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  1. The loud noises of different languages being spoken mixed with the clinking of glasses and loud music.
    Charles sat at the bar, waiting for his drink. He came from Mercury, not human at all.
    Mercury, being known for it's feminine energy, always had beautiful creatures.
    No matter what gender you were, you looked feminine and everybody wanted to touch.

    Charles had gold, as if every stran of hair was played in gold,curly and slightly long, and tied back.
    His skin was the color of his home planet, blue and gold glittering together. It wasn't an overwhelming glitter, but a notable one.
    His eyes were a very feminine doll like shape but his eyebrows were very full, and very masculine. His eyes were never a color, it was always like looking into a glass of molten metal.
    He was rather thin and delicate, giving off a feminine figure.
    But overall he looked androgynous. If you were a man of Mercury you were at least androgynous.
    He was wearing a white t shirt and jeans, normal clothes. But you could see a scar on his wrist with the mecury symbol. He was branded. He had been on earth for a while and he used to live in a reserve for aliens, been there since he was four. Or how humans called it "E.T reserve".
    In the reserve they gave you human names and made you act like a human before you turned 18 and left.

    His drink came to his side and he picked it up, drinking the purple concoction that had bead like animals swirling in it. He swallowed a couple of the animals inside as he took a gulp.

    "Are you Charles?" A tap on his shoulder was felt. He looked over to the person, a confused expression on his face.
  2. It was a beautiful blue woman in rags, she then sat next to him and ordered a drink, "My name is Miseppia, we wen't to E.T. Reserve together..." she said smiling at him. When the man gave her the drink, the liquid formed into a bubble and floated in her mouth, she was from Pluto, and she had the rare power from there to control liquids.
  3. "...hi." Charles didn't know what to do or say.
    He never liked seeing people he knew in public, especially people from the reserve.
    "What are you doing here?" He said, trying his best to start a conversation.
  4. Tonight was a busy night.
    The bar was pleasantly full and the crowd was diverse, maybe not it the way that some people liked, but Oliver liked it just fine. He didn't mind company that hadn't been 'homegrown' so to speak. In fact, just a few seats away were a delicate seeming pair that couldn't pass as human, no matter what they were wearing. They were beautiful, even objectively speaking.

    He couldn't make out what they were saying because of the music thudding around the place. Then again, Oliver figured it wasn't his business anyway and he took another swig of his drink, something that fizzed at first like soda but then turned thick and sweet at some point on his tongue. You couldn't even taste the bitter edge of alcohol. It might not seem like the kind of drink a man who looked like him would order. He was slightly taller than average, bulkier too. He kept his dark brown hair on the shorter side and hardly ever let his facial hair get past a five o'clock shadow. He had hazel eyes that looked kinder than the rest of him.

    He gives a polite grin to the bartender as he finishes off his drink and asks for another of the same.
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  5. "I at a water treatment center..." she said, in truth she was actually a slave...there were so many horrible things she did for survive, let's just say men love women even when they cried.
    "It's job," she chuckled slightly, not knowing what else to say, but seeing Charles like gave her hope that one day she would have freedom.
    "What about you? What are you doing now?" she asked trying her best to hide her scars from being whipped on the arm.
  6. "I work at the labs." He said as he pulled out a wallet, showing her an ID.
    The "labs" meant he worked at a small planeterian fleet. Jumping from planet to planet helping with military and political problems. High class for an alien.
    "I'm leaving tommorow. Going to Saturn." He took another large gulp of his drink.
    Charles noticed the man sitting a few empty bar stools away. Looking at him before he cought a small glance in the eye.
    He seemed human. And handsome. Almost all humans were handsome to Charles, especially men.
    Maybe he could get some before leaving but it was dangerous.
    Sometimes, humans have bad intentions.
  7. Although the glance was brief, Oliver did catch it. According to his own senses it was enough to interpret as an invitation, in his eyes anyway. But then again, he's been wrong before, and he's had a couple of whatever these things are called. Maybe his judgment's off.

    Just to be safe, Oliver waves down the bartender with a couple fingers and his elbow on the counter, "A refill for the two of them, if they'd like one."

    He doesn't watch the drinks get sent, doesn't look up to see their reactions either. The act itself is pretty universal. A little conversation would be nice. But if there's no bite here, there are plenty of other stops to make before the night is done.
  8. "A man gave you some drinks. Both of you." The bartender said as he handed them two colorful glasses of liquid.

    Charles looked up to see who it was, he knew who it was. That man.
    He took a small gulp of his drink and decided to walk over there.

