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Like the title says.


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willow portrait.png

Last picture is a character in a story of mine. Take no note of her last name, it's not real. :P It's her occupation, you know, that's what last names used to be.

Also, she would never make that expression. <.<
Hey, it's you. You're old.

I don't know what to say to that. If you were so colorful, it would be easier to spot you and shoot you, I guess. Unless you were like, in a Chuck E Cheese ball pit, or something.
Yes, I'm old. And yes, I remember what you did last time. *snicker* Just kidding.

But seriously, I wish I could color like that. Digitally.
My only advice is practice, and look at a LOT of art. Seriously, I spend some time every day looking at art I admire (DeviantArt helps with that) and I try to emulate what I like.
While I find your colors splendid, and indeed envy them as much as the Cap'n does, I find them still too unrefined for the lack of lines in your work.
It seems like only yesterday you were doing surprisingly good MS Paint works(that was you, right? I'll be so embarrassed if I've gotten you mixed up with someone else).

"Zombie" is my favorite of the three. I like the coloring and hairstyle well enough, but the combination of her expression and the vomit-like trail makes me chuckle. I think it appeals to my fondness for magical realism. It makes me think "Huh? You caught me at a moment... Yeah, I'm a zombie, but it's really not that big a deal. No, decaying is gross; I just eat brains sometimes. What were you about to ask me before that?"
@ Fel, Unrefined how? I'll take any advice possible. I don't know much color theory, so... Do you mean too vibrant? Or.. I should have more lines?

I avoid lines, because I feel like they restrict me, especially when it comes to hair. <.<

I like bright colors, and it's hard to work color theory if I don't like the colors I should be using...

@Coffee, yeah, that was probably me.
Hah... Hah... Other people said something else about the liquid dribbling from her mouth..
I was originally going for a vacant look, but I didn't gray her eyes enough so she looks like a semi-aware zombie. Just a bit dazed, though.

Oh, if you like 'magical realism', I don't know if you'd like my paintings. I get them back sometime soon because I didn't put frames on them soon enough to enter them into the county fair, haha. The two I'm thinking about are definitely surreal; not really realism at all...
I feel that although it works for these pieces fine, as a whole the texture of the hair is glaring on bottom, other than that fine work indeed.
I noticed you let the body of the color define the lines, as opposed to having lines physically there, I like that. Especially in the middle picture. The hair descends down to a darker hue while the foreground graduates to a light shade in the background. Coupled with the dress that melts into the ground she seems to be sitting on, and the hair framing her body, it gives it an overall neat effect.

Good job.
I think I'm starting to see what you mean, Fel. I've got a better sense of bangs and hair that makes bangs, but with long hair, I'm still not used to thinking of it as locks or chunks of hair...

I sort of work at it like a block of color that has texture on it, as opposed to chunks of hair that lay close together. There's where I get messed up. I can keep the right mind set when I work on bangs and short hair, but long hair is harder for me, I guess I get lazy.

Oh, it's something I definitely have to improve on.... I'm trying.

@ Butterfly
Thank you. <3 Truthfully, I wanted to have a waterfall in her hair instead of a fade to blue, but I couldn't get the waterfall to look good. And just water in general. In order for the water to really look good in her hair, her haid would have had to been shaped like the water, which wasn't what I wanted; I wanted it to look like a silhouette of hair, but instead of being a solid color, a sort of mask with a waterfall or water... It didn't work, so I turned the idea into a simple doodle.

But the fact that you still think it looks good makes me happy. <3
I Apologize if I'm gruff, that's just the Troll in me.
Ah, no, you weren't. Troll as in attention seeking internet fiend, or destructive ugly creature?

Anyways, this is towards the thread in general, but

Line art for my riddle book.
I'm freakin tired, and I wanted to share this (with my whole internet community in general) so I did, I'll fix the errors tomorrow (weirdness in the necks? I don't know)

And if you don't look at it, at least let me say this. Down mohawk. Dress shirt. Hotness.

Points for suspenders.

Ah. No one interesting like that lives around here in this dumb, dumb desert. It's like a desert for plants and a desert for everything exciting. I hate this place. D:<
Ty, ty. <3 Will come back with more new colored stuff in like a week or two, I'm away from my work space for my spring break.