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  1. two clans fight for dominance over the other. for centuries the sun and moon clan have been in a hostile agreement. "you stay on your side and do your job, we will stay on our side and do our job". Mermaids have been calling for peace and war for ages and waited for a reply. Now that the new generations and new rulers of the clan has taken over its time for the question to be answer. Peace or war?

    these mermaids are in charge of keeping the ocean and all its natives in order. they control the wave, keep dark magic at bay, and will aid in the migration of sea creatures. they use magic for combat and daily task. they have the ability to turn into humans.

    magic: every mermaids magic is completely unique to them, of course you get your magic from the ocean so don't go picking fights on dry land!

    royalty: remember how i said don't go pick fights on dry land? yeah that doesn't apply to you. you’re magic is much stronger than others and comes from within not the ocean. You guys are also the ones who make sure that the magic stays pure,and that the moon clan does their job.

    fighters:moon clan is a rare sight to sea on your territory,but you still need to keep your guard up. most of you have joined not to fight,but to explore. you are the ones they send out with migrating animals, you have the tough decision when deciding when you should intervene and when you shouldn’t. (ex. do i let this baby sea turtle get eaten or naw?)

    the rest of ya: the sun clan life is simple. you have no boundaries and are encouraged to follow your hearts,mingle with humans. just have fun. of course keep in mind you still have responsibilities, the ocean won’t take care of itself.

    sun clan lives in deeper parts of the ocean and in open seas with not that much going on. its to hide your magical kingdoms and yourselves.

    these mermaids are in charge of the outsiders and how they interact with the insiders. you might be tasked to follow fisherman ships,leading them to overpopulated areas,away from endanger species. you don't have magic and instead rely on tools,weapons,and your physical abilities. scuba divers and scientists are a normal sight for you guys and hiding is never an issue for you can turn into sea creatures.

    royalty: you are the only ones who have magic. your singing voices can heal others. thos if a passing animal or person were to hear your song they will drown themselves. your kiss can also turn a human into a mermaid, but this takes from your lifespan. you as well are in charge of making sure the sun clan does its job

    fighters: ppl of your clan fear you and respect you. you don't have to turn into anything to defend yourselves, and when you do turn you are a improved version of the beast. (i.e. shark with armor)

    everyone else: you guys,unlike sun clan, have many rules and regulations to follow. which is why moon clan is known for its rebels. you have to deal with humans often so its a big thing to not be spotted. because you live in places that attract humans you of course aren't even allowed to stick your head out of the water.

    moon clan lives near reefs and take their dwellings in caves and reunions or sunken ships.

    also in case i forgot to mention something,the names don't have anything to do with day and night. there is no connection that one holds to either. sun clan is called sun clan because there first queen was named sun. moon clan is called moon clan the moon fits there people. you only see one side of the moon,the other is hidden and mysterious. for all you no there is no other side to the moon. they go by that motto when dealing with humans. so you don't have to put in your personalities about a sun god or anything. in fact both clans worshiped the sun a long time ago. they do have sun and moon festivals. this is when each clan host the other clan. tho the clans are foes,lets just say during the festivals a lot of mix breeds come soon after.....
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  2. Sidda's tentacles moved around the water slowly she was tired and her body was going to give out soon from hunger she hand't eaten in over 5 days and her mind wondered she saw a figure of something like a jelly fish in the distance she took a deep breath and made ink squirt above her as a signal before she fell down landing on the cold ocean sand. She took a few deep breaths before her vision became clouded by darkness and her body started to turn a wait green and shrunk into a baby octopus it was her body's way of protecting it self from predators like sharks. She started to float around in the ink waiting for something or somebody to come find her. Her mind was un-conchies but her body still functioned like she was still alive she floated around moving up and down and side to side in slow patterns never moving the same way twice. Nobody would notice anything peculiar about a baby octopus except that it had a huge starfish attached to the head of it.

