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  1. two clans fight for dominance over the other. for centuries the sun and moon clan have been in a hostile agreement. "you stay on your side and do your job, we will stay on our side and do our job". Mermaids have been calling for peace and war for ages and waited for a reply. Now with the new generations and new rulers of the clan has taken over its time for the question to be answer. Peace or war?

    the clans are two different races of mermaids sun uses magic moon uses weapons. sun can turn into humans moon can turn into sea creatures. there is actually three clans(the third clan being the dark twisted one) but i can not open that one up or bring it into play until the main two are filled up.

    moon clan:
    prince/princess:One spot
    warriors:three spots

    sun clan:
    warriors:three spots open

    you can make one charecter for
    each clan, or as many workers as you want for either. im looking for the royals and warriors spot to be filled so let me know if interested.
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  2. I am interested, quite actually. would love to play as the Sun queen. have a really good idea for it already.
  3. We already have a sun queen
  4. But you could be a princess
  5. That works too. If I can't have the best, get the second down the line. Works for me. Just tell me what need to do to get started and I will have it done in no time at all.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.