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  1. Leader sat on the shoulder of his mecha, shading his eyes with a raised hand, the sun was peering down unhindered today. He looked over towards the town in the distance, Ahvenhaed. Markot had tracked one of his old army-buddies there, hoping he knew where one of their squad-leaders had ended up. Leader let out a shallow breath, sometimes he felt like the war was something he had imagined, but the state of the world never let that thought stick.

    Hearing a rythmic sound he glanced down at the ground, they had set up camp in a little gathering of trees ten miles or so from the town, his mecha and one of nontal-tents (somehow his comrades had started some weird idea stating that once of their tents was up, so was a mission).

    The one making the sounds was Newhics, making little dance-steps an humming while he waved his hands around. He wasnt even listening to something for crying out loud!

    "New! Hey, New!" Leader took a deep breath.
    "NEWHICS FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR HEADPHONES!" The boy stopped in his tracks and looked up at him. Leader suspected that it was some kind of attitude problems on News part, the boy noticed everything. *Cheater*.

    "Who followed Morkat into town?" He dug out a file ftom his suit, he hadnt really checked who was with him on this mission yet.


    Newhics was staring at the mecha, he couldnt really see Leader from his position, but he knew where he was.

    "How should I know? West was with him when he left, the others could be sleeping!" He knew they werent, but Leader should damn well learn to keep track of things himself.
    The boy turned in a slow circle, his hands lifted, fingers starting up a melody again. He began humming, this song was a fast one, closing his eyes he spun around. His fingers describing a hurried tapping in the air.


    Morkat looked back at the group that had decided to follow him into town. They were a few minutes away yet. The ground was hard sand and bare dirt, so much was still not recovering. Shifting the straps on his box he adressed the 'soldiers'.

    "Have all of you decided what you are doing in Ahvenhaed? Im going to the main building, town-hall or whatever they call it. There is at least one tavern, and there is apparently another mental institute here, the kind for the sick, not exclusivly for Mentals. And as far as I know there are both kinds of people here." He ran a hand over his receding hairline.

    "Gather information, refill our supplies, find new members. As long as you gather back outside the town before nightfall. And dont start any fighting!" The old man took a deep breath, his speech more than he prefered. But all young people seemed to need clarifications, especially Leader. Markot looked them over again, he couldnt help but feel responsible for them, even though they were all adults.

    "Questions?" He scratched his beard.
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  2. Harley Rogue
    Harley moved slowly on the side of the group, observing the area. Since she joined the group, she somehow got used to function as a member, not as single person, which she thought was impossible. Yes they were all pretty different, but there was one thing she had to hand to their leader. He made them function as one. Different organs of one body. Everything was in order. After the group approached the city, she observed it carefully. Yes, it wasn't exactly the book example, but it was in a better condition than most of them she had already seen before. The bigger the city, the more opportunities it provided.

    However, Harley forced herself to think inside the lines of the group that followed and tried to come up with things in which she could be of use to them, although she was not yet close to anyone and she preferred it to stay that way. At least until she was positive she can trust them all. But there was a few things she COULD do and yet stand aside. Thinking about possibly useful things she could have get for the group, her mind wandered now seemingly excluding everything around. With every step, there was another useful thing that was, she assumed, possible to get in a city like this one. Only if she is clever and still slim enough. She snapped out of it when Morkat spoke. Harley raised her head and spoke back to him.
    "Just one. What are the essential things we need right now? I can get some food or medications as long as I know what precisely am I looking for." She nodded reassuringly. "You shall get as much as you need till the nightfall." Yes, that was pretty good. She could get to investigate around and do what she did the best. Of course it would be called burglary and stealing in some "normal" conditions. But really, who gave a damn any more?
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  3. [​IMG]
    -Bill Mayhew-

