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  1. Do you feel like you could benefit from having a more experienced writer work with you on your particular weaknesses, and/or roleplay with you so that you can improve through practice and following their example? Our Mentors can help!
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  2. I hope I'm doing this correctly!! Sorry if I'm not >//<

    Looking For: Advising Mentor
    Experience Level: I used to RP... Maybe 7 years ago, and I RP'd for 2 years~
    Weak Point: Probably getting the thoughts down! I think the greatest thing about RPing is that anything can happen... But sometimes I have trouble writing down what's on my mind. I read what others write and I am in awe at their way with words. I would like to improve this *^^*

  3. I would love to have a mentor help me learn how to RP... I have had many friends who roleplay, and I love to write and always wanted to get into roleplaying myself, but just never got the chance.

    Looking For: An intensive mentor.
    Experience Level: Completely new... never RP'd with anyone before.
    Weak Point: I feel like my writing in general is okay, but I never know where to start. I need some help getting going.

  4. Looking For: Intensive Mentor
    Experience Level: since middle school, so about 6-7 years? years of experience does not = skill though :3 i started as a kid, so..
    Weak Point: I need help with combat/fight scenes! (I know I wrote the workshop with Palonis), but I feel like that aspect of my writing needs help :D I can visualize fight scenes when other people write them, but I have to turn off my music, close my other browser tabs, and totally read it out loud to imagine it properly. I don't mind doing that, but in other things it's easy for me to imagine it, so I'd just like to be more fluent in these scenes.

    please and thank you! :]

  5. Looking For: Intensive Mentor
    Experience Level: Um... I used to roleplay actively about 5 years ago. I think I had been roleplaying for about 2-4 years. Sorry, I have a bad memory.
    Weak Point: I am extremely hesitant and shy. Also, I would like to improve my writing skills and expand my creativity. So, yeah. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Looking For: Advising Mentor
    Experience Level:
    I've been playing since middle school, so about 4-5 years. I wouldn't say I'm that good, though
    Weak Point:
    Honestly, I don't really know. That's kind of why I wanted a mentor; I don't really get much criticism on my writing and thus don't really know what's good/where I'm going wrong.

  7. Looking For: A mentor
    Experience Level: About a year or two
    Weak Point: I feel as if my writing isn't BAM. It doesn't stand out to people and I feel i need to work on that...

  8. Looking For: Um, Either Intensive or AdvisingExperience Level: Since I joined Iwaku, so December maybe? ^^
    Weak Point: When I read some people's writing it always flows so well, it's well worded, interesting and easy to read. I would like to learn how to do this too. Spacial awareness and the layout of rooms as well as fight scenes are some other points I would like to work on. Arigato ^^

  9. Looking For: either, or, but prefer to be intensive
    Experience Level: half of a month
    Weak Point: My biggest issue would probably be, getting started on talking. I have some small shyness issues, where i cannot speak... Kind of like a writers block.

  10. Looking For: Intensive Mentor, with a bit of advise thrown in:)
    Experience Level: I've been writing for a few years but only Rp'd since September.
    Weak Point: Keeping the flow in my texts and the balance between description and dialouge, my hesitation when writing as the opposite sex and lastly keeping my character true to their personality while still developing them through the story.

  11. Looking For: I think I’m looking for an Advisor
    Experience Level: About… oh guessing but I believe it to be four of five years now
    Weak Point: My biggest issue is the length. I’d like to learn how I could be more descriptive with my characters

  12. I hope I did this right. Well any help from anybody will be very much appreciated.
    Looking For: Intensive Mentor

    Experience Level: A few years, but sporadically
    Weak Point: I do write stories, so I assume writing is OK. I'm not one hundred percent sure though.

  13. Looking For: Intensive Mentor
    Experience Level: 7 months?
    Weak Point: Starting a post. I'm like "Okay! I'm gonna reply now." then, do I start?. Also, dialogue with others. I think I'm good with describing how my characters feel or act but when it comes to interacting with others, I get stumped. Lastly, I need advise on how to write in a non-romance rp.

  14. Looking For: Advising Mentor
    Experience Level: Seven years, five here.
    Weak Point: Beginning a post, some overall narrative. (ie: incorporating senses in my narratives)

  15. Looking For: Either, I'd be fine with intensive or advising.
    Experience Level: Eug...h... maybe 5 years?
    Weak Point: Whenever I'm writing, I feel like what I'm writing grows boring and possibly repetitive. I also have trouble making a post if there's little interaction between my partner and myself. So, it'd be nice to have some help with narrative.

  16. Looking For: Intensive
    Experience Level:
    Round about two years.
    Weak Point:
    Keeping in character and writing interesting, thoughtful posts. I feel like I'm a very bland writer. Also, expanding on characters and generally developing them through roleplay.

    Please and thank you!

  17. Hmm … I feel awkward requesting here. Generally I'm confident with my writing style. But there is always room for improvement and I do feel like there are weak points in my posting, so why not?! :D Not to be obnoxious, but I've added a section of what I am looking for in a mentor, just to help find someone who is willing to help me in that way, as well as links to some of my posts.

    Thank you to all mentors for helping Iwaku become a better place, and thank you to those asking for mentorship for the courage to improve!

    Looking for: Advising mentor

    Experience Level: I've been roleplaying for 5 years now. I am most active in Iron MUD texting games, I even made a group! I'm just making my first experiences with hosting a roleplay through Anarchy. I also write stories on the side … but … let's not go there :/

    Weak Point: I think a mentor would be quicker to grasp this than I can, but I do know of some distinct elements in my posts that bother me. First of all, they are, like, chapter-long. I keep having to add summaries. My posts are fine in length in my OnexOne with Sleepydreamer, but in large-scale RPs that fascinate me I go off and I feel like I start rambling. While I flatter myself as articulate, often my imagery seems either too bland or all cheesy and exaggerated to me D:

    I'm looking for: Someone who could lend a flow to my writing, teach me how to write more succinctly and avoid useless blather in my posts, and who can help me with descriptive language.

    Posts of mine: This is my OnexOne with Sleepydreamer, I play Elyaevin Palfile. This is the roleplay I've recently joined with a character called Elayna Aurora (post 35, page 2), Asmodeus's FateGuard. This is the roleplay I created wherein I have two characters, Keda Angharra (post 2, page 1) and Flavya de Rose (post 20, page 1).

  18. Looking For:advising mentor
    Experience Level: 6 years
    Weak Point: i am a one liner

  19. Looking For: Advising Mentor (Though I am just as willing to RP with them)
    Experience Level: I started in rping and writing around two years ago, but I have always loved telling stories and creating worlds and characters. So I have done some chat RP and have done forum RP for awhile now.
    Weak Point: I'm not even actually sure what I'm weak on, but I want to improve. I want to become a better writer and in the process become a better rper; not the other way around though.

  20. Looking for: intensive mentor
    Experience level: none haha sorry about that
    Weak point: I'd say my weak points would be writing, descriptiveness and I guess how to RP good.

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