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  1. I am on the hunt for new role play partners, of course.
    1. I am looking for FxM, that's it.
    2. Please give me two paragraph responses if you can, it keeps things interesting and whatnot. Also it gives some structure than one liners do.
    3. Everyone knows not to power play, or god mode. All that stuff.
    4. Blah blah, standard rules.
    5. I also like to get to know my partners, so I like having conversations in private messages. We can do separate things, like one PM for chatting and the other for our role play. Yay~!
    6. Please tell me if you get bored. We can stop and think about something fun to add in to the role play, or try something else. I won't bite your head off, okay?

    Demon x Princess*: There are two kingdoms that are in the land of Asgaroth, one of the mortals and the one of the demons. A long time ago, the two kingdoms were at war with each other that lasted for many months. The mortal king started to lose his best warriors, but he was too prideful to end the war until his wife told him that there had been enough death and their baby didn't need to grow up in fear. From that, he made an agreement for a treaty. The demon king acknowledged it and agreed to it, just because he grew bored of the war.

    Now, seventeen years later, the princess of the mortals have finally come of age to be married off. Her parents arranged her to be married, but she doesn't want to go through with it. So, she sets off to run away. Not knowing the realm of the demons, she sets foot in their forest. In the treaty it states that mortals were not going to set foot in demon territory or their treaty would be broken, and vice versa. The demon prince actually saves the princess from being killed by one of his kin, and he takes her captive.

    What will happen to the princess?

    I can take either role in this.

    Vampire x Mortal*: Lord Kamijo sends out a glorious invitation out to people across the land. He is the head of the council of the vampires, and he made it a crime for any vampire to feed on humans when they were unwilling. Of course it was a silly rule, but with that rule set, vampires and humans co-existed with each other for many years without problems. Now a masquerade ball was being prepared, and he was known for throwing them.

    Humans were still weary of vampires gathering, so some avoided it all together while the ones that wasn't phased by them went to the ball. A woman sets foot into the grand ballroom, her blood smelt the sweetest in the room. The vampire lord quickly introduces himself to her before any other vampires could, but he also has to fight the urge to sink his fangs in her neck.

    Will Kamijo be able to hold himself or will things turn for the worse?

    I will take Kamijo's role in this.

    List of other things I do, but the ones above I really want to do.
    I can think of plots for the ones listed below.

    Pirate x Pirate
    Prince x Servant
    Princess x Servant
    Princess x Knight
    Elf x Mortal
    Kidnapper x Hostage
    Doll x Doll Maker
    Boss x Worker

    Here is a list of fandoms that I do!
    Note that I do OC x Canon.
    We can do AU, or OC x OC as well.

    Air Gear*
    Death Note
    Fruits Basket
    Ouran High School Host Club
    The Hobbit
    Lord of the Rings
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Harry Potter
    Once Upon A Time*
    Final Fantasy 7, 10, and 10-2.
    Kingdom Hearts
    Alice in Wonderland*

    Suggest suggest suggest!
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  2. I would love to do the vampire x mortal one :)
  3. Sounds great. Just shoot me a PM. :)
  4. Could we possibly do the fandom for FFX-2
  5. Yes, just shoot me a PM. :)
  6. If you're willing to do more than one of the same plot, I'm interested in the Vampire x Mortal one.
  7. Hey hey hey. ^^ I don't know if you remember, but I played the princess for that first plot on a board of yours a few months back. (Split Kingdoms, I think it was)
    I don't suppose you'd be interested in trying that out again, would you?
  8. I would love to. Just shoot me a message. ♥
  9. The Demon x Princess, Inuyasha, and Fruits Basket ideas interest me. Is there one out of those three that you really want to do?
  10. Either of them sound good to me. I am not picky. c:
  11. Haha, neither am I. I'll send you a pm so we can figure out the Inuyasha plot a bit; it's a toss up between that and the Demon x Princess.
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