Mercenary Academy

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  1. Lyxia breathed out a heavy sigh of exasperation. Another mission she was to go on...not of her own free will....again. Just because she was top of her class didn't mean she was the top in the whole school. But...unfortunately....Everyone thought differently than her. She should have been flattered, but she wasn't...She stood and bowed, humbly accepting the mission she was assigned front of the whole class....

    She praised the bell as it excused her from embarrassing herself further. Running from the class room with her stuff, she proceeded to head home and get ready for the upcoming mission. She was to leave immediately and bring only her most trusted weapon to which she could easily conceal. That and her clothing had to be tight and not get in her way. She hated her spandex shorts and tank top, but it looked like she had no choice.

    Upon arriving, she packed her stuff and ran to the airport the client designated. They quickly got her on a plane and proceeded to fly her to her mission destination, Tokyo, Japan. It was an hour flight and it passed by quickly. As she landed, her client met her off the plane, taking her to a black car and shoving her inside. She rubbed her sore arms as they drove her to the designated location. All she knew was that she needed to take back something that was stolen from her client and was to do it without causing too big a scene. They stopped a block away from the area, shoved her out and went on their way.

    Now all she had was her map and her weapon. She proceeded to the location, which seemed to be a mansion of considerable size. This would be easy. She studied the cameras that did surveillance for a second and recognized the pattern they moved in. Using this, she was easily able to slip past the gate. Surveying her surroundings, she found a small window in the foundation of the house. Luckily, the guards were stupid cause they hadn't seen her yet. She slipped past them quite easily and contorted her small frame into the window. She was in, now to look for that item. "You will recognize it immediately" was all they had told her. She hoped they were right as she headed to the first floor of the place as quietly as she could.
  2. Out of the corner of his eye, John Browning caught sight of a distinctive figure in spandex and a tank top, and with features not typical of the area. That is not to say he was any different - he was, in actuality, a transfer student from England. Having been wandering aimlessly around the grounds of the mansion belonging to the family he currently resided with, his mid-length pitch-black hair had been ruffled slightly, causing a few hairs to stick out by a marginal amount. Deep brown eyes obscured by black, rectangular-framed glasses followed the target he had chosen, as his trainer-clad feet padded lmost noiselessly forth, tking care to stick to the dry grass to minimise noise. It was not much of a surprise to his logical mind when she entered the building, and it was hardly a difficult matter to follow. John had familirised himself with as mny angles of the building as possible, noting everything of even minute importance - right down to which floorboards creaked, and the approximate area illuminated by the light shining through the windows at each time of day.A rather thorough procedure for only a transfer student, but it had not been detrimental to him thus far.
    Target is female. Moves as if she knows what she's doing, has probably practiced this before. Clothes are tight, most likely to limit space taken up by clothing. Target of girl is unknown, will investigate further.
  3. Lyxia moved forth, testing each floorboard as she moved foward, trying her best to avoid creaky ones. She had been successful thus far. She had finally arrived on the floor with stairs, but using stairs when your trying to steal something wasn't the brightest Idea in the book. She scanned the area before she came out of her hiding place, noticing that no one was around, nor no one was coming. She quickly scaled the highest pole of the stairway rails she could reach and pulled herself over, quickly going up the stairs and hiding in the corner of the wall. She hadn't been seen so far and she hoped it would stay that way.