    Sand, grit, and everything in between was kicked up by the wheels of the RV, spreading out to create a long undulating trail for the van on the dusty old road to the post-nontal camp. The old engine was well looked after, but grumbled and mumbled a grumpy rumble as it shifted the heavy van to it's destination. Beside the old, beat up ghetto blaster playing ancient rock songs in the passenger seat was an old, beat up fella in the driving seat, one hand only seemingly brushing the peeling leather on the steering wheel, his other hand gripping an old CB radio mic, hitting a button on the ghettoblaster to silence it before pushing down the transmit button on the top of the mic.
    "-Yeah, yeah I agreed to come along, Morkat, but I'm not gonna make it fer your expedition today, and I told you I'm still not sure about this leader fella oh, shoot- Hold that thought, buddy."
    Bill narrowed his eyes at a couple of glimmers in the distance. Almost like the glimmer of a sniper scope in the morning sun. Bandits? These days they were usually so desperate they'd rather throw rocks than shoot bullets, but that didn't mean one hadn't chanced across a rifle in one godforsaken ditch or another.
    "You guys sure this area is safe? I'm seeing some activity on the hill due west of the road south of Ahvenhaed."
    A reply came back, assuring Bill that any bandit activity would keep to the hills. "You best be right. I don't want any more scuffs on Mabel, yahear? Stay safe Mork. Over and Out." Bill set the walky-talky like device back onto it's stand and put the radio back on.
    Two hours later, There was a relaxed if slightly guarded and militaristic atmosphere as Bill pulled up at the Post-nontal camp outside Ahvenhaed. Parking under an emaciated tree and yanking up the handbrake, Bill got up and opened up the RV's side door, ducking out and stretching, running a hand back and forth through his white-grey beard and coughing a little, whistling in admiration as he eyed the hulking mecha towering over the camp with interest. He hadn't seen anything like that since his army days. The brass had called them Town-walkers for their task of breaking mental encampments and their ability to carry a few hundred troops into battle. The rank and file had nicknamed them rugbies, after their imposing stature and tendency to burst through the enemy lines like a marauding rugby player. Few of the rugbies were ever made, even during the war, being expensive and difficult to produce even for a world superpower. Making a mental note to try and get his oily mits on the mech later on, Bill cleared his throat and ducked back inside, grabbing a few things.

    Stepping out a few minutes later, sucking on a cigarette, Bills arms were heaving with the weight of an old folding chair, a parasol, a toolbox and a peculiar looking helmet piled up in his arms. He carefully put down the pile, and a few minutes later Bill was sitting down in the shade of the parasol, his toolbox down beside him, tinkering with the helmet. It had a panel at the back that, when unscrewed, relinquished a wonderful view of the inner workings of the device, and Bill couldn't help but smile as he took out a soldering iron and began work on the circuitry inside the helmet.

    Ten or so minutes later bill tightened the final screw onto the helmet and held it up to the blazing light of the midday sun. All done. This baby could prevent a mental from using any ability that projected their consciousness beyond the confines of their mind. Namely, all of them. It was an interesting device used during the war to keep mental prisoners under control. Now it was probably advisable to keep it where no-one would put it on by accident and get the wrong idea. Bill smiled, clearing his throat as he stood up and dropped a spent cigarette from his lips, stepping on it, pivoting his dusty black boot back and forth a little, putting it out.

    After dropping the helmet into a secret compartment in his RV and picking up his handheld radio, Bill locked up and went off to explore the encampment, weaving his way toward the giant mech. The camp was almost empty; what with the mission taking the majority of people into the city, but those people still here seemed from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life. He saw mentals and naturals working together, an admirable feat in this fractured world. This "Leader" fella must know how to handle people, to build a following like this Bill mused. Though I'm not so sure about the whole "not telling anyone my name" thing. I doubt it matters unless he has something to hide. Bill wasn't sure about "Leader", but Morkat vouched for him, and if that wily old fella thought he was trustworthy, Bill did too. However, he still made a mental note not to stroke the ego of this "Leader" fella any more than he had to.

    Approaching the mech, Bill made sure his green beret was on straight, and buffed the old, but religiously polished pin on the front, and shielded his eyes from the Midday sun, looking around. "-was with him when he left, the others could be sleeping!"
    "Newhics, weren't it?" Bill said, giving the lanky kid a good natured smile as he walked up beside him. Bill had been told that the kid had issues, but Bill was never one to judge people. pulling out his handheld radio and setting it to the frequency of 'Leader''s comm, Bill pushed the transmit button and began to speak into it; "Morkat's already left hasn't he? He'll have taken the right amount of men with him. A man don't get to be 80 in this world without watching his back." Bill shielded his eyes and looked up at the "Leader" fella looking down at the camp from atop the massive mecha, "Bill Mayhew, at your service, bud. I got called in by Morkat. You willin' to let me have a look under the hood of yer rugbie? She's damn sublime. Where'd you find her? And how'd you get her in working condition? These things were hell to look after back during the war."

