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Hello! =D

I have more than a decade of writing experience, and an endless supply of ideas and inspirations. I love writing, and more than that I love sharing my writing adventures with others who share this passion.

You will find almost everything you need to know about my preferred genres, kinks and limits in my Roleplay Resume. Below are some of the finer points on my style and things I look for in a writing partner.

[fieldbox="Partner Preferences, maroon, solid, 10"]Writing Conventions
High school level minimum; College level preferred. Only third-person, past tense writing styles please.

RP Conventions
Each post should be long enough (or short enough) to provide forward momentum to the story. Description and creativity is certainly encouraged, but I don't necessarily care whether your post is long or short.
- No one-liners.
- No fluff; as a rule description and narration should be there enhance the overall story.

Plot Development
Please be involved with all parts of the story--plot, setting and character development. Please be comfortable giving and discussing your own ideas to build and drive plot forward; I love brainstorming and sharing ideas (goodness, I always have a dozen or more ideas). I love it when writing partners jump-in, throw twists, and are not afraid to do their own thing within the plot. It makes things fresh and interesting. :)

Lets work together keep things moving! Being stuck in a single scene for too long can get boring, and though I too struggle with this, I’d like to work to avoid it.

Friendliness and making oneself approachable often makes for stronger RP. (This also helps if we need to chat about RP issues or concerns.)

Please let me know when you need a hiatus, or if you wish to stop. I understand about life and priorities; there are times when my own responses will be slow, and certainly times when I will need to take a hiatus from writing. I will do my best to communicate my needs as well.
[fieldbox="Plots, gold, solid, 10"]I have several ideas for most of the stories below, but I am always willing and happy to entertain other ideas, or original plots of your own. =)

Werewolf and Hunter - The daughter of a successful werewolf/preternatural hunter has left her family’s legacy behind to pursue her own dreams and aspirations. She has been away from the violence and secrets for years, but now she about to be flung back into the thick of a war that has been waged for hundreds of years. (I would play the role of the daughter.)

Werewolf war against Demons - The secret community werewolves have ever lived among us. They might be the neighbor you invite over for the weekend barbecue, or the co-worker in the cubicle next to yours. They smile and shake your hand, and you will never know their true, dire nature. You will never know the danger they walk into regularly to keep you and all humanity safe...

They are your protector, and their wardens. The Werewolves are the only ones that stand between the mortals and a realm of terrible, wicked creatures that would like nothing more than to eradicate the human pestilence...

Modern Person in the "historical" or alternate world - Lots of opportunities here. I love stories with people out of their own place and time. I am also open to post-apocalyptic twists, or dystopian alternate realities. Note: I am not much of a history buff, so I'd love to create a fantasy/alternate world for this plot.

Fallen Hope - A decorated and distinguished soldier--and hero--now shamed and wanted for treason, has one mission. Evil is coming, and yet the people have grown complacent and ignore the rising threat. Only he/she knows the truth, and unless someone takes action soon, all may be lost. (This story could work in many different settings).

Survival - Orders were to wait for reinforcements at the Crossroads Inn, but foul weather approaches, and when the enemy rides in on the storm, there is but one choice: to take the mountain pass as late fall turns to winter. (No. That winter is not coming. ;) )

Futuristic Prison - As the newest inmate to the largest, most feared prison in the world, you find you are quickly over your head. The walls surrounding this dilapidated ruin of a prison are impenetrable. The prison itself spans the size of a small city and those that inhabit this place living hell are violent, crazy, or worse. The inside of the prison is ruled by the gangs who constantly war over the few meager resources available, and the walls are ruled by the snipers than can scope and drop almost anyone from miles away.

In this world, prison is more than a dumping ground for violent criminals. Anyone deemed unworthy in the eyes of an "Utopian society" are dumped here--guilty or not.

Notes: This is one of my most developed plots, and also one of the most challenging as I will predominately be playing the setting/world rather than lead characters. I do play two key characters, but neither will have a significant role at the beginning of this story. I will look for players who are aggressive and not afraid to take creative initiative. This story is also *not* for the faint of heart; very psychological, violent, and gritty.

Concepts without Plots:

Dark/Low Fantasy
Modern Action/Adventure
(Non-zombie, non-mutant)
Mythological Pantheons
Space/Futuristic Adventure
(Kinky, period-based, dungeons and more... Like everyone, though, I have some limits, and many things that I love to do. Please inquire for more details via PM. Also, please take note of the no-nos in my Resume as those are non-negotiabe.)

All-in-all I'm friendly, and pretty easy going. Post here or send me a PM if you are interesting in pursuing something from the list above or offer a concept of your own.
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hello, i'm interested in your modern person in alternate world idea. PM me?


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Hope everyone is having a great day. :)

I've added two new plots that I hope might garner some interest.

Post here, or PM me (PM is probably better since it's easier to brainstorm, and I'm more likely to see it right away).


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Sadly, a few prospective writing partners have disappeared. :(

I am now, once again, looking for another writing partner or two.
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Looking for one more writing partner! =)


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I added one new plot for the bravest of players! =]


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Still looking for just one more writing partner. =)


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I am interested in the werewolf hunter x werewolf one!

Otherwise I like modern pairings with some smut involved. Feel free to pm me if interested!
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