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A world composed of the mind. A vivid, dream(or nightmare)-like land ruled by emotion. The land is populated by imagination. Creatures, created at the whim of a child, or a madman. All aspects of the mind are found represented here: Hate, Love, Intelligence, Brutality... They all fight a war for dominance.

From the island of Utopia, the Forces of Good rule the continents of Wisdom and Reason. The Council of Light controls the massive empire of Good, second only to the will of the Saint. The Great Virtues, Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility, each equal, compose the Council. They are the height of human intellect, each presiding over vast libraries the size of cities. They have mastered the arts of Magic, and fight with holy powers and disciplined tactics. Their reign is just, and their reach long. True Heroes lead their armies of Good into battle.

Deep in the massive castle-fortress Robespierre, tucked away in the Abomination Mountains, The Madman Lucien controls his legions of nightmare servants. Sick imaginings of mental patients populate the realm of Hate. Beneath Lucien is a sick parody of the Council of Good, each representing one of the major facets of the barbaric side of the mind, The Cardinal Sins(Greed, Sloth, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony), lead by the Capital Vices(Wrath and Pride). Their armies are monstrous creatures, evil and powerful. They master the infernal, shamanistic Magick, a mirror of the arcane knowledge of Magic. They send thousands of poorly armed, yet vicious soldiers into combat, led by powerful, varied Villains.

Some people have been known to visit the land, after near-death experiences, or traumatic events. You are one such.

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This is a personification of Good and Evil, inspired by the image at the top. This is in Interest Check mostly, because it's a check for interest, but also because I don't even know if I have the time to go through with it. D:

Note: This is based on the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues, but this has nothing to do with Christianity, beyond some similarities in idea. Hey, originality is dead, okay? >:/

You suffered some event, bringing you to the brink of death or sanity. During your time there, you found a place, a symbolic place. You may have returned, you may have not, this story does not concern that, but if you did, you left a part of yourself there. At first you were alone, but something brought you together with more of your kind, others from your world, brought to this one for the same reason you were. Perhaps Fate? A benign patron? Or a malevolent manipulation?

Each servant of Good or Evil can't help its nature. It was born into Mentane a part of either side. But you do not come from Mentane. You are an agent of Change. You have a choice.

But no one remains isolated from the War. You take a side, or you are lost in the storm.

Who will you join?