Mental Madness

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  1. Warning!
    This story plot is NOT for the feint of heart, it contains great quantities of BLOOD, GORE, DEATH, SUGGESTED SEXUAL THEMES, AND MENTAL ILLNESSES.
    If you have a problem with any of the below situations I suggest you click away and not return to this post.
    Situations can include, but are not limited to:
    Mass Murder,Homicide
    Blood Baths/Gore Parties
    Asylum Break Out
    Masochistic and Sadistic Acts
    Detailed Death
    Strong Violence
    Torture/Strong Abuse
    These are but a few of the themes, all seeming relatively common or natural, but I can assure you they are not, they are a generalization of situations that are very sickening and dark. Please remember of you are feint of heart you do not belong here.

    You have been warned, enter if you dare.

    The underlined parts are the ones I will be playing.
    Pairings (Not Limited To)
    Murderer x Victim(M)
    Asylum Patient x Warden(M)
    Asylum Patient x Nurse (M/F)
    Asylum Patient x Visitor (M/F)
    Asylum Patient x Outsider (M/F)
    Student x Teacher(M)
    Student x Teacher(M/F)
    Devil x Human(M)
    Rouge Demon x Demon(M)
    Hunter x Monster(M)
    Boogie man x Human(M/F)
    Pre-Made Characters

    Here is a thread of my Pre-Made characters, the list of the open ones are as follows:

    Zink Larson
    Marluxia Manson
    Rex Maximus

    More to be added to the list as they arrive

    I am open to suggestions, parings and situations. If you are interested please apply below or message me, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave them below or message me.
    If you are curious about the M/F it stands for Male or Female meaning I eaither want a Male or female or it can be eaither.

    Still looking for a suitable partner.​
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  2. Hi there. I think I could give the master x slave pairing a try. PM me!
  3. Still looking for a partner for this.
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