    "Bill Mayhew"

    Time: Midday
    Weather: Clear
    Bill's physical status: Nominal
    Bill's mental status: Nominal
    Mabel's status: Nominal
    Party size: 1

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  4. Derany was off a little away from the group, wearing his gray hooded robe like he usually does... He seldom takes it off, fearing he'd be recognized by someone he's hurt in the past... His past... That's something he doesn't have many direct memories off, all he knew about it was the sheer amount of destruction and chaos he caused... How, why, and when was a mystery for him other than during the war... He listened to Morkats words without comment, then he headed off towards Ahvenheads exit, hoping to find some answers to his questions this time.He passed Harley on his way out, trying not to make eye contact, he hoped she hadn't noticed him... He's not been very good with the whole socializing thing after all...
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  5. The quick paced footsteps of someone frantically running could be heard just outside the exit of Ahvenheads. "Come on John we have to catch up they're gonna start with out us!" Alex said between breaths. "Well sir if you hadn't have kept taking breaks to sit down on the trail then we would be in this situation." John replied condescendingly. "John I have a huge HEAVY sword strapped to my back, cut me some slack!" Alex shouted. While Alex was distracted with talking to John he tripped and fell face first into a man wearing a gray robe "Aw sorry about that partner." Alex got up and help the man to his feat "Again I'm really sorry about that..... hey haven't I seen you before?" Alex squinted his eye, but John interrupted his train of though "Sir the group?" "Oh shoot that's right!" Alex shot off running again and finally made it to the group. Alex caught his breath and noticed the girl next to him "Excuse me ma'am but what did I miss?" Alex paused and looked at the woman. "Wow you're gorgeous." Alex had a kind of dumb look on his face. Quickly realizing what he said Alex scrambled to put his hands over his mouth and, with soldier like form, he stood up strait and faced forward "I really hope she didn't hear me!" Alex screamed in his head.

    Character interactions in this post:
    Derany @york
    Harley @Ritual Lobotomy
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  6. Harley Rogue

    Harley truly hoped Morkat heard her. She had no intention insulting his age, but he might as well be half-deaf. Then again, he has been around all this mess for quite some time, which again meant his ears are quite fine and his nose was just too deep in the papers, with maybe his eyes playing tricks on him. She really had no problem patiently waiting for her turn and that was the way she would wait this time as well. No need to hurry. She still kept her greenish eyes focused on the city, when a bit tired voice spoke to her: "Excuse me ma'am but what did I miss?"

    "Where did you come from?" Harley thought. "Wow you're gorgeous." The guy then said before he decided that it was just about time to shut up. Most of the time, that kind of comment would send the daring one into the hell hole of shame with only her piercing gaze causing it. But there was something in his awkwardly silenced action that made Harley laugh lightly. As far as she was concerned, he saved his sorry ass. Still waiting for Morkat's answer, Harley turned to the newcomer, narrowing her eyes and observing him, deciding to give him at least a bit of a hard time. He WAS late after all. "Soldier!" She spoke in a bit bossy voice. "We were just discussing about how we're going to make our asses useful around here. And being late is not an useful thing."

    She managed to sustain the smirk that threatened to reveal that it was a joke, as she turned her face back towards the city. She crossed her arms and nod.
    "And that is not really the smartest way to approach a girl you don't really know. She might as well beat the crap out of you, regardless your glasses, cowboy." Only then Harley smirked reassuringly, but not making an eye contact. "However I do appreciate that you realised when it was about enough and decided to stop before I had to stop you." Then she nodded. "And thank you for your compliment, soldier."
  7. Morkat smiled at Harley as she asked what they actually needed in the way of supplies, the young woman knew what go focus on. He slid over the fact that Derany moved on into the city without interacting with any of them. The man knew he had done things during the war, much the same as himself. But not knowing what you have done could eat at a mans mind, oh how he had seen it happen.

    "We need whatever you folks want to eat the next few days, Leaders mecha is in a horrid need of washing, so find some soap. The talkies are probably in need of new batteries, some metal pipes and wire, the tents been looking out of shape. And if any of you come across some cogs or gears Ill make sure its worth it." Morkat smiled to himself, he himself was going to find a cake, all he ever got to eat around Leader and Newhics was that sick alcohol and every kind of sweet but actual sweet ones. It didnt make it better that he could never let them out of sight for too long, one of them prone to wreak more havoc than the other.

