Mercy looking for the worst! Hooray! (Lovebirds Request ♥ Overwatch)

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*sign* Listen! Are we all not looking for something?

Anyways! Thank you clicking on this awful thread. Please ignore my pathetic despair. Life isn't easy...


I'm so frustrated! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Well! Now to myself:
Hi! My name is Mercy.
Hello Mercy! I'm a crazy 23 years old Swiss catlady, and yes I'm really come from Switzerland (not Sweden :p I know it sound similar but it's not the same. Trust me!). So my native language is german, forgive my grammar fails. Keep this in your mind, if you want start a RP for me. I'm obviously a Overwatch nerd and this brings me to my urgent craving...

What I'm looking for:
A Pharah! That's it. ;3
Okay not really. I'm looking for someone who want to play as Fareeha for a Pharmercy RP, so it will be FxF. I have several ideas for the plot from classy plots to fancy AU plots, If you're open for Omegaverse, I'll marry you ♥ I'll be a bit picky if it comes to my lovebird, because it's really my absolute dream RP and I'm looking for my absolute dream partner. I don't care if you're a female or male, who want to play as a female.

  • 2-6 paragraphs per Reply
  • At least a few post per week
  • 18+ and cool with smut
  • chill, no dramaqueens and -kings
  • gorgeous Fareeha ;3 ♥
  • Long term
  • desirable: Discord for OOC chat or active OOC chat here.
*clap clap* Did you read everything? Did you feel addressed? Well, if so than send me a message ;3
To show how seriously you take my deepest wish, please add in your message following word: Justice!

Hmmm... I think, that the end. Bye?

Ps: I'm up for other Overwatch ships (prefers femslash, because I'm one of this weird girls who ships all gay! :rainbow: SUE ME, SCRUB!), but I need my Birb! *Weird birb scream* Screw you, Genji! >:O
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*knock on the table* You guys finish me and not in a good way. :(

I'm still looking for Pharahs, especially for an Alpha/Beta/Omega RP ;3 Be open minded!
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Oi'! ♥
It's me! I'm still looking for some Overwatch RP, because I'm a weirdo! Yes, you can judge me, but you also can send me a message, if you're also so weird like me. I'm looking mainly for some femslash Overwatch stuff, but not exclusively Pharmercy. I can play as almost every female Hero, not only Mercy, although she is my favorite Hero to play as. I also really chill with the shippings. I mean, I can live with almost every ship. Multishipper for the win!

Please read the first post!

I need some nice yuri RP. ;-;


Bye ♥