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  1. Premise: In the world of Deretor, there are four kingdoms, who have been living in uneasy peace:

    Virnon - A kingdom which is known for its crafts, fortifications and war machines. Ruled by a high lord who distributes resources to the various guilds.

    Kimel - The smallest kingdom, and yet one of the more dangerous. They are known for above-average weapons and warriors. Ruled by the Great One, the greatest warrior, found in tournament every five years from the various city rulers.

    Theo - The greates mercentile force in Deretor. They have an abundance of all types of materials, and are ruled by a council.

    Moraan - The “Kingdom” of mages, the collage of will, where all Willcasters are sent to harness their abilities. Large enough to have its own economy, and ruled by the three Greatest ‘casters.

    You will be a mercenary group, sent contracts by various people. I am willing to try a player leader, and see how it goes, unless you don't want one. Your actions will affect how you are seen in the world, and thus the contracts you will get.

    Things to Know:


    Humans - Are human. Not much to say. Age range: 19-45

    Drakes - Humanoid dragon-esque beings with Large draconic wings, a scaled body, large reptilian tail, Slit pupiled eyes, claws, and Draconic horns on head. They have simple abilities as wilders as well as a breath weapon, the domain of which depends on scale color


    Red - Fire

    Blue - Water

    Silver-Cyan - Ice and Frost

    Green - Air / Wind

    Yellow - Lightning

    Black - Shadows & Darkness

    Purple - Acid & Poison

    Orange - Animal / Plant

    Beige / Light Brown - Earth / Stone

    White - Body / Spirit [Healing]

    Age Range: 25-125

    Fey - Humanoid beings who are very close to nature, and live in tribes. They always have wilder abilities, albeit with a large range of strengths and aspects. Their looks depend on their type. Age Range: 19 - 45

    TYPES OF FEY (open)

    Wood Fey

    Tan - Brown skin tones ; Hair and Eyes - Greens and Vibrant colors ; Taller & Thinner Bodies ; Long Pointed Ears

    Snow Fey

    Pale - White Skin ; Color range of icy blues and light greys to white ; Closest to human proportions

    Dune Fey

    Color range of sandy-browns, sky blues and yellow-oranges ; Shorter than humans ; Ears flat on heads ; Long, wide fingers for tunneling

    Spore Fey

    Shorter than humans and Stocky ; Mottled skin ; color range of dark greys to earthly browns ; No hair ; Ear-Holes (Think Lizards) Long, clawed fingers that can secrete poisons

    Reef Fey

    Amphibious ; Blue skin and color scheme ; Translucent hair ; Webbed fingers / toes ; Fin-like ears.


    HALF BREEDS (open)
    Full-Blood --> Half-Breed

    Fey-Children (Fey + Human)

    Full Fey Body Appearance and Skin tone --> Fey Attribute and Color Scheme

    Wilder Abilities --> 90% Chance with less strength / 10% with comparable

    No Willcasting --> Potential Willcasting

    Drake-Kin (Drake + Human)

    Fully Scaled --> Scaled arms and legs

    Large Reptilian Tail --> No tail

    Fully Functional Wings --> Smaller Wings that can Glide

    Elemental Breath / Abilities --> No Breath / Weaker Abilities

    No Willcasting --> Potential Willcasting

    Half-Fey Drakes

    Fey Body-Type & Attributtes, Covered with scales

    Scale color determined by Drake Parent, but can be influenced by species of Fey
    (Reef Fey + Red Drake = Red or Blue)
    (Spore Fey + Green Drake = Green or Purple)

    Tail, Small vestigial wings

    Breath Ability & Wilder Powers (Strengthened)


    There are no “classes” as you may think of them from normal RPGs. Your class is a mixture of your station, how you fight or act, ETC. So, you can come up with something you know, or something new.


    Most medieval and fantasy type weapons. If you have an idea, run it by me or put it in your CS and I'll tell you if you must change it.


