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Meow (no title)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hello Luna, Jul 19, 2014.

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  1. Need a partner to rp play a straight teacterxstudent relationship. Nothing too sexual considering we aren't in the mature section. There needs to be a plot, and more than two lines of writing.
    Please ask before joining. c:

    So what I want to happen is someone will be the teacher and the other will be the student. The teacher (male) is an english teacher and he is living with his cousin, who starts at the school and befriends the student (female), and it will go on from there c:
  2. Hello :D So I would like to join, and I'm female. If you can't tell. O.O Anyways, if I am allowed to join this is my little.. Sign up thing XD

    Carly sighed silently as she walked out of the Administrators office, having just gotten her schedule. She walks down the hall, looking for her locker so she can grab the stuff she needs (( She was able to go to the school at least a week before so she can put her books and supplies in her locker )) , once she finally finds it she grabs her books for her first few periods.

    She looks at her schedule she notices that her first class is Health, she groaned before looking around. Having absolutely no idea where the class is she starts to wander around the halls. Hoping another student or a teacher was walking around.
  3. "Excuse me," I call to a student wondering down the hall, it was early in the day and I had no time for trouble maker students, "What are you doing out of your class" I walk closer to the female student. She turns around, her arms full of books, she was clearly struggling. "Timetable?" I open my hand, she juggles a few book to reach into her pocket, and hands me the folded paper, "Health class?" I raise my brow, "Follow me."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.