    Lucus swam around the moon clan's territory at lightning speed he was late for his escort mission for the queen he couldn't believe that he had slept in after going to bed early the night before, he grunted from anger and he swam up next to the queen and he nodded his head at her and gave her a toothy smile. "I'm sorry I'm mate my queen I woke up late and ran behind on schedule please forgive me for my tardiness" he bowed his head low and looked at the ink single and he tilted his head to the right so it looked like his head was to big for his body and then he tapped her arm softly and pointed to the ink single "what do you think that we should do my queen it could be an animal in distress should we go look at it?" He was concerned about the animal if it was one but what if it was a trap then what would happen and what if he couldn't protect the queen from harm he drew his trident from his sash that was strapped to his back and he gripped it tightly.

    Hannah sat in her the coral garden reading a book well it wasn't a good like the humans had it was a book written in seaweed and the writing was in coral chalk she always had enjoyed reading even it it was just about a prince and a princess it was still a good read she set the book down after finishing the chapter and pushed her fire red hair behind her ear and started to swim down into the clans markets. She had always enjoyed coming hear she could speak with the people and also buy some new things for her room or for Valantine she giggled at the thought of Valantine accepting a gift from her maybe he would accept a new spear or something like that. As she moved through the market she talked with the towns people and kept a smile on her face the entire time she smiled at a young girl who had just grown her fins and could swim more now the little girl asked her to race and she raced her letting the little girl win she moved back through the market and purchased a few items but nothing very big she made her way through the market back to her home where she sat down on the window and went back to reading.

    Valantine growled as he made whale calls to the poachers if he had his way he could kill all of the poachers and skin them alive but he didn't he knew that Hannah would scold him and then kill him maybe but she had the right she was queen and he was a fighter that was the way things are and he got them to the hotter water where there were no endangered animals and he dived down deep into the water and made his way back home it took him a few hours but once he made it home he noticed his sister sitting in the window and he swam down to her with a raised eye brow "any specific reason that you are hear my dear sister and not with the towns people." He could tell something was wrong but what was it.
  3. kila said nothing to the male as he gave an excuse for being late, she simply nodded at his response. She didn't mind his tardiness, in fact she would prefer if he had never showed up at all. She was actually about to retreat into the trenches,escape and be in solitary until night came. the guards mention of the creature in distress did cause a response from her.

    "it is not are duty to pester ourselves with the care taking of sea creatures." tho her words were cold it was true. Of course her words did not match her actions as she floated her way over to the the octopus and starfish. she scooped them up in her hands and floated past the guard expecting him to follow. kila didn't have time for this,there was a new oil drilling sight that the humans have created. she need to dispatch workers to go make sure everything was safe and sound. on top of that she had to meet with the queen of sun clan. A few humans have been under shark attack recently in a particular area,she would have to get them to dispatch the sharks before poachers zoned in on them. But yet again even kila's thoughts did not match her actions,complain all she wanted to she new in the back off her mins that the little creature was her first priority
  4. melody twirled and sang as she was off to meet the queen. she had a message from the moon clan to sun clan. melody was still the lowest ranks of warriors so she was tasked with messenger, this of course didn't bother her nor did it bother moon clan for she was more than eager to get a change to mingle with them. Yet melody had another reason for her excitement today. this was to be the first meeting of the new queens,this would probably be the most important business meeting the two clan would ever experience. how the two queens reacted to each other will be an indicator of the two clans future,and if their would be war. melody had only seen the queen kila on rare moments,she took her reserved nature and silence for kindness, she was sure things would go over smoothly. as she made her way into the kingdom she let her presence be known by her usually flare of yelling till somebody directer her to what she wanted.

    "message for the queen! message for the queen! Queen kila has sent a letter for sun clan!"
  5. Sidda turned back into her half human half octopus form and her tentacles wrapped around Kilas's hand and gave it a soft squeeze she felt safe in the mermaids arms and she snuggled and formed her body into the nook of the girls arm right at the elbow and the for arm matched and she snuggled up against her. The starfish moved from Siddas head to her arm where it latched on and didn't move the girl moved around slowly as she started to wake up her eyes blinked a few times before looking up to the girl with fear in her eyes and she whimpered and moved her tentacles around her body in a protective way and she closed her eyes and started to cry silently she was to scared to talk and it was hard for her to breath she was having a panic attack and she grabbed the star fish off of her arm and moved it in front of the girls face and she pointed it to her face hopping that it was going to attach but she let it go and it just floated down to her stomach and it attached back onto Sidda.

