Men are disgusting

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  1. May as well.

    Keeping it short.

    At doctor.

    In waiting room.

    Minding own business.

    Big guy comes in. Tall. Muscled. Could probably break me in half.

    Decides to spend the entire time he's in there to keep tryna get my attention and every time I look over at him he immediately began to rub at his crotch.

    When I began to ignore him, he moved closer to me and continued doing this.

    So I'm feeling terrible and cornered and like I can't speak and just want him to leave and he starts tapping my foot to try to get my attention as I withdraw more into myself.

    And this goes on until he leaves.

    So yeah.

    Fucking disgusting.

    Not the first guy to... do unwanted sexual things towards me since I've started to present female but f u u u u u u u u u u ck I wish it was the last because fucking fuck fuck fuck this.
  2. Here's what you do.
    You look him dead in the eye, stare at him until he starts getting really uncomfortable.....
    then make the creepiest face you possibly can and weird him out to the best of your ability.

    Once this pervert is sufficiently weirded out, take your phone out of your pocket and pretend to dial your "army" boyfriend, start talking all gushy n' shit.

    At this point, he'll be quite turned off, weirded out, no longer horny, and sad that you're taken.
    Trust me... I'm a doctor (no pun intended).
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  3. i was more thinking that next time i'd try to remember that i have pepper spray on me and to just brandish it at him and tell him to back the fuck away???? lmao but that could work too
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  4. Actually silencing your phone and then pretending to call your boyfriend is a great way to turn people away. Down side to this is that, in this day and age, most people don't really care if you are in a relationship already or not. It's good to experiment though and see what works best.
  5. Creepy pervs (guys OR girls) do not care if you have a mate. Unless that mate is RIGHT THERE with you, the might as well not exist. >:[

    The staring at them like a psycho works though, and so does looking like you are verbally talking to a person on the phone. 8D They can't really assault you if there's risk of them getting caught or the cops called. Only the biggest of crazies will risk that.

    Also, I thought this thread was about boys peeing on toilets and stuff and I was just gonna bitch about periods. ;__;
  6. Ah yes, I love it when this happens. And when you reject their advances, you are a frigid bitch. Telling them you have a boyfriend doesn't work, and like hell telling them that you're a lesbian works. "Oh, that's okay, I've slept with plenty of lesbians before. ;)" Barf. "Well how do you know if you're a lesbian if you've never had dick? Let me help you." My dick is purple and vibrates. I can guarantee you that yours is not more impressive. Plus, mine is not attached to 180+ pounds of douche bag.
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  7. well on the topic of men peeing, I don't get why there's a debate on how the toilet seat should be???


    Assuming uniform sexual dimorphic population distribution with 50% AMAB and 50% AFAB and that transitions regarding genitalia alterations are roughly cancelled out... AND assuming that all people use the restroom with roughly the same frequency... so in other words assume the world is roughly what it is.

    That means we have half the population sits while using the restroom all the time, and the other half sit while using the restroom more than never, meaning that by default it's always a majority that when a random person approaches the toilet that they will want to sit.

    So why not just have it ready for that?
  8. I'm sorry for your experience. I can't say what might help short of being confrontational and perhaps following some of the other advice in the thread.

    But, and while I know this is a rant thread and emotions run heated, and you are absolutely talking in hyperbole, try to be careful of catch-all titles like "Men Are Disgusting." I know I certainly don't appreciate it! :P
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  9. Actually calling attention to the behavior works. I can understand not wanting to do it because of the possibility that they'll become violent, but especially in a public place, there's less chance of that. If you say something to the effect of "Hey, I'd really appreciate it if you STOPPED RUBBING YOUR DICK" really loudly so everyone looks over, it makes you look like a bit of an asshole but 90% of the time stops the behavior entirely because now they're embarrassed.

    Side note, I am a dude and there was this one time I was on the bus when another dude sat next to me and started talking about how great it would be if I sucked his dick-- in vivid detail. I start running through all the paranoid things thinking how I'm going to get raped today (I am also small and easily broken) but then for some reason, I am overcome with calm and I say, "Hey man, I really don't think that type of conversation is one you should be having on a public bus."

    And he went "You know, you're right." and he stopped.

    I was amazed!! Didn't think it'd actually work.
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  10. This hurts me. Not all men are like this. I’ll apologize on behalf of my gender, but don’t lump the good ones in with the bad ones. Women do bad things as well. I got screwed by my ex, but decided to just move on and continue being nice to her.