    There are two types of magic: Willcasting and Wild Magic.

    Wild Magics are the energies that permeate anything natural and all living beings. From fire to water to stone. From Plants to animals to Humans. Even Sound Waves, Light and everything the nature provides. Wilders are able to manipulate these energies:

    MORE DETAILS (open)
    A Wilder is able to use the wild magics to manipulate the world around them. Every wilder is born with different abilities and strengths. Wilders can have multiple abilities, however it requires more training to control all these abilities in order to prevent being ripped apart and becoming one with the nature.

    A Wilder must live with his/her abilities for the rest of the life, as they cannot be removed or added to an individual.

    Aspects of abilities:
    Fire / Heat
    Earth / Stone
    Air / Wind
    Ice / Frost
    Shadows / Darkness
    Body / Spirt
    Acid / Poison
    Animal / Plant
    Gravitation / Telekinesis
    Mind / Telepathy

    Will Magic is Magic that is created through the Arcane strings of the universe and the user's imagination. Willcasters, or 'casters, are able to do this, and Only humans, or half-breeds up to the third generations

    MORE DETAILS (open)
    The user is born with the power of Will Magic and must learn how to control it. However it is much harder to learn and master than Wild magic, since it requires mostly the imagination and concentration of the user, whereas Wild Magic uses natural phenomenons.

    Since Will magic uses the caster's own mental power, if too much or something too complex is attempted, it can damage, break or even destroy their mind.

    Invoking - The basic art which is creating a shape, such as an arrow or sphere or line, out of Pure arcana and controlling it mentally.

    Evoking - Taking a creation and imbuing it with an element, such as stone, water, fire and properties, such as explosive, solid, etc.

    Conjuration - Creating a physical object out of arcana, one that can be interacted with, such as a sword. or a wall

    Alteration - Altering the state or properties of an object, such as making boots heavier or melting ice on a freezing day.



    Tier 1 - Novice - Tiny and Short; Invoking Spells Only (i.e. tennis-ball sized spectral energy)
    Tier 2 - Amateur - Somewhat useful Spells; Invoking Spells Only (i.e. Soccer-Ball sized spectral energy)
    Tier 3 - Trained - Useful Spells; Invoking & Alteration Spells Only (i.e. Chest-sized object; Increase Density of objects without affecting weight)
    Tier 4 - Intermediate - Quite trained; Invoking, Alteration & Conjuration Spells Only (i.e. Body-sized object; Change Color and Shape of objects; Create basic weapons [arrows, swords, shields, etc.])


    Tier 5 - Expert - Very Talented; Invoking, Alteration, Conjuration & Evoking (i.e. hut-sized object; Change Appearance & Sensation of objects; Advanced Weapons & Armors [Polearms, Arcane Armors, etc.], Add Elements to existing Objects)
    Tier 6 - Master - Extremely Talented; Invoking, Alteration, Conjuration & Evoking (i.e. house-sized object; Turn individuals and objects invisible, Multiple Weapons [multiple flying swords, rain of arrows, etc.] Add passive effects to multiple existing objects [emiting lightning bolts, inhibit sound, etc.])
    Tier 7 - Grand-master - Ultimate Power; Your imagination is your limit.

    Shape Examples

    Sphere / Dome
    Cube / Rectangle
    Polygons (Hexagon, Pentagon, etc.)

    THE GODS (open)

    Chorim - The Maker (M) - Father of the Gods. Dwells in the Throne room. Presides over all of Creation

    Telaril - The Mother (F) - Mother of the Gods. Dwells in the garden. Presides over the seasons and Fertility

    Venerim - The Justicar (F) - Guards the gates to Gorion Toth. Presides over Justice and laws. Often in conflict with Bilmont

    Librom - The Mystic (M) - Can be found on Deretor, Reveling in nature. Presides over wild magic and nature.

    Librem - The Scholar (M) - Found in the Library. Presides over Willcasting and Scholars.

