Mercenary Hired to deliver a 'package' (Escort mission style Rp)

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  1. So the basic setup is that a mercenary is paid one hell of a big purse of coin to deliver a package. He owes some syndicate a favor, and it turns out the package is a person, and a BIG handful too, She is a monster, be it some kind of demon or psychic or witch or something, she is dangerous. she has been specially sedated and put into a rather large aired crate. there are complications on the journey, and somehow she ends up awake several hours into the delivery.

    The Woman is also rather ravenous for death, it seems. And haveing already accepted the money the marcenary cannot back down, else they face death.

    This idea coudl be medieval, modern, or space saga, just depends on preferences. ^.^
  2. That sounds cool :D
  3. I have an assassin from D&D whose story would be flawlessly continued by this scenario. If you don't mind an import and are still looking?
  4. Ii AM looking actually, and yes that sounds good to me. Pm me the details and we can chat about details. :3
  5. id love to!! i have the puuuuurrfect character!!! sounds like so much fuuuun!!