Mermaid: Blood Bath [Chat Rp]

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  1. [Queen Miranda drifts around the water with her maginificent ivory tail following her bodies command. All of the tables were filled with many sweets! Tarts! Delicious meals! She smiled to herself in admiration of her work.] -06:51 Jun 29 [Calista was sure, just sure if she swam down this corridor she'd avoid being seen, and then, ADVENTURE] -06:54 Jun 29
    [Lady-in-waiting Talise floats just behind the Queen, waiting for any order the woman may have] -06:54 Jun 29
    Calista: She was almost free when suddenly she ran right into something, or rather someone. "Ooph. I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" -06:56 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: Queen Miranda looked over to her sweet Lady in waiting. "Talise. May you please check to see if there are enough-" Her sentence was interrupted when a mermaid ran straight into poor Talise! -06:58 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: -06:59 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: -07:00 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise's blue eyes brighten when the queen began to speak only to be slammed into.. her breath slipping from her chest, leaving her breathless for a moment. "I suppse your apology is appropriate." The lady nodded then turned her attention back to the queen. The mermaid that just ran into her didn't concern her in the slightest. -07:02 Jun 29
    [Tirison floats around the water. His eyes jumping to everyone currently about. Puffing his chest out a bit, and showed a confident smile. ] -07:02 Jun 29

    Calista: She frowned at Talise, just because she was currently the queen's favorite she thought she was superior to everyone. "Right," well if no one cared that meant she could escape! She started to swim away. -07:05 Jun 29
    Tirison: -07:05 Jun 29
    Calista: -07:06 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: "You! Young maiden!" The Queen shouted out to Calista disappointed in her lack of manners. -07:07 Jun 29
    Calista: And she stopped, as though someone had grabbed her tail. Slowly she turned and bowed her head. "Yes your majesty?" -07:09 Jun 29
    [Tidus was swimming above the commotion, stopping and descending down to pay respects to the queen.] -07:10 Jun 29
    Tidus: The rippling light reflects off of Tidus's silverblue scales, illuminating him brilliantly as he approaches. -07:12 Jun 29
    Tirison: "Ah..Such lovely ladies.." He muttered to himself, casually swimming around the mermaids. Wondering which one of them would be the one he spoke too. But he stopped by the queen, figuring to please her by showing the respect she deserved. When he drifted close enough, he offered a bow. -07:12 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: "You don't suppose you owe dear Talise an apology?" -07:14 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise grumbled slightly at the fact that the Queen acknowledge the other mermaid.. there were things that needed to be done! Things needed to be done... but all distractions weren't bad... Talise smiled just as Tirison entered. Inwardly, Talise squealed, eyes roving over him... then she shook her head, focusing back on the queen.. now wasn't the time to be distracted... "She already gave one, your highness," Talise said softly, bowing her head in respect. -07:14 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: "Did she?" Queen Miranda's pink lips pouted in a moment before smiling brightly. Her pearl white teeth gleamed off of the silver plates. "Oh, where has my mind gone! You are excused, Young Maiden." -07:17 Jun 29
    Calista: This was the thing that bothered her, all the preferential treatment. It wouldn't do at all if anything slightly ruffled poor Talise. That then queen then apologized didn't make her feel any better, but she kept her eyes down respectfully, just glad to be finally given permission to leave. Leave before they remembered .... "Thank you your majesty." She turned, with every intention of this time getting away. -07:19 Jun 29
    [Marina swam in, her pale skin highlighted by her deep purple tail and dark brown curls that framed a smiling face.] -07:20 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: Queen Miranda smiled once more before bringing a small, silver fork to her clear goblet. She tapped it once and waited for the dinging sound to reach everyone's ears. "My blessed, Merfolk. Welcome to this fine dinner we have hosted for tonight. Please, dine as you see fit and mingle with your companions. In the later hours, the ancient dance of the Merfolk will be done, promising love and a bright future for each who wrap tails! Now go! Be merry and gay in your dining!" -07:26 Jun 29
    Marina: Clapping along with the others at the words of the Queen, Marina wondered if she should take part in the dance. Last time she had passed it up, too shy to even attempt it even though her friends had all thought her silly for refusing. -07:28 Jun 29
    Tidus: ((I've found a better picture, since the others seem to look more human. I'll be going with this with a silverblue scaled tail)) -07:29 Jun 29
    Calista: Escape! She had gotten out of the hall, and all the craziness that was to undoubtfully happen! The gossiping, the backstabbing, the insincer flirting. None of that for Calista! No, she wanted to go out past the octopus garden and across the kelp beds, into the reef! -07:31 Jun 29
    [Queen Miranda ] -07:32 Jun 29
    [Queen Miranda ] -07:33 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise watched the other mermaid as she left.. there was something about her... What was it? "Your highness, excuse me.. just for a moment." For the first time that day Talise left the Queen's side and quickly swam after the other mermaid.. "Where is she? Did she get to the Octopus garden yet..." Finally! "Miss! Miss! Have I seen you before this night?" -07:34 Jun 29
    Tidus: The ringing of the queen's goblet stopped Tidus before he could even get close enough to offer his personal respects to her majesty. During her speech, he couldn't help himself as his bright teal eyes scanned the different mermaids in attendance. With the queen -07:35 Jun 29
    [Nivern swims in, looking over to his mother in curiosity.] -07:36 Jun 29
    Tirison: After the speech, he rubbed his chis and eyed the tables filled with food and sort. But he was more interested with the ladies at the dinner. -07:36 Jun 29
    Nivern: "Mother...You didn't tell them about the...battle did you?" He dropped his voice to a whisper so no one else could pick up on his words. -07:36 Jun 29
    Tidus: *queen's speech concluded, he swam closer to the large, glamorous table. The sight of Talise swimming off caught his attention but he pried his eyes off of her to look over the grand feast that was available. A look food before mingling never hurt. -07:37 Jun 29
    Marina: Picking up a tiny plate with a few stuffed shells on it, Marina looked around and munched as she tried to see who she recognized. The Queen, that one was obvious. The lady in waiting was sort of familiar. Everybody else was new, which meant the opportunity to make friends. She smiled and swam over to Tidus. "Hello," she said, her voice friendly. -07:38 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: Queen Miranda tried to hide the puzzlement in her voice. "Battle, you say? No. I mentioned no such thing." -07:40 Jun 29
    Calista: Was she calling out to her? No, that wasn't possible. Yet curiosity caused her to stop and turn around. That had been a mistake because it gave the older mermaid time to catch up to her. "Haven't seen me?" she was honestly surprised, but she couldn't help to grin. It meant all theses months of avoiding the functions had paid off! No one even realized she was there, no one but the maid that came to clean her room and bring her breakfast she supposed. -07:40 Jun 29
