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  1. Not every response will be this long from me, unless requested and if anyone wishes to take this to one-on-one (I don't mind getting personal xD just messaged instead), that's no issue either, though group role play is of course welcome.

    No genre chosen because anything is open and possible.


    Name: Levari Mentum
    Age: 24
    Horoscope: Cancer
    Habits: Alcohol and being mysterious
    Laughing at odd times, being stubborn and difficult to phase
    Being strict and strong like a current
    Role: House owner and Landlord
    Blood: Pure Irish
    Hair: Scarlet Red Length: Long to waist
    Eyes: Azure Blue Green
    Clothes: Dark brown Harems Pants, Dark green and dark brown trimmed button up with open vest. First two buttons undone like a boss
    Barefoot and wearing a hided brace on each arm and leg.

    Levari is an odd one,
    he's strong and tall,
    yet slender and had the features of a youngin.
    Being his age he's often mistaken for a youngin, he laughs in the face of danger and finds a loophole in anything and everything. One thing is, Levari has a few secrets and life is always active and crazy, something is always happening to make life an adventure.
    From studio task to saving someone's life, to having difficultly with a doughnut ship owner for not making damned vegan doughnuts.
    He's a tough cookie on the outside, but who knows what's in there, Levari is known by most village neighbors and they hold high value of his place as village leader, how is that so?
    How will Levari handle new encounters after being a hermit in this house for 10 years?
    The only resident in this home is Levari, and the often visiting Calum of the wood shop down the way.
    As one may see, Levari lives his life among animals, and has until today, Levari is an animal himself.
    Lacking in certain manners or common sense responses and courtesies.
    Never even experienced a teen life or the knowledge of childhood, only knowing first what living to survive is and surviving to live.
    This is the first humane situation Levari has been in.

    The Scene:

    Today was the day,
    "OPEN HOUSE" In nice big fancy bold green letters, because green was the best Grandmother said.
    On a soft moist dirt road, down a couple miles out of a old village town, the sun had been up for only a couple hours at this point in the day.
    The dew was still fresh in it's perfect form upon perfectly tamed and nurtured grass and surrounding wild life of botany.
    The road came to a halt as the a stream of weathered birch wood planks had aligned tall and sturdy with cobbles stones perfectly squared away along the bottom.
    There was no way to see over the fence, only overgrowth of trees and berry bushes had been in sight. After walking up to the sign-post staked in the ground in front of the fence with fresh dirt scent, the wooded gates with metal trims of iron stood clear and wide open to welcome any on coming traffic.
    "OPEN HOUSE" You'd have probably seen every sign along the way there. In the direction of the signs arrows, you've been brought to the Share House,
    Once entering the fenced area, coming down the grassy plot, passing by a number of unexplained botany art display with multiples of plants, varying from the tropical Taro to the Musa, to the Passion fruits in the broken pot display to Venus traps and cat tails galore.
    There had been a building off in the distance, not too far ahead from the entrance, about 150 yeards or so down the way, you could see a large two story home that had a number of 14 windows in front, all decorated in the chinese style of rice paper shutters and sliding front door.
    The rice paper shutters were wide open and the open door made the place feel and seem inviting and somewhat comfy.

    The canaries flew through to the 18 room housed bird mansion to the left court yard, painted odd colors, the birds seemed to fancy the place.
    A few felines had beamed through on the way running with chickens after them,
    A shout in the back, inside the house has shocked the wildlife around, for a second all critters jolted in unison.
    "OH MY GOATS! YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!?!?!" A thick Irish burly voice daunted,
    Responding back,
    "Is it REALLY Necessary to shout like that!?" A french accent thick to the Croissant in croissant with
    A low strained voice snapped back immediately in frustration.
    The sound of running foot steps could be heard 25 yards away,
    Chasing and banging, the sweet smell of baked good and soup was in the air.
    But only those with a good nose would be able to tell the ingredients to this heavenly tasting scented house.
    This house?

    Well, if you walk to the left of the front door, out front there is a post board with all plank wood, seemingly been hand made, shady nail job, and plastered up papers with rental agreements and list of bills and benefits of joining them----- well, may have to get closer, it's tiny text...
    "Welcome to Mentum Household!
    Where all residents are family,
    And if you would like to live off the land outside of the house on safe grounds,
    We have accommodations for that as well!
    This week we are having our renewel of opening our family home to outsiders!
    We have a booking of 6 rooms and the rentals include groceries, hygiene needs, and cleaning necessities, We have three single rooms, two up state rooms and one family room.
    Each room is well kept and fully furnished, Not only are you signing up to be a resident but family!
    We have no judgement or boundaries here, well few, but other wise, all welcome!

    Please see Levari Mentum inside to discuss any questions or rental agreements!"
    The clouds had an abundance of cumulus effect and seemed heavy with rain, yet the sun still shone through, cicadas sang their songs of mating and summer.
    you could tell they sang, "Our time is now, Our time is now"
    Three steps up to the door, it seemed if you peek inside there were shoes off inside on a shelf of cubbies. The floor polished wood, and a step up you reach the floor level of the house, a darker red polished wood that reflected the surroundings like water.
    The house was all natural wood, no paint seemed to be in sight, though many hanging plants, mostly sweet peas and evening glory, perhaps some spider monkey plants.
    Evening and morning glory vines had grown up the sides of the home, though the windows seems well protected and the plants seemed oddly perfectly maintained.
    The stomps could be heard from the lower level as they had reached up from the stairs in the house to second level, Pit-pat-pit-pat- Halted. Silence had stayed and all of a sudden you could hear laughter, an abundance of deep laughter.
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