Mental hospital RP?

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  1. hello. I'm a bit shy about rp ideas, but i'm interested in doing a sort of realistic mental hospital group rp. But it's super super important for players to be informed and accurate on the diseases they're depicting their characters to have because they're diseases that real people struggle with and I want to respect that. I'm looking at things like depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, panic disorders, alcoholism or drug addiction. This isn't a place for serial killers or people who are completely unable to function in society long term. It's not meant to be a super long term stay sort of mental hospital and no one gets locked up or put in straightjackets or that sort of thing.

    I'm looking for realistic characters. No magical powers or demons or shapeshifters or any of that stuff. Just humans who are suffering from mental conditions. I'm looking for people who have well developed characters and can help flow a plot along and people who are willing to have open communication with me and other players about the story to help keep it flowing.

    Is anyone else interested in something like this, or if you know if an rp like this that exists that's looking for someone to join, I would be okay with that too.
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  2. I have interest in this. I have a character who is Skitzophranic and Bipolar. He's 10 though and had attempted to murder his parents.
  3. That could possibly be okay just as long as you're really familiar with schizophrenia and are willing to do the research on the disease to portray it as accurately as possible. It can be very offensive to people who suffer and is a touchy and tough topic so I certainly want to make sure that we all proceed with care and effort.
  4. I'm way too familiar with those two disorders as I suffer from them myself. So Don't worry
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  5. Okay. Hopefully we get more interest :)
  6. Also I was sort of thinking that we would each play our own character's doctors, as I'm presuming we'll be our character's own experts on their diseases and their specific stories. I have a pretty good idea for formatting and I'm working it out right now. I'll have more details and work out some kinks with that as I get going and I can make an official sign up thread and stuff.
  7. Hey! I've got interest, as well as a character with a severe panic disorder. Again, like the above poster, I have extensive knowledge of these this disease because of my own experience. I haven't done a mental hospital rp in a while, so I'd love to do this!
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  8. You're in luck! The thread has been started!

    Make sure to check the sign up page for rules!