Mercenary Guild (Fantasy, Libertine)

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    A brand new medieval fantasy libertine roleplay set in a completely original world. The mercenary group known as the Ralori is hiring new members, and anybody is welcome. All races and skill levels allowed.

    This rp will have tabletop influences, with myself acting as GM and using multiple tabletop books and online resources for monsters and magical items to introduce into the roleplay. Players are not required to have any experience with DnD or other tabletop rpgs, as stats, skills, and dice rolls are not a part of this rp. Everything will be determined by what is written, and anything goes! Players, will, however, be required to keep track of what their characters possess so know items keep appearing and disappearing from the rp. Luckily, we have a great OOC thread for that.

    There is an overreaching plot. You see, several artifacts have disappeared from the Ralori base, and somebody has to go find and retrieve them. Other than that, there will be contracts and missions available, and opportunities for training. Characters are paired up into groups, which allows for character development and plenty of fun times ;)

    Anybody over 18 is welcome. The only posting requirements are proper grammar and spelling and at least three sentences per post! That's it, so everybody at all skill levels is welcome.

    And the best part is...there's no minimum player requirement. As soon as the first new recruit is accepted, the rp will begin.

  2. You have peaked my interest friend. Tell me more.
  3. @Dakota K.

    The OOC post has been linked above, and more information is there. Is there anything in particular you wanted to know?
  4. Still up for more?
  5. I'd like to join, if there is still room open x]
  6. You should check the link @UnseenShade. At the moment fighter sign ups are closed, but mages are open.

    Unless I'm mistaken, unfortunately you can't join @Karma200. The thread is in the libertine section. Adult only in other words.
  7. If you are not opposed, I'll look into how magic works and get a concept up and rolling
  8. hey if anybody has no objection i would like to join up, i may need help though
  9. @Cahill
    i was curious if i was able to join up. im new to the site and it operates similer to another that i know buuuuuuut knowing my luck ill screw somethin up so i was just wondering how to join, where to post, exc exxc

    This is the OOC link. I suggest you read it through through. Then just create a character and post it. Then you'll just have to wait and see if you're accepted by AmityWall.

    If you have any other queries, be sure to PM me and I'll try to help to the best of my abilities. That or just ask in the OOC. Someone is bound to help there as well.
  11. @Cahill

    so i read through it and it seems good. As far as characters, do i have to use premades or can i make my own?
  12. @The_fallen_demon

    There's a character sheet for you to create your own. You need to fill it out and post it there and then need to await confirmation from AmityWall.
  13. This seems very interesting. I think I have a character I would love to throw in
  14. Wondering if there's any room for more to join?
  15. I'd like to join in, too!