Merlin and The Round Table Academy

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  1. Everyone knows the stories and legends behind King Arthur and his best friend the wizard Merlin. They were best friends and were together till the end but, of course, there is always an end.

    The saying, however as most people know, is 'Arthur, the once and further king' and that must mean one day he would return but what would the kind be without his best friend and partner in crime?

    Now reincarnation isn't a perfect processes and sometimes things can get messed up. Merlin, or Mandy as she had been called, was a smart mouthed and mischievous girl that had no problem using her inherited powers to pull pranks and cause trouble for those that messed with her

    The 19 year old was living at The Round Table Academy and wasn't what people thought Merlin would be like. Mandy had long, dark and curly hair with big, brown eyes and was a bit on the small side in height.
    Mandy knew she was meant to be looking for Arthur but she had given up on that years ago.

    Mandy laughed as she watched all the cheerleaders ran from where she had just set off a slime bomb with a wave of her hand
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  2. Art stood in the courtyard look at map trying to find where he need to go. Art was 17 year old boy with short dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He is a smart young man. Who even skip 2 grade. He is very quiet and keep to himself. He has a feeling that he was meant for something great he just do not know what it is. " it should be around here somewhere ."
  3. Mandy finished laughing and frowned when she heard some of the idiot jocks talking about 'some stupid lost shrimp' in the courtyard and the warlock found that she felt it was her duty to help out those that needed it. The teen looked over the courtyard and spotted the teen "hey, you ok?" she asked him as she approached
  4. "Not really it seems that I am quite lost." Looking away from the map to see a young woman approaching him. " I I I was looking for the main building. I am new here. Can you help me ? "
  5. Mandy gave the guy a smile then nodded "yeah. Of course" she answered "I'm Mandy by the way" she introduced then turned "come on, that main building is this way"
  6. "Thanks I am Art by the way." As he follow Mandy. "So what can you tell me about this school."
  7. Mandy grinned at the question "I can tell you a lot about this school. How much of it do you want to know?"
  8. Art got a bit nervous. "You know thinks like club and stuff."
  9. Mandy rolled her eyes at that "I don't really know about that. I think there's a bar but that's the extent of my knowledge. I'm more in to the history and knowing whats worth while knowing"
  10. " Oh ok " Art felt like he meant Mandy before , but that could not be right. He just transferred here , and they just meet today. " So what kind of histroy like to learn about."
  11. Mandy smiled softly and shrugged "all history but my favorite is the Arthurian legends" she answered as she walked towards the main building "you staying in dorms here?"
  12. " Yes I am staying in the Pindragon dorm"" What dorm are you in?"
  13. Gun fire. A scream. Silence. A thud. Footsteps. My footsteps. Gary. Cold as ice. His killer runs. Darkness.

    Wayne awoke drenched in sweat. "Not again..." The same vision-like dream plagued Wayne a lot more frequently. Ever since his brother's mentioning of wanting to attend Round Table Academy, the night terror returned almost every night. They say if you remember a dream it doesn't come true, which is why Wayne was so thankful it never left his mind.

    He got up and walked into the lavatory. He proceeded to splash water on his face and promptly looked at himself in the mirror. Soot-colored bags under his piercing blue eyes. His curly brown locks stuck to his forehead caked with sweat. Hardly becoming of "the Maidens' Knight" as his brother Gary had so cleverly put it.

    Gary. He had to be sure. Wayne ran to his nightstand and found his phone. Dialing the number, he found that it was 2:26 in the afternoon. Damn. He thought. I slept in again. The phone rang twice before the familiar voice of his younger brother eased his heart to a steadier tempo.

    This had become a routine. Wayne would have the night terror, call Gary, and find it was only a dream only to repeat the same process that next day. Sure Gary felt uneasy about dying in his brother's dreams, but it didn't phase him at all. Wayne always did have terrible dreams. It was almost as if he was at his most vulnerable in his sleep. During the day he could do anything, but the minute the sun went down it was like Superman and kryptonite.

    After they finally hung up, Wayne decided he would go to the courtyard and see if any ladies needed help "carrying their books."
  14. Man's gave a low whistle "the pendragon born huh? Lucky you. I'm in the warlock dorms its just cross the road from it" she said with a smile and looked around before looking at her watch "must have slept in again" she said with a smirk, she and Wayne kind of had a love hate relationship. Mandy would prank and tease as much as she could because he was just so much fun to wind up
  15. "Damn, only 4 girls' numbers? Must be off my game today." Wayne was cruising the merchandise so to speak. It's not every day you see such a small number of single girls entering the dorms. Even if he brought his A-game the only numbers he'd be getting would be 9-1-1. Since when did the families start giving their boys mutton for every meal? The boys these girls were with or whatever were HUGE!

    Wayne looked down at his watch. He let out a sigh. "Guess I'd better go see her eh? Mans isn't gonna be happy with me." He chuckled to himself. Mandy. The girl Wayne currently had his eye on. The problem with Mandy is that just when he thinks he's got her in the palm of his hand, she pulls a wild card on him. If it wasn't for his love for practical jokes he'd have just left her to her friendless solitude years ago.

    He scanned the field for Mandy and saw her talking to a scrawny-looking kid. "Too easy" he said to himself as he sauntered his way towards her.
  16. Mandy had still been chatting to art when she saw two girls walking away giggling and blushing, Mandy knew the sign for that and looked over to see the 'player' Wayne heading her way "bloody great" she muttered and shop her headn
  17. [​IMG]
    nivek was yet again being escorted to a new school. he was kicked out of his last school for jumping a two story building into the class and kicking the teacher over there seat onto some grease that lead outside into a match setting the hallway on fire.
    nivek was running through the courtyard. kids started to crowd the in one area and nivek had to jumped over the students or he would run into them. then nivek berrel rolled on the ground recovered his footing and kept on running then three other students knocked the students to the side chasing nivek.
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