    [King Neptune enters.] -07:41 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nivern frowned at the wonder. She has all those rainbows stuck up her ass, she can't even spare the life of her only child. Nivern quelled the spawn of dark magic in his chest a while longer, red tail thrashing this way in that in annoyance at his said 'Mother.' "I would hope not." He looked over just in time to see the King enter. -07:43 Jun 29
    [(Logout) King Neptune has logged out.] -((07:43 Jun 29))
    [Kingler enters.] -07:43 Jun 29
    Kingler: I cralwed over to the side of the wall, waiting and watching with a sour expression. -07:44 Jun 29
    [Palina Swims shyly around looking down at her hands. Dhe was still not used to be around all the other mermaids and even jumped at the sight of the others. It was really silly of her though, seeing as she was just like them. Palina looked up at all the others and tucked her hair behind her ears. ] -07:44 Jun 29
    Tidus: Tidus picked up a brightly colored cream-filled shell, raising it up to his waiting open mouth when a lovely young mermaid he didn't recognize swam up to him. His eyes met hers and he hesitantly closed his mouth, setting the food back down onto his plate as a smile spread across his lips. Eating would have to wait. "Hello," he greeted her back, "The name's Tidus," he said, reaching out for her hand. Gently taking it in his, he raised it up to softly kiss the back of her hand. Letting go, he looked back up into her eyes. "May I get yours?" -07:45 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: The Queen merely brushed his presence away with her fingers. "Go now. Do your pathetic mingling before the inevitable." She then proceeded to turn around with a swish of her tail, gliding to her throne upon the high stairs. -07:47 Jun 29
    Tirison: He swam about, ready to mingle..But his stomach growled. Ok, guess he was going to fill himself with food first, THEN, mingle..Tirison sunk down to the tables taking a few tarts. His eyes wandered at all other merfolks.. -07:48 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: The grin gave Talise an odd feeling.. Something felt off about this mermaid... something just wasn't right. "Come back to the feast! I promise you.. there will be events that will leave you astounded." Talise grinned sweetly.. a darkness hidden in her eyes. -07:48 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: It couldn't have been! "Palina! Palina, wait up!" he shouted, ignoring his Mother's foolishness. His friend hadn't even waved to him when he entered! He swam over to her, red hair floating around his face. "Hey! Are you alive over there?" -07:49 Jun 29
    Kingler: I crawled over to where the merpeple were gathered, rather clueless as to what was going on. I thought I should get someone's attention, so I clamped my claw down on Miranda's tail. -07:49 Jun 29
    Marina: Blushing a little with an uncontrolled giggle, she nodded and smiled at him. "My name is Marina. It's a pleasure to meet you, Tidus. Are you enjoying yourself so far?" -07:49 Jun 29
    Calista: For the briefest of moments she thought of trying to defy Talise, but she knew that was not a good idea. Instead she sighed and nodded her head. So much for having fun today. "Alright m'Lady," and she followed the other mermaid back inside where she knew she'd be bored to tears. -07:51 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: (Sorry for the godmodding! i thought itd be a good idea to have them be friends since hes going to die or whatver?) -07:51 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nervin glared towards his mother one last time before swimming over to Talise's side. "Ding dong, the witch has come."He grumbled. -07:52 Jun 29
    Nivern: "Ow! Drasted thing!" Queen Miranda smacked her tail end so hard, the little crab went soaring off! -07:53 Jun 29
    [Queen Miranda is now known as: Iliana] -07:54 Jun 29
    Iliana: <:] -07:54 Jun 29
    Palina: She swam around quietly, lowering her head and holding her hands together. She was shaking like a leaf and not a single soul had talked to her. "Oh dear...of I don't start-" She stopped in mid-sentence to her name being called. She looked up and around, trying her best to remove scattered strands of hair that ran in her face. She could see a boy heading towards her and the color of red rose to her cheeks. She stiffened a bit in place and yelped slightly. The thought of answering would freighten her, but the thought of ignoring the young boy would be rude as well. In a deep breath, she laced her fingers across her chest. "Y-Yes, I am alive" -07:54 Jun 29
    [Iliana is now known as: Queen Miranda] -07:55 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise was greeted by Nivern.. well more or less.. She couldn't help but chuckle at what he just said. "This night shall be grand My Prince." Then glanced back at the other mermaid. "May I have your name, Miss?" -07:56 Jun 29
    Calista: "Calista," she said bowing her head upon seeing the prince. It was the respectful thing to do after all. -07:57 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: "You blasted crab! I ought have you boiled for the main entree!"she shouted looking around for her Lady-in-waiting who had suddenly vanished. "Now where did that little.." -07:58 Jun 29
    [Kingler enters.] -08:01 Jun 29
    Tidus: "Marina," Tidus repeated, making sure to match the name to her face. "Such a beautiful name." he added, trying to be polite and say it out loud as a compliment. "I'm having quite a pleasant time so far. How about you?" he queried, pushing his plate to the side and giving her his full attention. -08:01 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nivern tugged on Palina's arm as he wheeled her to the side along with Talise and Calista. He knew his mother was watching, so he tried to smile and act casual. "Hey, ladies. How are you all fairing?" -08:01 Jun 29
    Kingler: "Calm down queenie. You'll live longer if you don't let yourself get stressed out. Now tell me...what's going on?" -08:02 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: "Be friendly you two." Talise glanced between Nivern, Calista, and Palina before swimming back to the Queen's side, softly saying, "I apologize for my absence, Your Highness. I am now here for your every need." The mermaid bowed her head before looking over the crowd. -08:03 Jun 29
    [Kingler ] -08:03 Jun 29
    Marina: "Oh yes, very nice. I don't know most of the people here, so I'm trying to mingle. I don't get out very much since I'm supposed to be harvesting pearls for the royal treasury," she explained, then blushed a bit and shook her head. "I'm sorry, I tend to ramble.." she apologized, looking down shamefully. -08:03 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: "Q-Queenie? I'd like to have you know that I will have both of your claws pinched to the pink nipples of Fat Fargron for this behavior!" Her face was pink with rage and she was satisfied when she saw her Lady-in-Waiting finally appear. "You! Please see that this crustacean is put on a low simmer!" -08:04 Jun 29
    Calista: Oh goodie, small talk, and by the looks at the other mermaid she wasn't going to say a peep. "I am doing well. This is of course a lovely gathering, full of folks and food and such." How did she get stuck in this situation! "But don't you think it's ashame that everyone just clusters around and tries to talk about politics and their own wealth?" Bet he wasn't use to that! -08:05 Jun 29
    Palina: She blushed even more as the boy tugged her to the side next to a few others. To say in the least she felt like she would just die. He was extremely handsome, far beyond anyone she had ever seen. What could she say to his question that he had just asked? She looked down at her hands, "I-I am fine...." -08:06 Jun 29