    She quietly made her way to the end of the hall, following the map religiously. Man, this place was way too easy for her to infiltrate. It should have been more heavily guarded for what they had stolen from the client. She followed it until it lead her to a nearby door which she guess was her target area. The door was ornately decorated. This had to be it, but she just couldn't waltz through the front door. She climbed into the nearby air shaft. The map told her it lead to the room directly. She hoped it was right.
  4. Oh, she's trying to steal that? How utterly banal. I was really hoping tht there was something more interesting she wanted... Still, this does say something. She obviously knew what she wanted beforehand. This was a planned theft.
    The room, far from being anything that he was disallowed from entering, was entered by John, with the well-oiled hinges hardly making so much as a barely-audible creak. John himself had seen his quarry enter via the air shaft, a typical method for people in the movies. He wasn't too sure if this had much merit in rel life, but regardless, he planned to surprise the interloper, and the room was more than enough for him to hide in. With the lack of windows preventing sightings of whatever item had been placed there, the area was bathed in darkness, save for the slivers of light creeping in via the gaps in the door. A mental note told him this was not a viable hiding spot, as his figure would block the light, and his shadow could do the same to the light on the floor. Thus, he remained crouching in the far corner of the rectangular room, his form contorted to fit into the shadows that seemed darker than the rest of the considerably dim room. He knew not whether this was effective or not, but in the event she just attempted to take the item and leave without squinting, he could probably remain hidden. And, with the door closed as it was before, no telltale signs remained.
    Let's see what you can do, girl, when you compete with the element of surprise.
  5. Lyxia crept through the vent. This felt kinda cliche to her. She hated cliches, but she had no choice in the matter when it came down to this mission. In fact, this whole freaking mission was a cliche. She just needed to grab the item and be on her way. There were two ways. One lead directly to the air conditioner itself and the other to the room. She took the fork and ended up in the big room that held the item she needed. She stepped in quietly, searching the room for the item. Then a gleam caught her eye as she came face to face with the item. It was a beautifully decorated dagger, it's blade clearly made out of pure silver. The handle was carved out of the finest gold and was shaped as a chinese dragon. It elegantly sat on its post which was made to look like a rock the dragon was sitting on.

    She looked around the room once more. This was the only item out of place. It was the only item that didn't match the interior decorating of the room. This had to be it. It was the only suspicious looking item there. She picked up the dagger and, sure enough, the dagger had the initials of her client. THey had said that his initials would be on it. She set the dagger back on the stand and picked it up, filling fulfilled that her mission was almost complete. Now, to get out of here....
  6. "You took your sweet time, girl."
    Emerging from the shadows in a style reminiscent of Hades himself, John paced forwrds, his hands held casually behind his back. With his voice being delivered with such monotone flatness, and with the way his stride seemed purposeful yet refined, he would have made a charming villain. But alas, he was but a boy who had followed someone who looked around his age into drk room, and around his finger he twirled a keyring - the only key to get out one the end of it, the quiet and monotonous scraping of the metal bouncing off of the walls. Though the family did not do much in wys of security personell, they had at least had the sense to put a lock on the door. And, quite conveniently, the door could be locked via the inside. Doing so was a painstaking process to carry out without creating excessive noise, but a worthy one. "I wouldn't try to get out that way. I locked the door. If you try and escpe through the vent, I will have personell seize you as soon as you come out of the other end. Don't get me wrong, you could probably force the key from me... But think of the commotion you'd make. No matter what you do, I've planned one step ahead. But, I'll consider keeping this quiet, if you tell me what's going on... You don't seem like any petty thief. You obviously trained."
  7. Lyxia scoffed at the entrancing boy. He had caught her. THat was a huge blunder on her part. This was a first, even for her, the supposedly "best student" in the whole school. Blah. Life was now saying "Your ways caught up with you..." She held onto the item tightly as she looked at the boy's face dead on.

    "My name is Lyxia Hughes and I am a student of an elite mercinary school. I cannot tell you the location of the school for fear of being followed, which looks like something you'd obviously do....And you are right, I am no petty theif. I'm specially trained to do missions. Anything from theiving to assasination...although...i've never been sent on an assasination order. I'm not high enough level for those yet....Wait...I'd better not spout anything else! Geez, I knew I should always keep my mouth shut...."

    She watched the boy carefully, looking from his face to the key he held in his hands. She had no time to waste. She had to go.

