Meridia: Medieval Court and Intrigue, GOT inspired!

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    Meridia is seeking players creative enough to fill our empty cities with brand new noble houses!

    Welcome to the realm of Meridia; an electoral Empire where anyone can become powerful if they know how to play the game! We are an original, 3-3-3 self-hosted medieval fantasy site! Our game focuses on the noble court of the fictional empire of Meridia and it's provinces. We ask that our members are 18+ and are a friendly, welcoming site with a ton of open slots for those that want to be part of our world! The old, longest-reigning Emperor is sick and dying, so the realm is gathering for one final feast and dance in his honor whilst gearing up for the election soon to follow! What friends will you make? What enemies? What secrets do you hold over others? What secrets do they hold over you?

    We are currently seeking all characters, but especially council members and viceroys! Our three most important are:

    The aged Vicereine of Estrana! Her name is Fidella Tessaro, and even at the ripe old age of 65, she intends to skillfully play the game. She is the younger sister of Caius Tessaro, the reigning Emperor, though their relationship has been very hot and cold over the years. Click here to find out more!
    The Emperor's Will! A man or woman with exceptional power and the implicit trust of the Emperor, this person is responsible for organizing the feast and dance, and investigation as to whether it was foul play. While not eligible to become Emperor themselves, they have plenty of power for the moment... Find out more about the council positions!

    Additionally we have a ton of open slots, both family members and room for entire new families in unclaimed cities! Come join us today!

    Our Getting Started guide; check here for links to everything you need to know about the game! Stop by the cbox and say hi![/align]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.