    [Nautilus emerges to prevent Kingler from being put on the low simmer.] -08:06 Jun 29
    Kingler: I waved my claws in the water, mocking the queen, speaking with my claws. "All while you're at it servant girl, bring me a thesaurus so I can learn to use smaller words and seem less stuck up." -08:06 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: "As you wish." Talise swam directly to the crab.. not quite sure how to approach the thing. In a swift movement she grabbed one of its claws and pulling it away from the feast, struggling slightly. "I will not have you ruin the main event of the night." Talise grumbled under her breath. -08:07 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nirven frowned at Calista's comment, but as Prince, he did need to show some backbone. "Not a lot of that swimming around the ears of the castle these days. I'm sorry, i didn't catch your name." Nirven looked over to Palina, forced to smile at her usual embarrassed gestures. "Hey, relax, Lina. It's a ball for Titan's sake." -08:07 Jun 29
    Kingler: "Hey?! WHAT THE SHELL! Let me go!" I shouted, swimming away from her violently with my free claw and legs. When that proved useless, I clamped down on the mermaid's earlobe. -08:09 Jun 29
    [Queen Miranda had it up to her hair with the nonsense!] -08:09 Jun 29
    Calista: So the prince did not like it much, did he? For some reason she found that interesting and while she was still polite she was not as subservient as she was when she first saw him, looking him in the eyes. "No? We must be seeing different things when we swim, because most here are more interested in their own welfare when I hear them murmur then to that of ocean and country folk. That is the parogative us with means I suppose though." -08:10 Jun 29

    Tidus: The look in Tidus's eyes softened and he again smiled at Marina when her cheeks became a subtle pink color. It was a shame she didn't get many chances to mingle, her shy demeanor was quite cute. "Don't worry yourself about it. It's quite alright. You harvest pearls? You very well may have been the one who gathered the pearls that make up my necklace." he exclaimed, reaching his hands up to touch the glistening white necklace that he wore. "I myself tend to the creatures the royal family keeps out in the reef." -08:11 Jun 29

    Queen Miranda: "ENOUGH! I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS CHILDISH FISH-PLAY AT THE BALL I WORKED SO HARD TO CONDUCT!" With that shot, the Queen's tail streched in shined in it's intricate rainbow colors, a sudden swelling of neon energy appearing at the end of it. With an annoyed roar, she swiped her tail towards the crab, hitting it directly in it's back while managing to avoid Talise! -08:12 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: This crab had some gall! Talise let go of its one claw and pulled at the other, finally getting off of her ear. "Damn you," she muttered and rubbed your earlobe. "May Triton strike you... or the Queen's tale." -08:13 Jun 29
    Marina: Marina looked up in surprise when Tidus didn't scold her for babbling like an idiot. To the contrary, he told her something about himself that she was fascinated by. "Really? Oh, I swim by the seahorses all the time. Sometimes I sneak them pieces of kelp,' she admitted with a smile. -08:13 Jun 29
    [(Logout) Kingler fled in terror.] -((08:14 Jun 29))
    Nivern: Nervin opened his mouth to respond to Calista before a brilliant flash of colors caught his eye. "Mother..."he sighed before he saw a crab go flying clean out of the courtyard. "Well. That was different." -08:15 Jun 29
    Palina: She looked up as the prince had spoken. He was right, it was a ball. A ball where many others of her kind came to talk, mingle, and have fun. She couldn't help but yelp a little as he stared directly at her! her hair floated upwards as she quickly looked back down, "I-I know your majesty. P-please forgive me for my shyness. I should be engaging in festivities, but I cannot even muster up two words to start a conversation." she looked up at him, only moving her eyes. Her cheeks were a blood red. -08:15 Jun 29
    Calista: Calista turned to look. It seemed the royal temper exacted some royal punishment. The young mermaid frowned at the over the top use of force. "Different? I'm glad to know she does not do that often." -08:16 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: Queen Miranda frowned when she caught the eyes of Calista and Nervin looking directly at her. "By the by with you two."she huffed, sitting placidly down on her throne. -08:17 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: With a groan, Talise returned back to the queen's side. "Your highness.. you may want to think your actions through a bit more. You do not know what enemies may be amongst us." Talise leaned closer to the queen. "I apologize if that was too bold." -08:18 Jun 29
    Calista: And she rolled her eyes at the meekness of his companion. She had guessed correctly and while she should have felt pity for her, all Calista felt was disdain. The maid couldn't swim with her own tail it seemed. -08:18 Jun 29
    Tidus: A laugh of amusement escaped Tidus, "So that was you, hmm?" he had wondered why some mornings the seahorses seemed less inclined to eat the food he brought them. "Maybe I should show you around the reef another time?" his asked with raised eyebrows, hoping this was not too forward. -08:18 Jun 29
    Nivern: "Nonsense, Palina. Come, let's get some food."he said, trying to hide the bite in his voice at the order his Mother had given him and Calista. -08:19 Jun 29
    [(Timeout) Tirison doesn't post enough.] -08:20 Jun 29
    Marina: Giggling a little, she nodded. "Yes, it was me. I'm sorry if I spoiled their appetites, but it's just so hard to say no when they look at you with those big, adorable eyes!" she said, then smiled in surprise at his offer. A swim, really? She tried not to get too excited about the idea, but she was inwardly thrilled. "I'd really enjoy that." -08:20 Jun 29
    Palina: She looked back down at her hands and nodded in agreement. The noises around her made her heart jump in excitement. Another part of that was that she was spending time with the prince. "A-alright, your majesty....." -08:22 Jun 29
    Calista: So he didn't want to continue the conversation. Calista was slightly disappointed, she had had a brief hope that there was intelligence within Nivern's eyes and that he might provide interesting to talk to for a short while. It was going to be a dull evening thou it seemed. "I suppose this is goodbye then your highness'" she said bowing her head even if her tone ever so slightly was mocking. -08:22 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: "Not at all, Talise." The Queen sighed, placing a hand to her brow as if she were feverish. "This ball is yet too long. I wish I could speed time and end...things."she said. -08:22 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nirven stopped in his swim to see Calista hovering in the water. "You, miss. You do not wish to accompany in the dining of my Castle's food? I promise you, there is no welfare and politics hidden in the tarts." He said with a small smirk. -08:24 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise gasped in mock horror. "But it was your wish to hold the ball! Are you regretting this decision now? Do you not want to see the death of your son before your eyes?" She looked back at the prince. It would be such a shame if he died. "Would you allow me to mingle with your guests?" -08:26 Jun 29