    Kha’as - The Reaper (M) - Collects the souls of the dead, to care for them until they return to the cycle.

    Bilmont - The Schemer (M) - Can be anywhere, causing trouble for his siblings. Presides over Stealth, Trickery and Luck.

    Vior - The Traveller (F) - Wanders the realms and roads. Presides over travellers and wanderers and roads.

    Tilnor - The Craftsman (M) - Found in the workshop or smithy. Presides over craftsman of all kinds.

    Doreem - The Warrior (M) - Presides over batle Mythical figure in the stories of the Nodorim Berzerkers.


    Rewards will be given in the form of money, and possibly legendary items. You can use the money to buy new items. Those who use magic may also upgrade some facet of their skill, be it control, endurance, or more power. You can also pay for upgrades for your current equipment, including enchanting.

    10 iron=1 bronze
    10 bronze=1 silver
    10 silver=1 gold



    During all direct combat scenarios and actions against the enemy will have overall structure from me but the details will be up to the players (i.e. I'll write something like "you can kill three guys, or two and strike at the mini boss" or the such, and allow the player to improvise how he kills them). If players would like to take some sort of direct action not offered, simply run it by me in I'll give you the possible results of that action.

    Mooks (Untitled enemies) Are able to be killed to the number given. Titled enemies, {Elites ; Minibosses ;Bosses ; Megabosses} Are all enemies that you must post strikes for, rather than outright killing them. Your characters can also take wounds. Wounds will work with light, medium and heavy.

    Light wounds are superficial, they won't affect a character's ability, but the player must acknowledge that they occur during the post. Players may also have the liberty of doing this on their own, though during some situations I will require this to happen to characters. Medium wounds will affect the combat capability of a character, either through a disability that prevents using certain equipment or just a decrease in effectiveness. Heavy wounds completely incapacitates the character; he becomes vulnerable to an execution move by an enemy if not aided by a comrade.

    MORE ON WOUNDS (open)

    • LIGHT- Doesn't really affect you. From minor paint scratches to shallow cuts and bullet grazes, stuff like that make a Light wound. You can take these in your combat post if you wish. May or may not make later wounds easier to take/more severe. When I give them to you, you must emote (write them out) them in your post, and they must fit the situation that gave you the wound
    • MEDIUM- Affects your combat capabilities in some way. There are 3 terms I sometimes use. Given during my posts, and must be emoted in the same way as Lights.

    1. Light-Medium means that it isn't really bad. Perhaps crushed chest armor (makes chest more vulnerable)
    2. Medium is the base. From crushed armor to a severed limb, most anything goes. Middle of the road may be a cut leg muscle that makes you slower to move.
    3. Medium-Heavy Are bad. Severed limbs are the topmost example.

    • HEAVY- Wounds that severely damage your characterto the point that it hurts too much to move, or is just completely impossible. These are allocated and emoted by me, so you needn't worry about having to be fair with these.Executions can happen if you aren't rescued (either by all enemies around you getting killed or wrapped up in combat, someone dragging you to safety, or someone shielding you with their body.

    Gambits are high-risk, high-reward maneuvers that can turn the tide of battle if successful, or seriously hinder you is they don't work.


    I will ask that people post at least once a day. I would personally prefer more, but I realize that RL and timezones prohibit that in plenty of cases. I will post a full moving update once a day, Approximately every 24 hours, or once everyone has posted. in addition, I will post more often during downtime (Probably once two or three people post) in order to allow some greater character development. In combat, unless it will cause problems at that time, I will post a combat group update once the entire group posts

    Again, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, let me know


    Character Sheet (open)


    Appearance: (Description, Pic, or Mix)

    Battle Style: (Optional)

    Personality: (Optional)
    History: (Optional)

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  2. I'm hooked, lined, and sunk.
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  3. Yay!