    "Thanks for the drinks," he smiled flirtatiously. He leaned an elbow on the bar.
    "Usually human boys just buy drinks for human girls." He said taking a small sip, leaving his lips on the brim of the glass for a bit.
    "They're called straight people, right ?"
    He Noticed a small ID on the man's shirt, squinting a bit.
    "Do you work at the labs?" He asked.
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  9. "Thanks for the drinks."

    Oliver shifted in his seat to better face this flirty stranger, he listened with a upward tilt to the corner of his mouth.

    "Do you work at the labs?"

    "Yes, security in fact," he took a swig of his drink and wet his lips. "And as for what human boys do, I hope you don't mind me going off script then."

    This man, this Mercurian man judging by his wrist, was bolder than Oliver expected. He was lithe, and while the rest of him was easy to look at, Oliver found himself being slightly distracted by the man's eyes as he took his next sip.
  10. "Oh, I don't mind it at all." He laughed a bit, putting the drink down.
    "I think I've seen you around the building. Security is coming to Saturn tommorow also." He talked, but noticed how the man kept staring into his eyes.
    "What's your name?" He asked in a sweet tone.
  11. "Oliver, darlin'. Will I be seeing you over on Saturn?"

    Oliver hoped so. It was hard to think he hadn't noticed him before. Speaking of. . .

    "Pardon me, will I be seeing you and your friend tomorrow?" He gestured further down the bar to the woman who was left alone.
  12. "I don't think so. She doesn't work at the labs." He said looking at her.
    "I'm Charles," he said, finishing his drink.
    He put the glass down and looked at him, analyzing him for a bit.
    "I'm going home...well not home. I have to go to my dorm," he said in a tone that was clear but at the same time mysterious.
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  13. Well, apparently someone knew what they came here for. It actually made Oliver raise his brow as his ears warmed. He leaned in anyway to the man in front of him, acted like he was just trying to speak over the music.

    "You saying you need an escort, Charles?"

    He only let his fingertips land on the other man's knee, the fabric rough when all he was thinking about was how soft the glittering blue and gold of this face looked.
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  14. Charles froze for a bit. Not knowing what to do.
    A shiver ran up his spine as his hand touched his knee.
    "...I'm not allowed to have relationships with coworkers." He said, trying to keep his cool tone.
  15. Oliver couldn't help puffing out a laugh at that. He bit his lip though to keep it short, left his fingers where they were.
    "I just said I could walk you home."

    He tapped his fingers to the beat for a moment before he put his hands in his pockets.
    "Besides, we're in different departments if that makes you feel any better."

    He shrugged, tried to keep his features casual, like it wouldn't matter either way what happened next.
  16. "Oh! I'm sorry." His innocent demeaner started to show a bit. Even if Charles had a professional job and a large responsibility, he was somewhat naive at times.
    "Yes, you can walk me home." He smiled.
  17. Oliver stood, left his tip, and then used the same hand to gently press against the small of the other man's back.

    "Shall we?"

    He figured either the kid had guts or He was sweeter than Oliver had guessed.
  18. "Yeah..." He softly said.
    He got up from his seat and dusted himself off.

    They soon were out of the bar, walking on the sidewalk. It still looked like New York even after all these years.
    Of course there was a few aliens here and there but it still had those old clubs from 2010.
    The lab was a large building, modern and you could always see the people walking around with their uniforms and clipboards.
    Always busy.

    "I didn't always live in New York."
  19. Looked like they'd be passing the southern most entrance to the labs. He had a few friends on shift that he really wouldn't mind if they saw who he was walking with. He'd met some big talkers when it came to how comfortable they were with keeping company from the Reserve.

    "I didn't always live in New York."

    Oliver smiled a little to himself.

    "Think I could've guessed that," he glanced down to the other man's wrist again. Must've hurt when he got the brand. It always struck Oliver as too bold to ask them if it was worth it.

    "Where's your favorite place you've lived?"

    He tried to mind his hand as they kept walking, didn't let it go any lower or higher on the other man's back as they continued.
  20. "I haven't seen much. I was taken to Area 51 when I was still a newborn. And then they moved me to Amsterdam when I turned 13. And then they kind of just sent me here." He said as he opened the door with his ID card.

    The halls were a bit quiet even if it was busy. This was only a station for lift offs, not tha academy, which was bigger.
    "Cliche, isn't it? Area 51." He laughed.
    Of course when he brought up Amsterdam, people would automatically think of the alien trafficking. mostly factory work with no pay and no rest.

    "What about you?"
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