    Calista: That he hadn't dismissed her actually surprised the mermaid and she looked up at the prince an eyebrow raised. "Your highness is all kindness," she said as the corner of her lip quivered with another smirk trying to form. "I shall take you up on your offer, if nothing else to see such an estonishing thing as an apolitical tart." -08:28 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: "Yes. That trash of spawn needs to be put down. But I at least wished there would be a moment of peace and gayness for all of the merpeople." Queen Miranda looked to her son and the way he was making friends. She frowned in disappointment. "How upset those little sweets will be when his auburn blood paints this sea..." -08:28 Jun 29
    Tidus: The answer Marina gave was just what Tidus was hoping for! His eyes seemed to shine with delight that she accepted his offer. "Fantastic! Perhaps after the ball you could let me know when you're free. For now..." he paused, his bright teal eyes looking around the room. "Care to dance, or maybe go find something to eat?" -08:29 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nirven smiled as he beckoned for her to follow. He grabbed Palina's hand, the usual ritual for the two when he wanted to bring her somewhere, and led them to the table. It was laden with sweets upon sweets. He knew that he should have food first, but Nirven had a bad sweet tooth. "As you two wish."he said with a wink before placing a small, pink tart in his mouth, moaning at the cacophony of flavors! -08:33 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: "They shall be so very upset. I believe Miss Palina will be the most distraught one, but if you wouldn't mind...." Talise didn't finish her sentence, instead she swam away from the queen, settling quietly beside Nivern's side. "It is nice to see you are making friends, Prince." The lady smiled and looked at Calista, still trying to place her... -08:36 Jun 29
    Calista: The fuss, okay not a fuss really but delight, that the prince made when he selected his dessert caused Calista to smirk some more as she took her time to choose which treat she wanted herself. "So your highness, what part of such festivities such as these do you enjoy most, or am I looking at it right now?" -08:36 Jun 29
    [(Timeout) Nautilus was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -08:38 Jun 29
    Marina: "I'm actually not much of a dancer, I tend to sit out and just watch because it looks so pretty," she admitted with a bit of a smile. "But I would love to find something to munch on, if you'd like," she went on, wanting to spend more time with him since the happiness in his eyes made her feel even more delighted. -08:38 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nirven didn't want to tell her about his Mother's sick, twisted ideas about him. He didn't even know if she had heard them or not! Especially not in front of innocent Palina. Nirven just continued to chew on the tart, averting his eyes long enough to find Talise swimming towards them. Thank Poseidon... "I enjoy seeing all of my people enjoying themselves, of course." He said, putting up a makeshift answer for her until Talise spoke to him. "Ah, yes, I agree. You have met Calista, yes? Calista, this is Talise, my Mother's Lady in Waiting." -08:40 Jun 29
    Palina: Her body jolted with surprise as he grabbed her hand. That was unexpected to her. She never had someone to grab her hand, let alone try to get her to talk. People usually were angry with her shyness or how she never really answered when someone spoke to her, she kept one hand on her chest and swam behind Nirven quietly. She was led to a table where sweets upon sweets laid on its table to. She still felt like she should have been able to properly speak with the prince. The party was lively, even though the queen had tried to kill the crab earlier. When her eyes fell back on the king, he gave her a wink. Every part of her stiffened and she dropped her face back into her hands in a small yelp. -08:42 Jun 29
    Palina: .* -08:42 Jun 29
    [Enav ] -08:44 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: The Queen frowned deeply at the ongoings of the ball. All of the frivolous eatings and chatting while someone of pure, dark, evil was floating umongst them! Her multi-colored tail thrashed in anger, but she had to supress it for the moment. People may have been watching her. Still. She allowed him a few more minutes of life before she began her plan... -08:45 Jun 29
    Calista: At least Talise would be more conversation them this girl the prince was dragging around. Maybe the girl was sick in the head. Yes, that was it, she was obviously mentally deficient. It was best not to coddle her then but to act like she didn't see anything amidst. "M'Lady here was so kind to remind me of the festivities," which she had been trying to avoid! -08:46 Jun 29
    Tidus: "Is that so?" he looked over to the open space suitable for dancing while he spoke. Maybe later he could ask her again, see if she loosened up. If not, that was fine, too. No need to force her into anything she really didn't want to do. At least they would get to enjoy some food together. "I'm quite happy with getting a bite to eat." he answered, the right corner of his mouth raising into a smirk. "Have you tried the stuffed muscles? They're surprisingly creamy." -08:46 Jun 29
    Palina: prince* -08:47 Jun 29
    Enav: He comes from the shadows, holding spear in one hand. "Nivern!" His voice boomed, demanding attention from the crowd. "I have been wallowing in my pity! Feasting on my desire for revenge. You have cursed me... I shall be the one to bring your death!" His face positioned towards the prince; he could only see a slight outline of the merman through his bandages. -08:47 Jun 29
    Nivern: A yelp caught his ear and he snapped his head over to Palina, frowning down at her. "What is it? Did you smack yourself with your own fin again, poor thing?" he asked. Before he could ask Calista to be a dear and fetch him a rag, his name rung through the courtyard. Nirven instantly swam in front of Calista and Palina, red eyes glinting in annoyance. Really, Mother? At a time like this? "And If I say your words are false?"he shouted back. Regradless, he wasn't going to let that fiend get his bubbles anywhere near Calista and Palina. -08:49 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise didn't even get to answer Calist before she was cut off. She had heard rumors of this merman.. Nivern surely had cursed him, and he never came back to the community. Why now? Maybe the queen had something to do with it. Quickly, she glanced at the queen.. trying to extract something.. anything.. from her expression. -08:52 Jun 29
    Marina: Marina nodded and smiled. "Actually, I had one right before I came over to talk to yo-" she began, then flinched and looked around as a loud shout echoed. She saw somebody with a spear, shouting at the prince, who was shouting back. Her tail coiled anxiously and she edged away, ready to bolt at the first sign of a fight. -08:52 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: Finally! Queen Miranda took her rise from her throne, raising her hands simply. At the same time, golden, shimmering stokes sprung around the courtyard, enslaving all who were in the middle. Whoever had entered the ball was now doomed to stay until she deemed it necessary to release them. "Please, everyone remain calm! I do not know of this man but we can not let him swim out without being punished! I suggest you all stay together." Queen Miranda's silver eyes snapped to her son, smirking barely, before, "Nirven! You will protect your people, will you not? To arms with this man, my son!" -08:53 Jun 29
    [Ladon came late to the ball, but he would certainly be making an entrance.] -08:54 Jun 29
    Calista: Calista looked up when she heard the voice, then frowned. It seemed there was no accounting for those with a personal score to settle. However the prince swam up to look at the new commer denouncing the accusation. She swished her tail fin in a agitation. This wasn't toying to be settled with words she feared. Quickly she surveyed the party, looking at how folks were acting to this sudden interruption of their fun. -08:54 Jun 29