    Then one of the group he had been sure was with them already ran in late, coming face to face with Harley, and getting the treatment of a green little soldier. Morkat couldnt help but smile at it, whatever Harley said about the matter, she was coming to fit in with the others. He turned his eyes back to the rest of the group. At least one of them was sure to have her own opinion, *Looking to be a third my age, the look on Leaders face when he realised.* His gring became wider.

    Now that he was thinking on 'old' people, had that fella managed to find the camp? And would he get along with Leader, as that old mecha could use some maintenance by a knowledgeable mechanic. Hopefully they wouldnt get too immersed in the 'Town Walker', Morkat remembered some of the times he had faced such monsters on the battlefield, they were worthy of that name. His attention swung back when someone spoke again. *Damn memories*.
  8. Ahvenhaed, oh what this place must have looked like in it's hay day. Beau wondered. She had just arrived two days ago and now it was time to go. Maybe some place quiet and peaceful looking. Like in the stories mother use to tell. After the sun had risen Beau took to the roof of some worn down building, what it had been she couldn't make out. What is that? What an enormous piece of machine. She just had to find out what it was. Gently climbing down, a few rocks sliding under her feet before finally hopping down the last foot. A long sword resting on her back as Beau's ice blue eyes watched for any movements, gathering her bearings. The town seemed to be pretty quiet or so she thought. She hadn't seen but a few people in the last two days.

    Beau was use to the desert like conditions now as she walked across the sand and dirt, her mind focused on that piece of machine she so wanted to look at. She was unaware of any others that might be about assuming they were nothing but heat waves sent to trick her mind.

    A few hours later she would have made it to the edge of the trees. Quietly Beau moved around the trees, careful where she stepped not wanting even a single branch to snap under her boots. Only a few leaves crunched under her feet. Looking like a shadow moving along the trees, barely noticeable. A few minutes later she had stumbled upon a small clearing. What is this? Must be some type of camp. She wondered before voices disturbed her train of thought. Looking towards where she heard the voices, her lower jaw dropping slightly at the sight of the big machine she had seen earlier. "Wow" Beau spoke, much louder then she had intended to. Remembering where she was Beau quickly ducked behind a large tree. "Crap." She whispered.
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  9. "Well the rest of the kiddies here might need to be tucked in early. But don't wait up if i get late. I got some personal business to attend to in town." Sasha corrected the backpack on her right shoulder. Eyeing the city and the glancing at the ones talking from time to time.
    "Oh and a request to all you listening. If you can find me an A class titanium pipe, diameter around fifty millimetres and maybe three, four mil thick or so that would be great. and Morkat" Sasha glared in his direction. Pausing as a slight annoyance slowly crept up on her face.

    "This time no makeshift repairs, No attempts to fit two different models together. I want that water heater functioning and with spare parts even if it's a new one. Warm showers are needed. Or i will use the fire hose on people."
    Sasha was a bit edgy as she usually got when nearing a town. Mostly she just went in once and then stayed in the camp the rest of the time here
  10. Harley Rogue

    After having her fun, she turned to face Morkat and nod. "I shall get what I can find. Consider it done." Harley put down her backpack and started rearranging things in it, making as much space as she could. She counted in her deep pockets and hooks on her belt, deciding it would be more than enough to transport a lot of things at the same time. "Oh and a request to all you listening. If you can find me an A class titanium pipe, diameter around fifty millimetres and maybe three, four mil thick or so that would be great." She heard female saying. Raising her head, Harley spoke to female seemingly in her thirties, not even knowing who she was yet. "How much in length? And you only need one?" Was all that Harley asked, still rearranging things.

    "Hey!" She then spoked to that young cowboy soldier that still stood in place. "You want to make yourself useful?" Not waiting for his answer, she shoved another belt with hooks, she had left from her former party, into his chest, maybe even harder than she thought at first. But hey, he decided to come. He must have been strong enough to handle that at least. "You're going to give me a hand." She stared at him, frowning lightly. "Well? We don't have all day for you to decide."
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  11. Derany was a little surprised by the sudden collision between him and Alex, he hesitated before making his presence known... "I think I want to help too." He spoke, still a little nervous about being seen as a monster... He wanted to help, it was a strange desire he always had, besides; it would at least give him a worthwhile goal... It's better than sitting around... "I think there's a few pipes down at where I used to search, no-one's been there for a while... It might just be nothing, but do you think it's worth a shot?" He asked the small group he was silently standing near, his voice was a little quiet, after all; he was out of practice with talking to others. It felt strange to talk after keeping silent most of the time he was here. He hoped the others would hear him, or even notice him...
  12. (I really don't know if I should be replying, but I did fix my character. Please don't be mad Windstorm!)