    Lucus swam next to the queen and looked down at the little girl "arn't you glad that you didn't take your own advice about her shes cute" he grinned when he saw the starfish float back down and he chuckled and glanced at the queen "so what are you going to do with her my queen she seems to be able well except for this little fella" he picked him up the star fish and played with it and he saw the tears in the little girls eyes so he quickly set the starfish down. He moved away from the queen not wanting to get into her personal space and he moved over to the other side of the queen were he wouldn't be seen by the little girl he new his appearance scared a lot of people.

    Hannah heard the messenger and she waved her down and looked at Valantine with a raised eyebrow "one of your girls I'm guessing: she froze when she heard about the other queen and all the color rained from her face and she berried her face into her hands and she closed her eyes and rubbed her for head "I forgot that was today she turned her head to the girl and her shark came up and he laid down on her lap he wasn't fully grown yet but he was a good size for protector.

    Valantine turned his head to Melody and he flaged her down and he looked over at his sister "yea shes new but shes good she would be better if she wasn't so loud " he mumbled and moved next to his sister and he glared at the shark "I cant believe that you still have that thing I could get some of my guards to protect you so you don't have to rely on the beast." He glared at the shark and it snapped at him angerly and he snapped back before sitting down pushing the tail out of the way to get waked in the face by the sharks tail he growled and took out his spear and pointed it it at the shark.
  6. kila made no reaction to the girl or the starfish. her eyes widen momentarily at the young girls transformation,tho it was soon back to her distant stare. she simply looked down when she started to cry,but made no move to comfort her. the fact that kila was still wiling touch the mermaid was more comfort she has ever given,even to her own mother. A short distance ahead was the caves,she continued her way in silence,even the water seemed to hush to a whisper around her.

    "what else do you do with children? im going to raise it" her voice was rather monotone,and lifeless. she laid the young one down inside a cave and sighed rubbing her eyes. she really had no time for this,she had a meeting to get to yet she couldn't leave the mermaid alone.

    "i suppose i will have to take you with me, come lucas leave the child be" she left the cave,instructing some workers to care to the childs need,once she was fed she would send lucas to retrieve her.
  7. melody handed over the letter to the queen,it was simply stating that she would be coming with just herself and a guard to talk over simple maters then take her leave. she swam around the two with eagerness to excited to keep still.

    "Queen kila is coming,here! oh im so excited,i have only seen glimpses of her,but i heard she is beautiful. i was talking to some of the guards of hers and they say shes a jellyfish. isn't that funny,ive never heard of a jellyfish mermaid. now ive seen a shark,and a angel fish,and a sea turtle,and a eal oh and his one merman was a squid and they also have a........"melody rambled on and on. it was no secret to anybody who knew her of her fasination of the moonclan. they way she talks about them it would seem as if she had friends on the rival side. of course she didn't,she got most of her information from the children and the dolphins,who she found out loved to gossip
  8. Siddha whimpered as she sat in the cave she had to get out and go find that women who ever she was. She managed to leave the cave and follow the women it was a known fact that octopuses where slow but she tried her best and when she got onto arms reach of her she attached her tentacles onto the women's arm and she looked at her and smiled.she took the starfish off of her stomach and out it in the women's hair it was her way of saying hello how are you and she giggled when the starfish started to move down the jellyfish women's face.

    Lucy's looked at the little octopus girl and he tilted his head again in total shock of her boldness with the queen. Nobody had ever done anything like this in his time of serving the royal family but it was cute and maybe it would break the queens Icy heart and turn it warm and loving now that would be something interesting to see. He grinned at the starfish and shuck his head "I never liked starfish always a strange creature they never had eyes." He shivered before putting his trident up so he wouldn't scare the girl not like his face would help anyways.