    Enav: "You may claim your words are false, corrupt prince, but these merfolk know better!" He growled back. "The rumors of the Cursed Enav that merchildren hear are not mere rumors!" Enav looked from side to side, making out other figures. "I am Enav! The life that your prince...." he spat our his name. "Has ruined!" -08:55 Jun 29
    Palina: Palina raised her head and looked towards the man who had yelled out to Prince Nivern. She had began to fear the worst when someone had come to take Nivern's life. She wanted so dearly to help him, even though her tiny body would speak otherwise. She knew in her heart that there was nothing she could do to aid him. Her hair floated down to her shoulders and she clasped her hand in front of her chest. "Be careful, Nirvern..." She whispered softly. -08:57 Jun 29
    Ladon: It had been a long time since he had ventured out of the Deepdark, but Ladon, better known as the Sea Shaman, was here to see the fall of one member of the royal family... be it the queen or her spawn. He had once been vizier to Queen Miranda, but had been cast out of the castle for his meddling with dark magics discovered in the Deeps. Now... he would play a part in this evening's events. Perhaps even claim a few customers... -08:58 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nirven frowned at his words, darting his eyes back to Calista who look annoyed at the entire ordeal, and Palina who had said little of nothing except wishing for his safety. "I...You two believe me, right? I am not dark..." And with that, came the somber reality that maybe, all these merfolk did believe him to be a corrupt prince. His Mother's words were the loudest in his head. "You...You set this up, didn't you, you wench!" -08:58 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: "Who do you..." Talise started to murmur to Calist when she noticed Ladon from the corner of her eyes. "Events are about to take a turn, dear Calist. Are you ready?" The lady's voice was dark.. eyes even dark as she locked gazes with the mermaid next to her. -09:00 Jun 29
    Tidus: The abrupt shouts had Tidus jump, so to speak. He looked in the direction of the voice, seeing a black scaled merman shouting to the prince. Marina's reaction was not surprising, Tidus had a bad feeling about this man. With no other warning, a bright golden light surrounded everyone in attendance. Tidus's mouth hung agape while he scanned the wall of light. They were... fenced in? The prince and the strange merman named Enav exchanged unpleasant words, leaving Tidus to fear for the prince's life. -09:01 Jun 29
    Calista: The wrongness of this whole situation sat uneasily with Calista as she slowly allowed herself to drift upwards, closer to the prince's level. Vigilantly justice got no one anywhere. If the accusations were true or not wasn't the point. The pint was this Enav wanted the prince's blood. A feast for his eyes at the very least. Talise's voice indicated to her that her instincts were right. What would happen next she did not know. -09:01 Jun 29
    Marina: Just when she was going to flee, Marina saw that they had been caged in. The Queen's words made it seem as though it was to prevent the threatening man from escaping, but she couldn't help but feel like a prisoner all of a sudden. "Oh no.. Oh no.." she whispered to herself, working hard not to panic. It would be over in a moment once the argument was sorted out. Yes, that was it. -09:05 Jun 29
    Palina: It wasn't hard to believe Nivern. Though even the most charming of princess turned out to have vile and evil plans. They would speak such sweetness in a woman's ear, and then turn around and rip them asunder both mentally as well as physically. Nivern's words seemed true. It sounded sincere and the look in his eyes showed a bit of sadness. There was no way that he could be evil. It was just her intuition on it and it never let her down. "Nivern...I-I believe you speak the truth of not being evil!" She gasped at her own words, quickly covered her mouth with both of her hands -09:06 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: Queen Miranda frowned and did not respond to Nirven's statement. She took one look to Ladon...and suddenly sprawled an idea. The tip of her tail grew a smokey black...but the feat vanished before anyone could register. Suddenly, a large bubbling bellowed around patches of the courtyard floor. In a scream, Queen Miranda violently pointed at creatures of the aquatic dark, dark purple and slimy with mucus and other liquids unknown to the merfolk. They were inside the fece! "Mu children! This...this Enav has...he has....p-protect yourselves!"she shouted in mock fear, keeping up the act -09:06 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise flapped her tale as slime pulled her tale down into muck... fear washed over her body as she struggled to escape, every squirm just seemed to make the slime crawl farther up her body. "Nivern!" She shouted out.. pleading for him... then she looked at the queen. "Your Highness.. help me!" Panic began to edge into her voice. -09:10 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nirven saw the spawn before anyone else did, catching a tiny glimpse of malice in his mother's eyes. "Mother, no!"he shouted. It was too late. A crackling roar later and the creatures were attacking directly for them. Nirven stood his ground, not keeping his eyes off of Enav. Even though he knew his mother had sent the spawn...he was still a threat. "Calista! Palina! Get out of here!" he shouted, as a demon approached them, roaring and getting ready to shred him to pieces. -09:10 Jun 29
    Calista: "This is not the kind of adventure I wanted!" Calista muttered to herself as something from nightmares started to form. Trapped, and with a bunch of soft blue-tailed nobles! Quickly she swam back down to the desset table and started pulling the table cloth off the long table. -09:11 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: Water demons -09:11 Jun 29
    Ladon: It seemed that Ladon had arrived just in time for the excitement. Miranda was up to her tricks again... tricks that he'd taught her. Smiling slowly, he nudged away a rising Darkspawn with one flesh-colored tentacle. Perhaps... it might be amusing if he assisted the prince. It would certainly pay the witch back, after all. And he could always change his mind. Lifting a long-nailed finger, he turned the nearest demon into screaming sludge. -09:13 Jun 29
    Calista: These things were strong, and menessing, but Calista was a mermaid, born to swim like sword fish! With the end of the tablecloth behind her she swam at one of the demons! -09:13 Jun 29
    Enav: Enav jerked his head to the queen. Tables had now turned... he was now the one caught off guard. "I do not have such power! Nirven would be the one to cast such a spell. Can't you see what he has done to me!" His voice was bitter as he locked his gaze back at the prince. "Once you die, corrupt prince, everything will once again be peaceful." With a roar Enave charged the prince, spear position right for his chest. -09:13 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: Miranda looked towards Talise, expression blank and unwavering. The poor girl was going to be swallowed whole by the depths, eaten alive by her demons. A shame. She made such a good servant. "Nirven! Your people need you!"she shrieked again, never stopping the act. -09:13 Jun 29
    Calista: Her swimming had caught a demon within the tablecloth, twisting and turning around it faster then it could catch her. She swam backwards, happy of her work, right into Enav's path. -09:15 Jun 29
