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  1. I will start off by saying the following:

    There is a LIMIT on characters! Only 4 people will be accepted and I CANNOT guarantee the safety of your character!
    Rules to Follow:
    1. Keep track of your money
    2. Be descriptive please
    3. I am in control of all NPC's. You can initiate a conversation, and exit one, yet for the purpose of fights, I will be controlling the NPCs.
    4. This RP will take a while to get to the main "plot".
    5. Much of this RP will be travelling, trying to make money, and trying to not get ourselves killed.

    This is the opening for the RP:

    "Not even Hadak Ura could foresee this..." The sounds of ten thousand soldiers marched down the streets of Budapest, enclosing the ancient city and blocking access of the public to the bridges. "Ten years ago... Only ten years ago it was that the power of the world went down... Now look at us. We've reverted to animals.." A man adjusted his glasses, looking down from the Castle Buda's main building looking down. The main castle building had been preserved through the many wars and battles fought for the city, seeing that the State had descended into chaos only months after the power went out. "My friends... It seems the people need to remember who is in charge... Yet I, as a merchant, cannot do it alone. I need your support to get this law passed- and for the levies to be raised." There, sitting in a small conference room above the main complex (in the turret) sat nine elected "nobles", in reality these were only figureheads of a bygone era.

    The nine were not elected, they were chosen for their bravery in the midst of war to retake the city from a group of bandits. The man, irritated by the lack of a response, tapped on the mahogany long table. "When the Long War ended five years ago... Where were you?" One of the nobles spoke up. "We were your right hand men Hadak Ura.. We were-" The man swung a fist straight for the face of the noble that spoke. "I am not a mere blacksmith... I am the one to hold that sword! I am not just a Warlord, I am King.. Guards- take this man away... And his brother." The noble looked shocked, his face flushing red, with blood and fear. "B-But Attila! My brother is in Esztergom!" Attila grinned, a wiry look of satisfaction on his face. "Is he? I had him thrown in the county jail only two days ago for defamation of my rule... You'll join him- and hang on the same day as he."

    Attila folded his arms, laughing madly knowing he had full control over the city. "So... Any objections to raising the levies? Or passing the New Laws?" The nobles shook their heads and signed the papers, giving Attila what would amount to a Divine Right to rule. At 24 the young man had a nation at his feet. He adjusted his glasses, watching as the Royal Guards took their guns to the crowd that retreated in fear, blood-curtling screams could be heard from the room in which the nobles sat. "This is my nation now... In the eyes of the public I am but a merchant... Yet now I am King. This is what will happen to those who oppose my rule."

    So in the basic sense of things we will be a group of people who will join together and get out of the city to explore the world. We will start in Europe and hopefully go to the Ukraine, Russia, China, and a lot of other places. The destinations we pick after the initial first objective of leaving Budapest is up to us.

    Bio Format:
    Age (17-30):
    Hometown (CAN be outside of Hungary):
    Native Language:
    Other Languages Spoken (Up to 2):
    Level of Fluency in Above Languages (See below):
    History (from when you were born to when you arrived in Budapest):

    Fluency Rating- The languages of the world did not die out after the electricity left us, they stayed put.
    1- Can Read the script

    2- Can Read and understand what is written in both languages (Native and Language in Question)

    3- Can understand the spoken language

    4- Can not only understand spoken language, can also speak with some degree of fluency

    5- Can speak fluently with few or no mistakes in grammar.

    Many people do not have the time to master languages, and of course depending on their actual difficulty IRL I'd suggest adjusting the scale a bit. Languages that could be of help:
    English (if not native)
    Russian (if not some knowledge of Cyrillic)

    You are going to be given $300, which can be exchanged for trade tokens, or items, or anything that you'd like.