    Hannah ready over the letter and she shock her head at the girl swimming around "it is true that she is a jelly ish but she is cold hearted just like her people" her voice was ice cold as she spoke about the other queen and she looked at her twin "I want you to set up a blockade around the clan nobody leaves or gets in without my knowing we don't want to have a attack on the queen of the moon clan and start another war." She looked at the girl "you" she pointed to her "you are going to be quiet when the queen arrives understand" her voice was ice cold.

    Valantine nodded his head at his sister before he got up and took out his calling horn and he blew into the shell it would bring all of his soldiers to him so he could give instruction a very easy thing to do and he looked back at his sister. "Your just mad because she's pretty and your not." He grinned at her and moved his arms behind his back and waited.
  9. kila stilled as the young one approached her, she had a look of amusement but that quickly went away as they mermaid reached out to her. kila glanced down at where she was in contact with the mermaid. kila's face was unreadable, she debated in her head if she should sting the child but instead removed her from her arm. kila had no problem with her following after her,she seemed quiet and didn't take up to much space,but if she was going to touch her she would have no choice but to give her to someone else. as for the starfish,kila could careless. her job when dealing with sea creatures is to make humans didn't get in her way.
    kila said nothing to the girl,giving her no indications on how she felt for it. she removed the starfish handing it back over to the orphan before turning to her gaurd.

    "i would assume that you will be the one escorting me to the sun clan's kingdom? i only want one guard not a whole army like glenda" glenda was the queen before kila,she was known to be cruel when dealing with humans and even more cruel when deal with mermaids of any clan. kila looked up to see the mid day sun breaking through the water. she wanted to get the meeting over with soon so she could retreat back into the darkness.
  10. melody's face turned into a frown at the insult to queen kila. had melody not been a warrior she would have replied that she has seen more coldness in her then the moon clan's queen. Many of the the rival mermaids have always been shocked at her openness to say anything,this was almost a taboo in thier clan. For the sun clan it was highly encouraged for the young, they believed in following their heart and how can one do that if they must remain silent,the fact that the sun clan can even keep control of their young is astonishing. of course by the time mermaids turn 50 they are expected to act with love,to say what only is kind. melody was far from that point in her life,but as a warrior she was taught to defend her own. And defending queen kila against her own queen was not part of that teaching. melody instead let out an annoyed groan as she swam away. she would obey orders but not with out complaint, she wasn't a full warrior yet.
  11. Sidda floated around the two mermaids observing them with big eyes and she tilted her head to the side mimicking the male mershark. She smiled at the shark and then she looked at the jelly fish and she lowered her head in a submissive way and she held her starfish close to her chest and she whimpered slightly. She new that the girl didn't like her but she felt a connection to her and she would try anything to make her like her so she kept her distance and followed the girl from a distance.

    Lucus nodded his head and when the past queen was mentioned he shivered in fear and he moved closer to the queen and he drew his trident "she was crazy I felt horrible for the men and women who had to serve under her my father ha to do it and he was never the same." His voice became ice cold as he drew his trident and started to head to the other clan territory and he looked over at the queen. "So what's your plan for the other clan my queen if you care for taking care of the other clan I hear that the queen is rude and to young to be a queen."

    Hannah looked at her twin and she stood up "go get everything ready when they arrive escort them to the meeting room." She turned and started to swim away and she stopped and looked over her shoulder "make sure that they are happy when they arrive." She turned and swam to the room and she sat down on a large open clam and she looked over at her shark that was swimming around her. He was a good protector but sometimes she wished that she didn't have him it was hard for her to have a moment to herself. Her chest rose and fell as her eyes closed and started to meditate.