    Tidus: Tidus could hear Marina muttering behind him and looked back over his shoulder at her. He knew staying calm was their best bet, as panic let to confusion and chaos among those who should be working together. Before he could even swim back to her and place a hand on her shoulder and try to calm her down, demons from the depths of the sea appeared inside of the shimmering wall with everyone else! They were putrid, covered in strange ooze and immediately went about attacking everyone. Thinking quickly, Tidus grabbed hold of the nearest, largest knife he could find and placed himself in way demon's path to Marina. "Stay with me, Marina! We'll have to get to the others for safety... somehow." -09:15 Jun 29
    Palina: Somehow, Palina had a feeling that the Queen was not true in her words, she did not speak out because she was the queen, not wanting to suffer the punishment for treason if she was wrong. The feeling that the queen was behind all this played over and over in her head. Her fist tightened and she bit her lower lip. She only watched for now, eyeing the queen, and then looking back at Nivern who argued with his mother. -09:16 Jun 29
    Nivern: "CALISTA, STOP!!"Nirven shouted, but before he could make a move to her, everything around him fell apart. Talise screamed his name in such...fear. Such fear he didn't know she was capable of. Calista would have to...A shriek from Talise again caught his ears again, and Nirven suddenly sent a red ball of heated energy to the demon holding her. The demon shrieked in pain, releasing its grip on Talise. Nirven's tail flicked towards her, before his eye caught the brilliant glint of a spear heading straight towards..."CALISTA!!!" -09:17 Jun 29
    Marina: "How?!" she squeaked in fear, peeking around him to stare in horrified shock at the demon. She wasn't paying attention to anything else since she was so close to Tidus, but then she was pulled around to face behind them. Her eyes locked on that of a demon, and all she could focus on were the sharp teeth and wicked-looking claws. She shrieked, scrambling to swim away but it clawed her tail in the process. -09:18 Jun 29
    Nivern: Miranda smirked, flicking a finger towards the cupcake Palina. The Prince could not save everyone, not even himself. She did all do this without anyone challenging her at all. -09:19 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: Miranda smirked, flicking a finger towards the cupcake Palina. The Prince could not save everyone, not even himself. She did all do this without anyone challenging her at all. -09:20 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise shot from the burnig demons grip then looked at Enav. He was running right towards the prince! She had to save him... the prince couldn't die. Quickly, she bolted towards Nivern, knocking him the path of the spear.. saving him from danger. -09:20 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: knockin him OUT OF the path... >.> -09:21 Jun 29
    Demon after demon fell to the attacks and magic of each merfolk. The Queen stared in shock as everyone banded together to attack the demons, even the mysterious Ladon. One by one, the demons soiled back into the floor, until only a mere 3 remained. -Queen Miranda

    Calista: Calista didn't even know she was in danger until it was too late. She turned and saw Enav, coming right at her. Before she or he could move in any other direction she was struck. Dumbly she looked down at the spear now in her abdomen. "Wha?" She put her hands on the shaf, her frown Turing to a frown as blood issued out of the wound. -09:22 Jun 29

    Ladon: Ladon began to pick his way around the outskirts of the room, melting water demons in his wake. Just enough to stall, to keep things interesting... Enough for that manatee Miranda to notice the difference. -09:23 Jun 29
    Enav: Everything was in slow motion... a fireball burning a demon... a mermaid diving at Nivern. Enav tried to stop, tried to slow down; it was too late. His spear plunged into the abdmen of a young mermaid, blood oozed from around his weapon, staining the sea. He could see the shock in her face, pain wrenched Enav's face. "I apologize for my actions," he whispered to the mermaid. -09:24 Jun 29
    Nivern: "Cal--oof!" Nirven's body was suddenly jolted from the right, knocking him and his attacker right into a table. It bayed and rocked before Nirven shot his arms out to steady his..."Talise?"he uttered in the smallest of whispers. His red eyes darted to hers for a second, frowning. "Why did you...What is wrong with you?! You could have been killed!"he snapped. -09:25 Jun 29
    Tidus: Marina's scream had Tidus whip his body around, seeing that one of the demons had managed to get behind them without them ever noticing. She quickly tried to swim out of the way but the monster was quick, too quick! It clawed at her tail and Tidus was not fast enough in stabbing it in the back of the neck. The demon howled, it's blood mucking up the water. Distracted with dispatching the first demon, the first that had charged Marina and Tidus before caught Tidus's right forearm in a tight grip, causing him to drop the knife in shock. It's mucus like covering made it's grip burn and Tidus cringed in pain. "Damn you!" he cursed it, trying to pry his arm free to no avail. -09:26 Jun 29
    Palina: Palina shook her head as the sounds of the others screaming in fear rung in her ears. She had been standing in the mist of the chaos the whole time and didn't even notice! Demons ran a mock throughout the entire ball and she felt that she had to do something. When the queen flicked her finger towards her she glared a bit, she knew full well that it was all her doing. Palina then noticed that everyone banded together to take out a large number of demons fall. -09:26 Jun 29
    Calista: The apology was a surprise as she looked at the man she though possibly mad. She tried to speak but blood came out, mixing in the water around her like that of her wound. Slowly she started to sink to the ocean floor. -09:26 Jun 29
    Palina: that fell before them* -09:26 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: The Queen glared at this Ladon. He was picking off her demons with as much ease as blinking an eye! Her cheeks burned a light pink in frustration. Her tail swished back and forth ash she glided to face the man, placing a placid grin to her lips. "You. You come to my ball and take out the threat as if you were buttering bread. What business, may I ask, do you have here?"she asked, working hard to keep the irritation from her voice. -09:28 Jun 29
    Marina: Without thinking, Marina picked up Tidus' dropped blade and plunged it straight into the heart of the demon that held him. The scratches down her tail were bleeding but not fatal. Her largest concern after saving Tidus was that she had just killed something for the first time in her life. -09:29 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Killed... was the last word Talise heard from Nivern's mouth... the sound of pain echoing in her ears. Talise turned quickly... just in time to see blood flow from Calista's mouth. "NO!" The lady clapped a hand over her mouth as she watched the limp mermaid slip to the ocean floor... this was too much. Putting all logical thought aside, Talise grabbed the spear from Calista's body, causing even more blood to fill the sea. "Miranda!" Talise swam at the queen... the spear position right for the middle of her back."It is time for your Tyrany to end!" -09:30 Jun 29
    Ladon: "I'm sorry, Miranda. Don't enjoy being thwarted?" Ladon waved dismissively at her, moving in to catch the falling Calista. "I simply want to watch you shrivel." -09:31 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nervin's face turned white when Calista's body shriveled to the floor. He couldn't move. He couldn't breathe! Even if his mother was a tyrant, she still expected him to save his people, and he was failing! He swam over to Palina in fear, red eyes brimming with what have been fear. "Please, Lina. Help me save her..." -09:33 Jun 29