    In the future, just be up front about how you are not interested in him. Just as up front as he is trying to be about being interested in you.
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  11. Unfortunately, many men who pull things like this won't take 'no' for an answer. Even if you're honest, they'll continue to pester you, and occasionally get belligerent.
  12. Then introduce their eyes to pepper spray. Or their face, to the palm of your hand with force. If you really feel like it, a knuckle sandwich may be a good meal for them.
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  13. You said you were in the Doctor's office. Was there a receptionist around? Someone you could have gone to and said loudly that the person in question was making you uncomfortable and why?

    I'm sorry you had that experience, I've endured some situations like that and enlisting help, getting more people involved generally helps get the behavior stopped since it is no longer something private and grossly intimate. It could be your squirming discomfort was part of his goal and turning it into something public would lessen his enjoyment. Plus you would no longer be alone with it.

    Also, as has been said, the title is a little much. All men are not disgusting, that one was and for certain many are but blanket statements are not good. That's painting the actions of roughly half the population because of one individual's bad behavior.
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    • Disruptive Behavior
    A million times this.

    People don't think when they do things. Be polite but firm. If this doesn't work, who gives a fuck if someone you're never going to see again thinks
    I mean hands up for every guy who has been called gay or boring for rejecting a woman's advances, but whether you're called a frigid bitch or boring gaylord, what people are actually saying is "I am frustrated and possibly experiencing self-doubt." When it's a third party calling the names, it translates more amongst the lines of "I wish I got more sexual and/or romantic attention."

    Responding with violence is a good way to get your ass either sued or kicked. They're not coming over to pull your hair and give you a lapdance, they're at worst making you feel uncomfortable. But why are you uncomfortable? Why would you be? Someone is potentially sexually interested in you and is trying their luck like a child learning to walk. Which fair enough can be disgusting, but just because you tell a person you're not interested and he's bigger than you, he's not going to beat you up in the doctor's office or follow you home and rape you because A.) Most people aren't fucking psychopaths. B.) A scrawny bitch just needs about one knife to do the exact same thing. You ignored him and eventually he went away. Few minutes of feeling uncomfortable aside, no harm done.

    Also, when I read "I don't appreciate titles like all men are disgusting" what I start to wonder is... Have you ever been sixteen and had a friend come out of a break up call an entire gender stupid based on the actions of their ex?

    Yeah that.

    This entire post is kinda more aimed at the conversation than the OP, which by itself I'd probably have ignored. Just, bleh.
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  14. Please don't, that's as ridiculous as someone lumping in 'all men are disgusting' based on the actions of one or more individuals.

    So yea, I'm sorry you had a bad experience Miss Elendra, but I don't think you deserve any sympathy points if you genuinely feel that every individual with an X and Y chromosome out there is disgusting, as I find people who label entire groups based on something like that to be rather obnoxious.

    It's stuff like that, that is the reason things like racism and sexism exist, ya know?
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  15. I mean, no where did she say 'all men are disgusting,' so idk

    ?_? It's just a rant. When you're upset, you don't think much about delicate wording. I think it's pretty easy to devise from her post that she meant 'sometimes men are gross' and not 'every single man in the universe is disgusting'. This wasn't an advice wanted post.
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  16. I'm pretty sure the title says 'Men are disgusting'

    And I wasn't giving advice
  17. It doesn't say all men are disgusting, though. I mean, sure, in a perfect world the OP could have phrased it 'some men are disgusting' but again, it was a rant. Pretty sure it was no one's intention to make this into a debate about indelicate word usage. If someone made a similar thread and titled it 'Women are gross' and inside was a rant about how a woman did the same thing to a dude, I wouldn't be offended or assume that they meant 'all women are gross.' Maybe it's just me, but when I see things phrased that way, I always assume it's hyperbole. Usually, it is hyperbole. No need to get up in arms about hyperbole.

    Anyway, this will be my last post about this because I don't want to overtake Elendra's thread with nitpicking.
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  18. I must have missed the part where you said you was alone or not.

    I know a few ladies that would have stomped him in the nuts. There are also plenty of chairs in a waiting room to smash his head.

    It would be common courtesy of bystandars to assist you if he tries to retaliate.

    At least around these parts.
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