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Oh, hello, dear members of the community that is Iwaku. I'm something of a dab hand at photoshop (as you can clearly tell) and I thought I'd put out the word that I'm willing to accept requests for signatures, avatars and any other special art. You don't necessarily have to specify what you would like as I'm sure that I can come up with a concept, but ideas are certainly appreciated. My art typically consists of images being layered with textures and/or being tweaked with special effects.

Don't be shy!


(more coming)

Hi, Menorain, It's Aragon. I am quite interested in a signature pic. curious what you can do with my name. Let me know.
Hey buddy, I'll probably be giving you a couple projects soon, because: so far, I like your work. ^.^
Well, Aragon, I have hundreds of fonts at my fingertips, which I can use to make your already lovely username appear even more amazing. My own signature and the the one I have posted up above, have the text made up in quite an obvious sort of manner. There's some effects done on them with fonts and then other stuff, but I suppose that I can do other things too. By other things, maybe something a little futuristic looking. Would you prefer a sig/avi set that was very modern/futuristic looking or are you liking the old fantasy look?
I'm liking the fantasy thing. Script text, etc.
Ah I wasn't sure you were ever going to reply haha I'll get to work then, dear sir ;)