    Tidus: The demon's cold eyes stared directly at Tidus, rearing back it's free hand in preparation to strike him down. In a flash, more foul blood filled the water and Tidus saw Marina with the knife he had dropped, stabbing the demon square in the heart. It's grip loosened, leaving slime and burn marks on his flesh. Tidus clutched his arm in pain, his eyes wide with pain. "Thanks for that..." he managed, shaking some feeling other than searing pain into his right hand. "We need to move, now's our chance!" -09:34 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: Queen Miranda opened her mouth to answer...before a spear got caught in her side! A large scream flew from her throat, but it was more in rage than pain. She grabbed Talise by the throat, rainbow colored tail writhering wildly. "You want to watch shriveling? I will show you shrivleing!" In her madness, she clenched her hands around Talise's throat, blood gushing from the wound at her said, but still managing to hold a sadistic smile to her lips. -09:35 Jun 29
    Palina: Palina watches at Nivern swam to her and her eyes lowered as he pleaded with her to save Calista. She wasn't sure what to do to help. She had not been able to aid in fighting any demons. Her eyes closed for but a moment, before she opened them up with brightness in her eyes. "I-I think I know what I can do, Nivern!" -09:35 Jun 29
    Calista: Calista screamed as the spear was ripped out of her and then thankfully passed out before landing in Ladon's arms. She was falling into the eternal death slowly but surely. -09:36 Jun 29
    Marina: Looking around, she realized that the demons were gone. There was a heavily bleeding mermaid in the arm of the shaman, Tidus had been burned, and the prince looked shocked. Before she could even speak to Tidus, the queen started screaming and strangling her own lady in waiting! "What..?!" -09:36 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise wiggled, hands gripping the queen's wrist, nails digging into her skin. "Let me..." was all she could get out before she could no longer breath. Her body began to grow fatigued.... she could feel it. The world around her grew silent, she felt her self slipping. Talise could no longer control her hands as their grip on the queen loosened... this couldn't be happening. -09:38 Jun 29
    Nivern: He placed a hand to her soft face, smiling the most sincerest he could muster. "Do all you can, my dear. I believe in you." He turned over, red hair burning around him when Ladon caught Calista in his tentacle. A sigh of relief later and Nirven shot towards his mother. "Mother! Release her now! Look at you! Look at what you're showing to 'your people'. See, what they think of you now!" he shouted. He was afraid that if he moved any closer, Talise would have been crushed! -09:39 Jun 29
    Ladon: Calista was slipping, but Ladon could fix that soon enough. For now... he jetted closer, using a long tentacle to wrap around the queen's own pale throat. "How do you like a taste of your own medicine, Miranda? As I recall, you never enjoyed being outdone." -09:39 Jun 29
    Palina: A blush flushed her cheeks once more and she gasp, but quickly stopped herseld. Now was not the time for her to be shy! She nodded in response to him and then swam over to Calista, speaking in a soft tone as she touched her forehead gently* Calista, hang in there. I will help you." -09:41 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: "DIE YOU WEEeeekk!" Miranda's air was caught in her throat as a tentacle wrapped around her throat. The strength was much more than the one she used on Talise...No matter. She will at least take one with her. "I...will...h-have...blood!"she shouted, face turning into a pale pearl as she clenched harder. -09:42 Jun 29
    Tidus: Tidus looked down at Marina's tail, getting to see the extent of her injuries. "Are you... can you still swim?" her wounds weren't lethal, similarly to his so long as the demons weren't toxic. It seemed she was in shock, paralyzed with fear and not able to make sense of what was happening. With his left hand he reached out, taking her by the wrist and swimming in front of her. "Come on, Marina. We can't stay here." he did his best to speak calmly, trying to urge her to action. "We need to help the others." -09:44 Jun 29
    Enav: Enav looked at the madness he created.. this was his fault. He wounded a mermaid who was innocent.. who had done no wrong. He put his blood stained hands in front of his face. This monster should not be allowed to live. Taking a deep breath, Enav swam to the table... taking a knife in hand. "It is over," he murmured, plunging the knife into his heart, dying instantly, falling to the sea floor... a trail of blood following his cursed body. -09:45 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise's vision began to blur just as a tentacle wrapped around the queen's throat. As long as the queen died... The lady's world went black, body limp in the queen's hand. -09:46 Jun 29
    Marina: Marina nodded numbly as Tidus took her wrist and pulled her along a little. She followed for a moment, then stopped and looked down at her tail. It hurt to swim, but she ignored that. Others needed help. She started following Tidus again, not even sure what to do or say. -09:47 Jun 29
    Ladon: Ladon extended another tentacle to pry Miranda's claws away from Talise's neck and wrap around her, pulling her away. He never let the pressure up on the wicked queen's airflow. She was going to pay for what she'd done. -09:47 Jun 29
    Nivern: His mother did not answer him, and he expected nothing less. She knew what she had done...what she had become. How such a beautiful shell could be shattered into demonic shards. He turned his head in time to see the attacker from before, Enav, grab a simple cutting knife, before, "Enav, no!" However, it was too late. His blood sung songs in the courtyard, swimming around each person. Another one I didn't save...Talise! Nirven twisted his body to find Talise's blood draining from her face! N-No.. -09:48 Jun 29
    Queen Miranda: "I...will...I..." What little oxygen the Queen had left was spent on her sputtering. Her slender fingers gave way to the darkness creeping into her hands as she felt Talise become pulled away...just as with her life. The brilliant colors in her tail darkened as her silver eyes landed on Ladon, giving him a look of disgust, before her death took her. -09:50 Jun 29
    Palina: Palina closed her eyes and began to sing a soft tune. Her voice rung like a melody as she placed her free hand on Calista's stomch. It was a song of healing, one that she had learned as a little girl from her mother. A green light began to from from her palms and wash over Calista's body. As she sang a bit louder the wave of energy began to make its way to Calista's wound and slowly began healing it. Palina's hair fell over her eyes. The healing process would be completed soon. -09:50 Jun 29
    Palina: form* -09:51 Jun 29
    Calista: The wound, thanks to Palina's effort was healed. There was only a small amount of evidence on the mermaid's stomach that anything had happened at all. Yet even with the wound sealed and healed Calista did not stir. -09:53 Jun 29
    Ladon: Ladon dropped Miranda's lifeless form, tentacles recoiling in disgust. Calista was being tended to now, and so he turned his attention to the unconscious Talise. She would be fine... but he supposed he could help it along. He placed a hand to her cheek, willing color back into her cheeks. It was... oddly satisfying to be helping, for once. It had been a long time since Ladon had done a kindness. -09:54 Jun 29
    Tidus: Only now was Tidus able to see the horrors that transpired on the opposite end of the light cage. The queen was entangled in a constricting tentacle, Enav and another mermaid were both bleeding heavily. He doubted they were even still alive. "I... I can't believe this." -09:55 Jun 29