    Valantine nodded his head to his sister and he took of with his men placing them at specific locations to protect the queens and he moved to an opening and waited. He puffed his chest out and took out his harpoon and waited.
  12. kila paused only for a moment when hearing the guard talk about glenda. Besides her family,glenda was the only other mermaid that knew of her existence. Kila recalled the day she met the queen in the dead of the night,everything was still even the sea seem to be frozen in fear. she heard a voice,a song, it was the most enchanted and dark song she had ever heard. kila at this time was never in her mermaid form,the fact that the queen called her out by name was startling. She remembers floating there for what seemed like forever as the queen danced and sang. then without any warning glenda leaned over and taped kila causing her to change into her mermaid form. The queen gently kissed her on her forehead and disappeared into the depths of the sea. melody made her way back to her clan borders to discover everyone waiting for her,for their queen.

    "i was 100 years of age when made queen. Its not my duty to make friends,its my duty to keep watch over the humans,let her be rude" kila had no opinion on the other queen or her clan. she could care less for them,she did not ever care for the borders. her first priority was her duty,her second was her clan. As long as the moon clan did not complain she didn't feel the need to be bothered by thier relations. In fact kila's dislike that she did hold for the sun clan was not of its beings but of thier way of living. as they made their way into the sun clan territories she often looked back at the young mermaid.
  13. Lucus swam next to his queen and he saw the other mermaids around them and he tightened his grip and grabbed the octopus girl and he whispered in her ear "change into your animal form okay" he pulled back to see a little octopus floating in his hand and he chuckled and looked at the queen. "Just for protection purposes I don;t want them to get the wrong idea that we brought more than the amount of people that was on the letter and he held out the octopus "would you like to carry her or shall I my queen?" He held out his hand to the queen before he reached out and grabbed his spear and he pointed it at the merman that was coming up to them. "My queen get behind me I don't trust any of these people" he mumbled and looked her in the eye.

    Valantine went up to the two mermaids and he bowed at the waist and he lowered his head down as low as possible he was unarmed and he stood back up making sure that he wasn't looking into any of the eyes of royal and he took a deep breath and motioned to the large door that was a few feet away "my name is Valantine I am of blood of the royal family and the queens guard if you will follow me she is expecting you." He turned around and swam to the large door and he opened it and held it open he new his place among the royals he was of blood but not of rank which was okay for him he didn't like all the working he preferred fighting. He motioned for them to enter and he took a deep breath "keep going strait and once you past the kelp wall you will be in the meeting room if you need anything at all I will be there so don;t be afraid to ask and oh don;t hurt the shark and it wont hurt you and be nice to my sister please." He smiled at them sweetly before closing the door and he swam around to the back window where he swam in and looked at his sister who was looking nervous. "Just relax my dear sister and everything will be okay."

    Hannah nodded her head and she took deep breaths and she rubbed her hands together and looked at her shark "be nice got it" the shark just looked at her and gave a soft smile showing his white teeth and he smirked at her before he swam above the clam shell.
  14. kila rolled her eyes at lucas,perhaps the most emotion she will ever show him for the rest of his eternity. Kila placed the tiny octopus on her head, it was quite a humorous sight seeing the distant and emotionless queen performing a rather comical gesture. Kila hardly glanced at the approaching mermaid and half heartedly listen to anything he said. Not that she had anything against him,she just has no interest in his presence. if it was up to her the moon clan would simply ignore the sun clan. Kila's eyebrow rose at the mermans mention of the shark. She had a slight look of confusion, before returning to her reserved composure.

