Mental Release

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  1. Elise closed her chestnut brown eyes in false contemplation when a cherry blonde nurse from across the room caught her gaze. Elise was in no mood to make conversation or even interact with anyone, especially not the cheerful woman with bright pink lipstick and irritating sunshine yellow pumps that clicked and clacked with every step she took. Despite her attempt to look deep in thought, the increasing volume of her heels notified Elise that she had failed to look occupied. "Elise, dear, what are you doing here all alone?" The nurse's voice sounded like screeching nails the to tiny girl. Clearing her throat, Elise answered in a barbie doll voice. "I'm not alone. I was just listening to Mandy talk about how beautiful your hair is today." The nurse smiled cheerfully and thanked "Mandy", completely oblivious to Elise's sarcasm. "Yes. I totally agree with her. It's so blond and perfect!" Elise continued. The nurse laughed and ruffled Elise's dark brown curls. "Awe honey, aren't you just precious. How about we go and do your hair. Elise snorted, breaking her facade, and slapped the nurses hand away. "Lady, I'm twenty-three years old. I think I know how to do my own damn hair." The blonde stepped back from the shock which gave Elise room to stand. "I swear, you're stupid as hell, aren't you? Clearly, "Mandy" does not exist and your blonde hair is about as fake as your tits. Who are you trying to impress anyway? We're all crazy in this rundown, mental home." Elise didn't wait for a reply before stomping away to the direction of her room.
  2. Arrow Hawkins

    "There he is, Arrow Leon Hawkins. 24 years old, no relatives and no family. Brought here 14 years ago for DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder. He claims to have a person talking to him in his mind, like a demon he calls Hawk. His is incredibly smart, and likes to be kept busy with something. Its best to do what he says and when he says to do it. He does have a over violence streak and its sudden. He doesn't yell or show any signs of anger until the last moment. The rest is on the clipboard. Good Luck with him" A large chubby thick set bearded man handed a nurse the clipboard. A nurse from New York shipped to the asylum in Great Britain where she had no friends and clearly she was scared. A few feet away her green eyes scanned the back of the white shirted man she would be taking care of for the rest of her life unless she got switched into a new asylum. Why she chose her job like this was beyond her. Looking down at her black heels and short nurses outfit she made her move.

    Walking closer to see he was only staring at the wall covered in the vines of a bush. They clung to the sides and grew in between the cement. She cleared her throat and spoke up, speaking nicely to get his attention which she was sure she already had. Not being able to see his face.
    "Hello, Arrow. My name is Megan Gray and I will be your caretaker." She took in a breath as he lifted his head and upon her seeing his face she was shocked. Everyone else looked worn down and old, even if they were very young. He was only 24 and he was very handsome, not a single blemish on his face. As if age had only made him more sexy. Megan blinked the thought from her mind, watching his movements and the way his blonde hair fluttered in the breeze. She didn't want to get hit suddenly from him so she backed away a few steps. His blue eyes boring into her green ones "Don't worry. We wont hurt you." He said and she nodded remembering what the doctor said. Agree quickly, her eyes asking for escape from his gaze she looked down at his hands and followed his veins up to his muscular arms. It was hot outside and she could tell he was hot, for his white shirt stuck to his abs. She blushed and looked away "Is there anything I get you?" She asked him quietly. He shook his head and remained in his position to sit and stare at the vines. Megan quickly took note of what his actions where and moved away from him, going inside to talk with the doctor.