mermaid, while male offspring will only be humans born with the ability to breathe in water for extensive periods of time. The stated trait will dilute over generations until it reaches human levels of breath-holding.

    I thought of a few possibilities, such as:
    1. The RP starts off with human survivors on a cruise shipwreck or something. Maybe a plane crash
    2. Mermaids out to find potential legendary treasure.
    3. ???
  2. I like the first possibility, and I like the storyline.
  3. First one as well for me.
  4. The theme seems to be with the First one.
  5. I was sleepy when I made this. But it verks out.

    OoC comes later today.
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  6. I have a mermaid RP, it is a co-story to my Horror story.

    -I preference mermaids which have male and female,
    -a new age mermaid
    -or mermaids the mothers of land creatures.
    -or alien mystic mermaids

    Can I ask how old u are Crow? I didn't want to snoop ur profile if u're a youngling.
    I would love to GM a mermaid RP for or with you.


    check me out.
  7. I don't know... I'm not a very horror person. Can't stomach horror. I may need an extended plot of your ideas before proceeding.

    I kinda like to keep my age a secret, like I do for every community I go to.
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