    Alex grabbed the belt "Sure I recon I can help you out little lady...... er I mean ma'am." Alex put the belt on and smiled. "Names Alex Roko, but most people just call Cleaver because of the sword I carry." John pointed to the sword on his back. "And this is John my Nav AI" Alex motioned to John to introduce himself. "Please to make you acquaintance Miss." John said in an uncaring but not mean way. "Do you have a name?" John smiled and put out his hand for a handshake.
  13. Harley Rogue
    After the cowboy guy that said his name was Alex, agreed on joining the gathering of crucial things, Harley decided to tolerate his confused behaviour and his strange way of addressing her. "Yes," She answered calmly. "If you insist on formality, ma'am is perfectly fine." She nodded and kept on talking calmly and seemingly coldly. "However, my instincts activate even on my name or surname, which is Harley. Harley Rogue." Taking his hand firmly and securely, she shook it, observing his weapon and smirk approvingly. "Or just Jinx. I don't mind that either." Harley quickly turned back to the business. Numbering things and giving advices so fast, full attention was needed. "You should really consider bringing a lot of water, ropes, have enough room to transport thing, enough strength. There will be no whining, no crying, no pleading and no dying. Got it?"

    "I think there's a few pipes down at where I used to search, no-one's been there for a while... It might just be nothing, but do you think it's worth a shot?" Before she got the answer, she turned her head towards the quiet guy on the very edge of the group. Luckily her ears were perfectly fine because she would be able to even hear him. Observing him, she assumed that if it was a corner somewhere around there, he would probably fill it up. Harley started decoding his hard to hear sentence in her brain while giving him a signal he was heard. After she was sure the sentence made sense, she nodded and replied. "Sounds useful. How far is it?" She waited for an answer, looking something inside of her backpack.
  14. "It should be a few minutes from here, it's hidden in plain sight, literally.." He looked towards a looming building near them, there was a much smaller, unnoticed building behind there... It's odd how relate-able that was to him, he used to hang around there alot when he was scavenging around there a few months ago... That was before his memories lead to an huge amount of questions, he almost completely forgot about that only sanctuary within it from all the days he spent looking for an answer to the questions he had... Only to find more questions than answers... It was ironic really...
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  15. Alex smiled "Alright then Jinx". Alex pointed to his sword "I don't really think strength will be a problem and whats a cowboy with out lost of rope? Water though.... I'm running a little low I have about a bottle and a half left. Mind if I stop in a general store to pick more up?" Alex grabbed his backpack and set it on the ground "Man I haven't cleaned this thing out for months." Alex kind of frowned almost afraid to see what was in there. He began to pull out wrappers, bullet casings, and other veritable trash until he had a small pile next to him."There clean as a whistle!" Alex stood up with a proud look about him. "Sir in the future I suggest keeping your pack clean as it might be off putting in certain company." John motioned to Harley. "Oh right thanks partner." Alex smiled. "So Jinx about picking up supplies?" Alex said as he tossed his trash into a near by dumpster.
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  16. There was a crescendo coming in the tune he tapped away at, and then someone interrupted his concentration. Some old-looking soldier that gave him a smile as he walked past, had to be that old friend Morkat had mentioned. Still a little annoyed at the interruption Newhics just gave a sharp nod and then walked off into the trees, lifting his hands for their tapping again. And then someone he knew shouldnt have been there exclaimed in a voice of amazement, and then went completely quiet, almost. He homed in on the new persons location and circled around the young woman, placing himself on her left at the same tree. She didnt look like an enemy, or anyone remotely dangerous at that, *well, apart from that sword I guess*. Maybe he should say hello, or just make her aware of him so she didnt have to hide behind the tree. Her heartbeat was a bit loud.

    "Hi, you want to see the mecha?" Newhics smiled at her, his fingers still tapping in the air slowly. The tune he heard playing a nice and calm stream of sounds. He figured that the girl had seen the big thing from a distance and come to check it out.