    "Look, I told you who I am and what I do....Now keep your promise and give me the key!"
  8. John raised his eyebrow in thought, and looked to one direction, as if contemplating his next action. The key was spun round his finger a few more times, until it was finally halted - it was clasped firmly in its owner's hand.
    "I said I'd consider it. I made no promises. However, I will give you a sporting chance... After all, I do love a good game and spectacle."
    Smirking, John pulled his phone casually out, dilling a numvber as if he was just contacting an acquaintance - it was not a calm, cool attitude, but one that seemed extremely self-assured. He held the key, after all, so he was naturally in control. And, in a change of tone that seemed almost impossible, the boy turned from relaxed to a state of complete husteria. "Help!" he hissed into the phone, as if he was trying not to be noticed, "There's somebody in the dagger room... Th-they're stealing it! You have to- Hey, what are you- Let go of m-"
    The call was ended, and the keys tossed callously in Lyxia's general direction, as was the phone.
    "Right now, they think you've spotted me, and that you've taken my phone. Maybe some other things. Point is, if you don't hurry up... Well, I hope you like prison clothes, as that rather... revealing... attire would most certainly not be allowed. Of course, I will hve to make it look believable, so I'll be giving chase as well. Though don't expect to see me, for if they think I've been 'dealt with,' you really will be up to your neck in it. Now, get a move on. The game has just begun."
  9. Lyxia growled at the boy, hating his attitude. She figured out the lock in seconds and dashed out the door. She had to get out of her with the dagger before they caught up to her. But it was already too late for that. Lyxia had been stopped in the middle of the hallway when guards surrounded her on both sides. She sighed. Great. Pulling out her firearm, she shot at the guard's feet, actually hitting them and making them fall to their knees in pain. She dashed past them, careful to avoid their grabbing arms despite thier feet being shot, but one grabbed her foot, making her tumble over. The Dagger flew out of her arm and about 5 feet away. A guard was on top of her, malicious intent in his eyes. She kicked him in his manhood and scrambled towards the dagger, grabbing it just before another guard was trying to subdue her.

    This would take a while. She couldn't avoid the boss hearing of this though. She had to get this done as quickly as possible. She bit the guard on the hand and jumped over the side rail. They would have to send better guards than that to stop her. She dashed out the way she came in. The only thing, the gate would be harder to scale now that she was carrying something. She slipped it out through the cracks and jumped over the gate skillfully. Grabbing the dagger, she made a mad dash towards her clients place, making sure that no one was following her, although she did have a sneaking suspicion that that boy was following her. She shrugged. She would deal with that idiot later. She had to complete her task.

    She arrived at her client's place, setting the dagger down. He grabbed the artifact, examining it. He nodded and smiled.

    "This is the right one. Thank you so much for getting it back for me. I guess I can count on that elite school of yours. Do you mind if we do business with you in the future?"

    Lyxia bowed.

    "It would be our humble pleasure sir...."

    He handed her the reward and sent her on her way back home. Although, she still couldn't shake this feeling of uneasiness. What was it? She could only hope it would dissapate soon....
  10. Quarry is within sight, maintaining pursuit. Bike has been stored in hidden location, will arrive for pickup at a later time.
    For the area she was meeting her client, John was surprised by the lack of security in the area. Though he he had been adhering to every rule of the impromptu stealth operative's haandbook, it was hardly necessary - though using the bike had. Lyxia had gained a massive advantage by getting a head start, and John had had no time to set anything up. Thus, he had gone with the most immediate method of catching up - his bicycle. It had been hidden behind an amassment of bin bags, the smell alone being enough to drive way potential thieves. And, as Lyxia exited the building...
    John did nothing to her.
    She had not checked the area around her, nor had she made any sort of attempt to clear it. Thus, it was easy enough for him to hide next to the door, completely ignored when she walked straight on, and allowing him a position in which to follow her. He was no stalker - in actual fact, he detested such people - but such a person intrigued him.
    Elite school, hm? This sounds fascinating... I must know more.
  11. Lyxia arrived back at her apartment. She couldn't go back to the school. Not yet. Not until this feeling of restlessness dissapated. She searched her immediate area, but could find no trace of anyone or anything. Whoever or whatever it was, they were doing an awesome job of not being found. She quickly ran into her apartment, locking the door behind her.

    Maybe she was being paranoid, then again, she usually was. It was silly to think she'd have to stay here for a couple days. She would have to go back and just be ready for the unexpected. She took a quick shower and put on some comfortable clothes before packing up her stuff and the reward money. She headed back to school.