    "have they no memory of the fact that we as well turn into sea creatures. it is as if he asked me not to fear my subjects." kila looked at lucas,expecting him to lead the way as she only started to listen to the guard close to the end.
  15. Lucus held his trident as he looked from side to side making sure that there are no threats to his queen and he moved to the side and held open the kelp door and he bowed low "if you need anything I will be waiting for you my queen" he bowed low and he put the trident away and then he glanced into the room and his eyes went wide seeing the red haired queen and he swallowed hard. He had a problem with red haired mermaids they reminded him of his mother and he took a deep breath and kept his eyes lowered as he waited. Sidda held onto the queens head and she looked at the red haired girl and he turned her head to the side.
  16. kila took one moment to glance over the queen with actual interest. she soon put on a rather dull look as she had made up her mind about the queen, she holds no interest to kila. kila entered the room,a sudden eerie silence was soon around her. Her brother use to jest that she was just like glenda,who always carried an aura of stillness about her. she gave a half hearted bow to the queen,not even bothering to face her as she glanced over to melody. Melody was the reason for her dislike for the sun clan,not really melody but what she stood for. That troublesome mermaid was what the sun clans youth stride to be. she was the perfect poster child,never holding her tongue and lack of responsibility. She reluctantly looked back at the queen,not saying anything.
  17. Hannah looked at the queen and she nodded her head to the queen and she took a deep breath before moving to the end of the clam and she tilted her head watching the queen and thinking about the best way to address the situation, a shiver went through her at the situation and she took another deep breath before she opened her mouth. "Thank you for coming to my land today I know that in the past our clans have never gotten along so i wish to burn the bad blood between our clans and start a new." What she was proposing was crazy but hey she herself was crazy, she glanced over at her brother who had a shocked look on his face and then she looked back at the queen "I believe that if we work together we can overcome any obstacle and maybe one day form a clan together to make the oceans a safer place.
  18. kila gave a short glance in hannah's direction to looking away again. as far as kila was concerned thier was no bad blood between clans, they have never interacted before. "she is quite the foolish one....." kila would never allow for the two clans to join. Unlike what most rebels of her clan believe,it was not out of hatred for the sun clan. Kila knew that her merpeople would suffer had they have to join clans. Both clans have a different way of living. to be so open,so free,it would go against the very souls of her clan. They were the moon,thier works were unseen, they were secretive,and mysterious. It was very uncommon for a moonchild to ask a question. if they were curious they would simply relish the beauty of the unknown. This was why sun festivals were so hard for the moon clan. the members of the sunclan were to curios,always asking questions on why the moon clan did this,the history of the moon clan,even a question as simple as there favorite song made them uneasy. Moon clan was just not ready to tell all their secrets.

    "when the sun and the moon both share the sky,darkness looms over the lands. whether the light shines bright like the flame or soft like the stars,it is a mermaids duty to make sure the light shines on."

    kila meets the queens gaze,her face unreadable,yet her eyes filled with emotion.

    "those were words spoken by your clans mother,queen sun to my clans father, king sirus when he as well proposed the idea of the joining of clans., Queen sun saw it prudent to keep the clans separate,for the sake of the ocean. I for one agree with her. as for peace among the clans,i will let my people decide. I propose we bring back the festivals That my former queen glenda got rid of."
  19. Hannah got an irritated look on her face and she took a deep breath "do not quote what my family said on your tongue for you don't have the right" she looked over at her brother who was glaring at her she new that she had to calm down and fast before she lost her temper her chest rose and fell furiously with each breath she took. Her hands shock and her jaw clenched and she looked away from the queen "we will bring back the festivals and the clans will be at peace but do take into consideration of what Glenda said before the queen and king of this clan." She smirked thinking about using the women's words against her "when the two clans do fall under the same sky at the same time it will be up to those who have claimed the throne to decide the fate of the clans." She looked over at her shark and she rubbed its head before she turned back to the queen "we both do half of the work to save this ocean seen or un-seen I know that your clan chooses to be un-seen and that will become a problem because when the day comes where the light shines so bright that there is no darkness what will your people do?" She smirked it wasn't meant to be a threat more of a word of warning and she looked over at her brother who was glaring at her still. She sighed and closed her eyes once more and she felt the shark nudge her as a baby octopus floated around the queens head and Hannah had to hold in the laugh but she couldn't a small giggle slipped out and she covered her mouth with her hands.
  20. "......without darkness one can not know the light. you would do well to remember that." kila glanced over at the prince warrior. she tilted her head slightly fining much more interest in him then the queen,she continued her stare at him,her face showing a slight amusement. "a prince who refuses the throne. Humble as well,quite odd for thier race. Why does he not speak? he does not look me in the eyes either...." kila's thoughts were interrupted by the queen's laughter,tho she did not look away from the merman,her goal was to force his hand to speak,or at the least make him uncomfortable.