    Leader swallowed the retort for News taunt, the boy could get annoying if he was pushed, and as he wasnt sitting in his mech at the moment it wasnt worth the risk. *Maybe I shouldnt have beaten him at poker that strongly yesterday?* He watched as the guy who had parked his RV at the camp half an hour or so before walked up towards them, greeting New and getting a cold nod in reaponse. *Lucky guy*

    The com in his suit spoke up, revealing the man to be one of Morkats aquintances. Naming himself as Bill. And asking about his Town-Walker, so this was the mechanic huh?

    "You are right in that friend, he has zero to none openings. Sure, just let me open her up. Ill tell you when I get down." Leader jumped up on the TWs head and opened the hatchet, dropping into the interior of the head. He pulled the maintainance lever, the front of the robot grinding open on its pistons and gears. Some of the opening plates turning and falling down slightly as platforms. Leader got out again, pushing the com.

    "One moment Bill, Ill just get down" There was a smirk in his voice. He clipped a wire from the mecha to his suit, and jumped out from its head. Laughing while he fell in the shape of an x. The wire didnt slow his descent significantly, and he touched the ground in a crouch that made deep dents in the soil. His suit making creaking sounds as he stood up. A wide childish grin on his face.
    Turning towards Bill he reached out his hand.

    "Glad to meet you Bill! Now what did you wonder?" Leaders smile was that of someone meeting an old friend. Morkat had said that Bill would be able to fix the TW into near new state, and if he could then he was a friend.


    Morkat listened to the group members talking themselves together, smiling at Harleys statement that she would find the supplies they needed. He smirked at Sashas comment, hot showers were a luxury that she deemed completely necessary.

    "Well then people, I guess we could walk into that town now." He turned around towards the town of Ahvenhaed again, looking at it while memories of the friend that presumably lived there now flooded his mind. *I hope you are still healthy Marcus, it isnt getting easier losing friends.* He shifted the straps of his box and started moving, letting the group finish their common schedules as they went.
  17. Harley Rogue
    "Alright then," She nodded to the quiet guy that proposed the pipe location. "You shall lead the way when we get there." Harley picked up her backpack and checked if everything was on it's place and in order. She added calmly, not looking at the guy while she was busy fixing her belt. "Very well. I just need to know how the hell am I going to call you? You do have a name, don't you?" Chuckling to herself, she turned back to Alex hearing his idea. "It has to be along the way. But there is one thing we must think about." Put back pack on her shoulder. "It is probably on the opened spot. And opened spots just scream trouble. Plus, it is a grocery shop. If it is not empty it will drag people. People we may not want to see on a place like that. So, you both need to keep your guard up. Understood?" Nod towards John and smile lightly. "Talkative, are you? But you have a point there. That and one more thing." Before she moved forward. she knelt down and gathered casings Alex threw out, putting them in one of her pockets, talking to John. "You have to teach him not to throw reusable stuff either." Harley chuckled quietly and got up moving forward, towards the city. "You guys coming or not?"
  18. Derany followed Harley, keeping his distance from the group... It looked a little odd from someone observing them really, 3 individuals walking towards the city with one dressed in a dark hooded robe seemingly lagging behind... It's been a while since Derany has traveled with others.... A long while... A small glimpse of something he did in the past flashed in his head for a brief moment, shaking his head slightly he still continued to walk, wondering what it was...
  19. Alex walked beside Harley "Water as we go and don't through away shells got it." Alex turned his head and looked over his shoulder at the guy who was walking behind them. "Jinx give me just a sec." Alex slowed up and started walking with the guy in gray robe. "Hey partner I believe the lady asked for your name." He whispered to him. "And what are you doin' all the way back here, come on get up front?" With his left arm, and a goofy grin on his face, Alex picked the robbed up and brought him up near Harley. "There no you seem like more of a team player!" Alex turned his head back to Harley "So Jinx are you a...... you know.... a mental?" Some cautiousness was laced in his words. Alex looked back at the guy in the robe "How about you?"
  20. Derany shook off the thoughts swirling within his head, a little nervous when he was picked upsuddenly "Oh... Right" He turned towards Harley for a moment "Sorry... I got a little lost in my thoughts, my names Derany.." Then Alex asked him if he was a mental... He looked like he froze a little, then he turned to Alex again pausing for a moment before responding "You could say that..." He spoke in a nervous tone... Regretting it after he said it, for all he knows he'd just be seen as a monster again, he looked a little worried... Though his hood hid most of his face, so it was less noticeable at least... However in hind sight, it didn't cover his mouth, that may prove to be a problem when it comes to hiding facial expressions...
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