Mermaid #2

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  1. It was a dark, yet still night out in the ocean. The underwater people
    were dormant and sleeping in the deep reefs that none of the humans
    knew of. Their civilization was hidden away from the human eye to
    protect those who dwell there. One of these mermaids was Kieara.

    She was a beautiful mermaid. She had long brown hair with a pearly
    colored seashell comb in it to hold her hair out of her eyes. It was
    straight looking in the water, but when she sat on the rocks it was
    curly after it dried. She had bright golden colored eyes. She had fair
    skin and a birthmark of a crescent moon on her right palm. Seashells
    covered her breasts and some of her upper stomach in a type of tube
    top like wrap, and a necklace that had a shark tooth on it hung from
    her neck. Around her wrist was a seashell bracelet.

    Her tail fin was a bright baby blue. It stood out vibrantly in the
    water. It was beautiful, and at the tip of her fin the tail was tipped
    silver. This was an unusual color for a mermaid, and was dangerous. It
    made her stand out easily, and easily hunted.

    She wasnt as happy go lucky as her peers were usually in their utopia
    though. She had been swimming about that day, and stray too far from
    her safe haven underwater. She now found herself on a secluded area of
    beach with a deep gash in her side. She was bleeding and weak. She was
    still partially in the water. She was barely concious, and couldn't
    even move.

    She was laying on an old abandoned dock. Her side bleeding. The planks
    had collapsed and were partially in the water but led up onto the
    land. There was also a cove to the left of this. Above that were the
    rocky cliffs above the sea.
  2. (a huge apology for the wait. I am currently being addicted to my video games. But I am updating now! Sorry again)

    Kevin and Daphne were sitting down next to each other, their parents talking of engagements to one another - her mother being the queen and his father being one of the country's most treasured knights. Neither wanted this. Daphne loved another and desperately begged her mother to let her follow her heart. The Queen would hear no word of it. The man she loved was a knight serving her army and it would do no good for her to marry a man from such a lowly lineage. "Kevin on the other hand," her mother had told her, "is the son of a well-honored knight and is to take up knighthood soon. You have known him since childhood. He is a perfect candidate. You may not love him now... but you will come to love him. Just give it time dear." Kevin had been shocked to hear what they had in store for him. He didn't object but he was not the most happy about it. He didn't want to marry someone who didn't love him. On top of that, she had someone she loved and would much rather elope to a nearby kingdom, never to be heard from again. That would not only shame him, but his family as well as the royal family. Daphne's blue eyes met with kevin's honey colored ones. Both conveyed the same emotion: mutual despair. In the end, though, they sat through the meeting silently and nodded solemnly when the knight and the queen finished with their arrangements.

    Afterwards, Kevin kicked a rock. "Arranged marriages... I hate the damn things. Why can't I be allowed to go out and find someone right for me?"

    Daphne came up behind him. "Probably because of who your father was. Add to that the fact they were also discussing your knighthood and induction into the famed royal guard straight away... I feel bad for you more than I for myself." Her auburn hair tussled in the wind. They were on the cliffs above, overlooking the shore.

    "I want to be a doctor! We have the technology to do good with a lot of medicine! I want to be a normal boy and not a knight. I mean... who is a knight now-a-days?! Knights are so... medieval! I understand keeping the term keeps with the old traditions... but for God's sake! It's 2012! Who cares?!" Kevin had a lot of pent up anger. He knew his dad had been part of the royal guard all his life and had striven for it.

    Daphne grinned. "Why don't we head down to the beach? You never know..." She stopped when she saw the guards that were following her. Her smiled quickly faded into a frown. "Nevermind. When they assemble in plainview it means I'm being summoned. Why don't you go enjoy the beach? Go dig your feet in the sand?"

    Kevin nodded, his sandy blonde hair moving with the motion. "I think I shall. Have fun with your mother and siblings." They bid adieu and then he took a path down to the sandy shores below. There was a cove right around the bend that not one went by since there was also an ugly old dock there. It symbolized when an enemy ship crashed into their shores one day but quickly found itself needing to retreat. Finally upon the cove he hopped up onto the deck only to see a woman, bleeding. Then his mind stopped. No meer woman. A merwoman.
  3. Kieara was slowly coming to. She looked up at the sky with her golden colored eyes. " I?" She mumbled. Her voice was soft, soothing, but had an airy type of melodious tone to it. An unnatural type of tone that would draw you in. She couldn't quite focus yet, but managed to push an elbow under her enough to raise her head a bit. She looked up seeing a figure. Then her eyes focused. She still couldn't see well, but she saw it was a human.

    Her eyes widened and she gasped quietly. They'd warned her of humans. She tried to squirm away but found that all she could do was flop her tail creating a splash. She winced and stopped falling limp. Not unconcious, just unable to move. She sighed. This must be it for her...
  4. Kevin knelt down after watching her attempt to get out of the wreckage of the deck. He reached his hand forward but retracted it after decided to hop in the water next the dock. "Please... calm down." His eyes softened and he slowly removed some pieces of wood the were in the way of him helping. The waves lapped at his torso as Kevin removed his shirt - tearing it in fact - in order to wrap it around the merwoman's waist. "I don't know if you understand me but.. you're hurt. Let me help you please." He motioned to putting the shirt to the wound, watching her reaction very closely.
  5. Kieara was shaking from fear. Especially when he touched her. She looked terrified. "b-but you're a human...w-why would you help me?" She asked him proving she understood him. She was shocked there wasn't a language gap though. After all, they were from two different worlds. She was from under the water, and he from the land. Kieara felt a burning sensation as he touched her side from the raw cut in the salt.
  6. Kevin had a bewildered look upon his face. "Because you're hurt. It doesn't matter if I'm a human... I still care what happens to other creatures." After her consent of sorts, he gently tied the shirt around her waist which secured it like a bandage for the most part. "What is your name?" He was shocked at the lack of language barrier between them. 'Huh... perhaps our language came from their's....'
  7. Kieara watched him as he did. "K-Kieara...." she spoke to him. She was a little relieved at hearing his voice. It showed her some sort of sincerity. She hoped this wouldn't backfire later, although if it did either way she was doomed to die laying there bleeding out on the beach. She spoke. "What's your name?" She asked him hoping to get her mind off things a little.