    Once she arrived, she headed back to the principal's office, handing him the reward money. It was customary for him to take 50 percent and leave the rest for the student who actually pulled off the assignment. He took his share, handing Lyxia the rest of the cash. She shoved it in her backpack and headed off to class. As she walked back, her mind wandered back to that boy she had run into. Where was he? Was he still watching or had he given up entirely and gone home? Whatever he did, she had sincerely prayed that he did not find this school, otherwise, she would have screwed the whole school over and she would be kicked out....that or killed....And she wasn't keen on dying yet....
  12. "Nice school you got here."
    Leaning against a wall, opposite Lyxia, was John. With the nonchalance in his voice and movements, it was easy to mistake him as a student. His demeanour could have fooled the inexperienced, and anything he said sounded so... Natural. Walking callously up to her, he looked around as he did so, drinking in the sight of the new environment with no more expression than someone who knew the place like the back of their hand. "I must say, giving that dagger to your head teacher... This is no ordinary place of education, is it? Truly fascinating. I can't say I had an inkling that a place like this even existed. Ah well, now I do, maybe I'll take a look around. I'll say you brought me here - it is, after ll, partially true. You WERE quite easy to follow."
  13. Lyxia's jaw dropped when she heard the same voice from back from her assignment. She closed it quickly trying to find the source of the voice. Turning, she could see him walking up to her, all the while studying the school. She mentally kicked herself. The "leaving no trace of you behind" thing wasn't her strong suit. SHe would have to work on that a little bit more. She glared at the boy, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck.

    "Don't you dare divulge any info about this school to anyone, understand? If you do, I will hunt you down and kill you myself! I guess I'll just have to say your my good friend who transferred here from his old school. I will talk to the principal after classes and you will come with....It is the least you can do for following me here....Unless you don't plan on getting seen and if that is the case, good luck with that....You'll be found eventually...Everyone is found here....depending on your skill at hiding...."

    She let go of his collar and threw him one last glare. A glare that clearly said "Go hide yourself or go away...." With that, she sauntered into class just as the bell rang and she sat down at her desk, trying to forget the boy.
  14. "And in the meantime, I do what?"
    Shrugging nonchalantly, John paced into a toilet cubicle, whistling an opening to an anime he had grown fond of. However, it promptly turned to subdued humming, upon realising he couldn't whistle quietly. He theorised that he was causing Lyxia a large amount of stress, and watching her get angry was something that he found quite amusing. He did think her reactions made her look something else, but it dawned on him that the sole thing she would look was angry. And this was his entire aim - to pass the time, at least. He was notorious at his old school for being a smart-mouth, having constantly backed someone bigger - and usually more stupid - into a verbal corner. They responded by lashing out, John responded by using his superior dodging skills to taunt them further. But it was only ever the people who deserved it - he still retained some vestige of humanity in his twisted mind. This subject was something he philosophised hard on, whilst waiting for Lyxia.
    The classic "squat on the toilet lid so nobody sees your legs" technique had been used.
  15. Lyxia looked at the clock. FOr some reason or another, she could not get him out of her head. She had tried and tried, but failed every single time. The clock was mocking her on top of that which made things a whole lot worse. Once the bell rang for class to be out, however, she was thanking the clock and ran out into the halls, trying her best not to look like she was looking for anyone, but her eyes scanned the halls. Had he really listened to her and left? She hoped so. It was for his own good.

    She sauntered off towards her next class. She had to stop by her locker on the way there to exchange her books. Opening her locker, she still tried to stay wary, just in case that boy caught her eye. She placed all her books into the locker and switched them for new ones, stuffing them into her backpack. There. She closed the locker, securing it with a lock and headed off towards her next class.
  16. Getting rather bored, John was attempting to fall asleep, in order to pass the time. However, it dawned upon him that such a feat would prove immensely difficult, taking into account that he was not the kind of person to sleep for long periods of time, or that often for that matter. Instead, he slept for slightly less than the amount specified as healthy for his age, and that was when he was finally able to force himself into a state of vague tiredness. So, with his legs crossed on the toilet seat, he pondered the day's events, wondering how on earth he had even thought getting caught up in this was a good idea. He was beginning to curse himself and his lack of foresight, but there was one thought that persisted - Lyxia. Not specifically her, he had no interest in her now that he had found what she had been doing, and what she did with the dagger. No, instead, his mind wandered over what he would ask her when he got the chance - if he could find her. And, any information he couldn't get directly, he'd try and weasel out of her - such was life. Knowledge was power to him, and he intended to grab as much as possible, when sensible.
  17. It looked like Lyxia had dodged the bullet again. That was a huge load off her chest for the time being, but thoughts of the annoying boy kept plauging her mind. She sighed in disgust as she entered her next class. Hopefully this one would take her mind off of him for at least a little while. If it didn't, these thoughts of him would finally drive her to the edge of madness. She sat down in her seat and proceeded to read the chapter they would go over in this class, trying desperately to forget about that boy. Soon the teacher walked in and class started before she knew it.

