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  1. Hey folks!

    I have been toying with the idea of doing a mercenary group RP in either a Fantasy world or Steam Punk. The RP would consist of 4-5 people. The goal of the RP is to complete a series of short jobs. Rather then a long drawn out story (Which has slim chances of success)

    For example, we get a job to attack a smugglers den. We except the job, quickly get to the location, raid the den, then collect the money. Easy peasy! It won't require much plotting, nor will it require a long commitment.

  2. I'm not stalking you I swear! You just have really good RP ideas! I would like to join and I vote for a steampunk setting.
  3. I honestly thought to myself, "I bet Crono is going to be interested in this" And here you are. lol
  4. Lol so I guess that's a yes?
  5. I saw the word mercenary and I'm in.
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  6. I'm in!
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  7. Sounds awesome! Count me in!
    Also I prefer medieval, since I know practically nothing about steampunk, but I'll do either.
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  8. Hahaha. Of course Crono!

    I am going to post up the details of what we will be doing!
  9. As for a setting this is what I got so far.
    I am going to do a medieval type world with some steampunk flair. Weapons are medieval style, with some steam punk qualities. You can get creative with that. You can have a vibroblade. Which if you don’t know is a sword that vibrates at high frequencies to allow for greater cutting. A kinetic hammer. Powerfist. Electric mace. Whatever floats your boat. Transportation consists of trains and air ships. So that will add a bit more steam punk flavor. Here are some links below to the type of weapons I am imagining. Let it be known, if you prefer to just have normal weapons, they can be just as effective in the hands of a skilled warrior. Below are some links to the type of weapons I am imagining.'s_shocksword

    As far as abilities of the characters, we will keep to “enhanced abilities”. A good character to base that off is Captain America. I don’t want people throwing 2 ton boulders, or moving so fast you can’t even see your movements, or jumping twenty feet in the air. None of that. However smashing through a wall, block arrows with your sword, or jumping over a person is acceptable. Just make sure you don’t god mode. Keep some realism. As for races, let’s do human, elf, and dwarf. FYI, all races in this world live to be around 90-120 years old.

    As a note for writing, I forbid one liners. There is no reason for a one line post. If you needs help making it longer, collaborate with someone. I am going to impose a STRONGLY suggested 5 line rule. Please do your best to adhere to that. If I think your post is a little weak, I may send you a PM with suggestions. I am in no way an expert. But I do like trying to write quality stuff!
    I require everyone to make character forms. Please use this template. FYI, I may ask you to change/add things. But probably not!









    As GM I will also play the head of the mercenary group. I will post up a character tomorrow I think. I will make a OOC-Thread for you all to post in it. I will post the link here! Please post Character sheets there. Not here.

    EDIT- I am going to wait to post the OOC thread till I have a character sheet ready and a proper intro for the thread. I'll have it up tomorrow.
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  10. Hey guys, I've been debating on changing it to a Fire Emblem world or Dragon age. What do you think?
  11. I'd prefer an original universe, especially since I know nothing about Dragon Age. If everyone wants one of those though it's fine by me.
  12. Well, with the fire emblem world, id most likely just borrow the system from it. The classes and such.
  13. I guess that'd be fine, but I really want that steampunk flair. If you can mix the two together it would be great.
  14. Still looking? I am game for the fantasy steampunk setting or a fire emblem-esque class system fantasy RP. Are you allowing subraces of dwarves and elves?
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  15. I'm interested as well! I don't know anything about Fire Emblem or Dragon Age, but if that's okay, then sign me up =)
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  16. I am stil all about doing this rp! I will use a fire emblem class system. As far as magic goes, just be smart about it. For the sake of having an easy RP, lets not follow the triangle system from FE. If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it! Also, we can do subraces. Elves, dwarves, and humans. In the class list, there are Tier one and tier two. I.E. Cavalier can become a paladin or great knight. Tier 2 will be fine. It will be easier to do this RP with more established characters. No flying mounts! Because reasons. Your charcter is either all magic, or no magic. Because reasons. Lastly, in the list there are a bunch of undead and beast ones. We will not be using them.
    Yes! You can play as long as you adhere to my RP wishes!

    I am working on the OOC right now!
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  18. Omg I completely forgot about this thread. Gimme a bit to catch up DX
  19. Still looking for characters?
  20. Yes. Feel free to read the OOC thread and adhere to the rules!
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