    [(Logout) Queen Miranda escapes to a secret lair!] -((09:55 Jun 29))
    [(Logout) Enav escapes to a secret lair!] -((09:55 Jun 29))
    Palina: Palina opened her eyes as the process finished. She had done her best, Calista's body did not move. "Calista," Palina said her name in a soft tone. Even when she tried to help she had done nothing to help. Tears swelled up in her eyes and she dropped her face in her palms and wept silently. -09:56 Jun 29
    Marina: "It's all falling apart.." Marina whispered to herself, seeing the lifeless body of the queen on the sea floor and two people who weren't moving. She should have stayed home, not tried to mingle. Maybe they were all going to die here, she thought with a fresh twinge of anxiety. -09:57 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise gasped.. life filling her body. Her eyes popped open to see Ladon; she had never been so relieved... "Thank you," Talise said softly and sat up. The queen was dead. Enav was dead. Calista was.... dead? Talise swam towards Calista's body.. waiting to see if she would live. -09:58 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nervin stood before Ladon, bowing in respect. "I can't believe I'm saying this...but thank you for killing my Mom, whoever you are." He smiled sweetly, turning over to catch Palina leaning over Calista, a faint, green glow leaving her hands. Nervin smiled, swimming towards the two. "Palina! You did it! You..."His voice trailed off when he caught a tear drop on Calista's white face. Nervin's entire mobility was shot as his red tail stilled. "...Calista?"he called in a pathetic whimper. -09:59 Jun 29
    Palina: Palina lifted her head up to see Talise and Nivern swim over. "I am sorry, I tried my best to save her but...."her eyes dropped back to Calista's body. -10:00 Jun 29
    Tidus: The sight of Palina healing one of the motionless mermaids caught Tidus's eye. With his burnt forearm held against his chest, he swam towards them with Marina in tow. "Did... did the others make it?" he asked hesitantly, looking down at Calista. -10:04 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nervin bent his tail much like someone would do if they were bending on their knees. He dropped his head in defeat and anger. A hiccup bubbled in his throat as his fingers found the base of her cheek. "Please...You're such...a hypocrite! You wanted to enjoy yourself and you go and die? What kind of...what kind of person does that?!" Nervin was losing it, tears swimming in different directions. "I'll talk about all the politcal tarts you want me to! Just...just..." Nervin was tired of begging. He was a Prince. He had had to do something. So, without a moment of hesitation, he bent his face low, brushing his lips across her pale and cold ones, finding her forearm to clench to. -10:04 Jun 29
    Palina: Palina looked up at Tidus and shook her head with a sad expression. " I am not sure that Calista will-" She had turned her head to see Nivern place a gentle kiss on Calista's lips. She covered her mouth with both hands to stop a gasp that tried to escape. Her cheeks burnt with a blush at the site. -10:08 Jun 29
    Marina: Following after Tidus in silence, Marina just looked off to the side, ignoring the romantic moment before them. Her eyes were on the dead queen. That woman was once her idol - a female in power who was sweet and generous.. to your face, at least. It seemed that she had strived to be like a person that nobody should put on a pedestal. She frowned and looked down at her hands, feeling very lost and childish for having ideals. -10:08 Jun 29
    Lady-in-waiting Talise: Talise couldn't help but grin at the scene that played out before her.. this wasn't exactly grinning moment, but Nivern just excited warm, fuzzy feelings within her... Calist HAS to live after that.. -10:09 Jun 29
    Calista: Death was, when one considered it, very fair. It took the rich and the poor, the just and the cruel, the young and the old. Everyone sooner or later died. That did not mean however that everyone had to only die once. Was it the endearment or was it that he lowered himself for someone else's sake? Those were secrets not to be told to anyone. What was clear was that as his lips left hers, her chest heaved. As it fell her cheeks colored and then with a flutter her eyes opened. Slowly she tried to lift her head, looking as though she was still half asleep. Not recently dead. -10:10 Jun 29
    Palina: sight* -10:13 Jun 29
    Ladon: "A happy ending," Ladon murmured, drawing back from the group. He was not yet sure that he belonged within the circle of today's heroes, no matter how Miranda's son had thanked him for what he'd done. -10:13 Jun 29
    Nivern: Nivern pulled away from her, breath lingering on her lips for a moment longer before an inhale met his ears. He held back his gasp of surprise long enough to give her a blank, red-rimmed stare. "...Calista. You're..."He closed his mouth into a smile before he stated the obvious, carressing her cheek once. "And to think you almost had to spend tax payers money on medical bills." He said, giggling through his streaming tears before throwing his arms around her. "We have politics to discuss, Princess Calista." -10:15 Jun 29
    Palina: Palina shed tears of hapiness for the two of them and closed her eys in a joyous smile. She was glad to see that the prince finally found his princess. -10:17 Jun 29
    Calista: "That would have been a waste," she said feeling light headed, which she was blaming on the charming smile the prince was showing. It was, endearing. She then blinked and looked at him with more reason. "What did you just say?" the smile hovering on her lips was somewhat playful though she still looked surprised. -10:18 Jun 29
    Celestialis A night of hell was soon broken by the bright light of love. A tyrant was taken, new relationships were formed. Nivern and Calista, like any fairy tale couple, get married. Talise swooned over her savior, Ladon; they soon became a couple. Every mermaid left this once great city, allowing the ruins to fade into history. Will anyone remember this day? -Lady-in-waiting Talise

    [Iliana enters as Queen Miranda with a wave!] -10:19 Jun 29 [Palina is now known as: Tetsuri] -10:20 Jun 29
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    Ozzie: *Wiggles tentacles* -10:20 Jun 29
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    Iliana: Me again! :3 -10:21 Jun 29
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    Iliana: I fell in love with an Ocha! -10:21 Jun 29
    Hirohashi: And Iliana was a guy! :3 -10:21 Jun 29
    Tetsuri: LMAO! -10:21 Jun 29
    Ozzie: And Ozzie had tentacles. 8D -10:21 Jun 29
    Ocha: I am impress Testu, I despise tat character type. Well played good sir, well played. -10:21 Jun 29
    [Marina flees unknown!] -10:21 Jun 29
    [(Logout) Marina melts away.] -((10:21 Jun 29))
    Tetsuri: XDDDD -10:22 Jun 29
    Celestialis: I <3 Ochhhaaa! -10:22 Jun 29
    Iliana: How dare she sacrifice herself for me. >:[ -10:22 Jun 29
    [Iliana covers Ocha with sap lines.] -10:22 Jun 29
    [(Logout) Celesti escapes to a secret lair!] -((10:22 Jun 29))
    Ocha: In all fairness Calista didn't do it on purpose. -10:22 Jun 29
    [Ozzie marries Celeste and leaves.] -10:22 Jun 29
    [(Logout) Ozzie fled in terror.] -((10:22 Jun 29))
    Hirohashi: The mermaid I was flirting with didn't even show who she was. XD -10:23 Jun 29
    Iliana: Great job again! To the cbox with you all! -10:23 Jun 29
    [(Logout) Iliana escapes to a secret lair!] -((10:23 Jun 29))
    Celestialis: This shall be posted in Hall of fame soon! -10:23 Jun 29
    [(Logout) Celestialis escapes to a secret lair!] -((10:23 Jun 29))
    [(Logout) Hirohashi melts away.] -((10:24 Jun 29))
    Ocha: *blows kisses* -10:24 Jun 29
    [(Logout) Ocha fled in terror.] -((10:24 Jun 29))
    [(Logout) Tetsuri is off to rescue a damsel in distress!] -((10:28 Jun 29))