    Time passed by slowly, much to Lyxia's dismay. She pouted, packing her books back up in her bag since she had already completed today's assignment and handed it in already. She was usually known for completing the homework at school. That way she didn't have to worry herself over her homework at home and leave her apartment strictly for relaxing purposes. Although, relaxing would be a bit difficult today. Especially since a certain boy kept wandering in and out of the girl's thoughts. As the bell rang, she waited to leave until all the students were through stampeding out of the classroom. When the coast was clear she checked the halls cautiously. If he were out there, she would know. She refused to be caught off guard. Once that she saw that she couldn't see him, she raced towards the front exit of the school, hoping against all hope that he would not notice that she was leaving.
  18. "Good afternoon."
    Face pulled into a serious expression, while showing about as much emotion as a stone, John was leaning nonchalantly against one of the gates. To anyone, he would appear to just be another face in the crowd - after all, people were often desperate to leave the school, and just one more face in inconspicuous clothes would be just that. Thus, he remained hidden - in a sense. Nobody bothered to notice that he was not a student t the school, and even if they did, they would probably not care enough, having more important things to attend to. "Believe me, I don't want to be here much. And your school's rather boring as well. But, thing is, people are probably out looking for me, and I don't want to be found."
    A dark, brooding look played fleetingly on John's face, his features contorting minutely for a fraction of a second. However, his expressionless face returned before anything significant took place, and he gave Lyxia a stern look - not a common occurrence for one such as him.
    "Get me into your school, nd away from the general public, and you'll have my word that I won't bother you again. At least, to an extent within my power."
  19. Lyxia sighed. She had failed, and miserably, to get home without seeing him. But, it was too late now. She had no choice. She looked at John sternly as well.

    "I can get you in, but whether it will help you stay hidden from the people you want to stay hidden from is entirely up to you. And I really don't care if you bother me or not, just don't interfere with my studies and we can be cool with each other. I will go talk to the principal in the morning and you are coming with if you want to be accepted into the school....Got it? Be here at 7:00 am tomorrow morning and I will take you up to his office..."

    Lyxia moved around John, waving non-chalantly as she walked back to her apartment. She wasn't ready to handle such a nuisance as him, but she couldn't help it now. He wanted to join the school? Just what was he planning if he was planning anything at all? She sighed as she stepped inside her apartment, throwing her backpack onto the floor and plopping onto her couch. Images of John kept popping into her head. For some reason, he was all that had been on her mind recently. His attitude, the way he held kinda flipped a switch on for her. It flipped the "semi-interested" switch on in her. She sighed deeply and closed her eyes. She just wanted to get some rest now. School was always exhausting for her and now that she had to help that boy, she needed even more rest than she usually did. Thankfully she wouldn't have to deal with him until tomorrow. Hopefully.....
  20. With a lack of place to go, and the deal with Lyxia already in progress, there was little in the way of sleeping quarters that John could even consider. The weather was not considerably bad, and if he wasn't too picky, it was even a temperature that he could tolerate. But the most immediate problem was how he was going to kill time - John was a light sleeper, and he counted himself lucky if he got even close to the recommended amount. This in mind, he wandered the general area, gathering his bearings before the following day. It would pay to know the surrounding area, if only to know where he could buy something to eat. Hunger was not a foreign concept, and neither was sleeping on the floor. Or a floor, for that matter. Asking to stay at Lyxia's would seem unbecoming - and stalker-y - so such an option was not viable. Instead, in a secluded corner of a park, that looked like even the pigeons had abandoned it, John fell asleep. The grass as his bed, his head resting on a makeshift pillow (made via folding up his shirt), he rested his weary body. The weather was significantly warmer than the ever-present chill in England, and John had not quite djusted - thus, allowing himself to remove some insulation was a blessed relief.