    ...oh jeez, I forgot the character sheet, huh?
    Character Sheet (open)


    Appearance: (Description, Pic, or Mix)

    Battle Style: (Optional)

    Personality: (Optional)
    History: (Optional)
  4. Well what are the draw backs from the fey and drakes? Humans are not strong but not weak, what about the other two?
  5. Hm?

    I suppose most are socio-political. Such as Fey being slaves in many areas, and distrust of Drakes.
  6. Alright theN. Well I'm gonna play the character I always play when given the chance. The monstrous drake. Gimme a bit and I'll give you a CS for you to review
  7. Wait a second. How bestial are drakes?
    This level?
  8. Hnm...
    Closer to that...

    And for reference...
  9. My friend. You have captures my love for reptilian creatures perfectly. For that I thank you
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  10. Name: Krubar the Stone Tower

    Gender: Male

    Race: Drake

    Class: Strength based unarmed brawler

    Age: 94

    Appearance: 14 feet tall mass of Dark brown scales with some lighter shades on his inner areas. His skin looks like it's been made of rock, and the scales seem a bit jagged. He has large, heavily protected wings that makes him able to fly distances. He has massive, thick claws on both of his hands, but they're dull and used more as a means to climb than combat, but it is used for both.

    His has six horns, four small stubs that go from his forehead to the middle, and a longer version that loops around his ear holes like a rams horn.

    Equipment: He has made it a point to fight bare fisted against all, and use his skin as his armour. The only real equipment he has is leather belts across his body to hold various potions, and a massive leather backpack to sate his pack rat habits

    Stone skin: The only gift he gained magic wise, he has scales as hard as stone

    Strength: Even for his size, Rukar is incredibly strong, said to have the strength of a hundred men

    Battle Style: Bare fisted Bruiser style

    Personality: Amused and seeking the thrills in life. He enjoys the simple things in life, and his simple minded nature is a testament to that

    History: Raised in a tribe of primal Drakes, he was the legend of his home for his incredible size and strength. If it wasn't for a raiding party of human, the world would never have known of such a beast. Krubar single handedly destroyed the party, finding humans as interesting prey. His foolishness was letting a few stragglers get away

    Those stragglers spread tales of the monster living in a village in a land where beasts were larger than a normal human, and so the hunt for this beast became the greatest achievement to be earned. So the hunting parties went to his village, and they killed his kin in their attempts, and they killed and killed and killed.

    After a few decades, he was the only soul left in his village still stuck in his body. After having nothing left to stay there, he went and travelled the world, learning of the world that destroyed his own. Some say he's just an empty she'll of a beast, wandering the world in search of a reason to live. Others say he he plots revenge on the stragglers who spread the stories, tracking them down one by one and literally tearing them limb from limb

    But of course, a few state that he was sent to this earth by the unicorn gods themselves, so one must never listen to legends
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  11. I have a question. What's the average height of a Drake?
  12. Hi! This seems like a really cool idea, and I was wondering if this was open to more people(?) If not, happy new year and I hope this goes well for you guys!
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  13. 6'6" - 8 foot range
    Of course we're open! Just started checking interest today! :-)
  14. Yay! I'll get on a character sheet for a Drake tomorrow or the day after. How many characters can one player have? If I can, I would like to do another species.
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  15. I am setting a hard limit on three. You can do up to three if you feel you can handle that many.

    I may ask, though, to limit it to two later, depending on how many people I get.
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  16. Got it. I don't think I would be able to do more than two, so that's completely fine :). Also, is the magic more for humans/mages/kingdom or for the Drakes (or both)? Sorry - first time roleplaying a fantasy oriented roleplay like this.
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  17. @Ellery

    The outline should have everything about the magic and how the races work with it.

    If I missed something, please let me know!
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  18. Oh, yep. I see it now. Thanks for clearing that up for me! I'll get back to you in the next few days with a character sheet or two :).
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  19. Hm, whut?
  20. Exactly it's something completely ridiculous
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